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Race Information
Race Name:Green Lakes Endurance Runs 2008
Location:Green Lakes State Park, Fayetteville
State:New York, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Green Lakes Endurance Runs 100k
Date:Sunday August 24th, 2008
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Checkpoint:12.5 km
Distance:7.767 Miles
Pos Race
122Valmir Nunes44M52:38.06:46.6
232Mark Seigers25M54:18.06:59.5
323Timothy O'Shea37M1:00:36.07:48.1
435Brandon Villarreal35M1:14:06.09:32.4
53Eugene Barry62M1:14:11.09:33.1
62Duane Alamond54M1:14:15.09:33.6
714Remo Ignea31M1:14:32.09:35.8
811Brock Gibbs40M1:14:54.09:38.6
915Rimantas Jakelaitis53M1:16:05.09:47.7
1010Dennis Fabiszak38M1:16:10.09:48.4
1130Adriano Sant Anna35M1:17:45.010:00.6
1236Edie Zajac40F1:18:05.010:03.2
137Matthew Davenport30M1:18:06.010:03.3
1324Jill Perry37F1:18:06.010:03.3
159Jeff Engelbrecht50M1:18:11.010:04.0
165Elizabeth Carrion32F1:19:58.010:17.7
1717Maurice Lee III54M1:20:40.010:23.1
181Blaise Aguirre44M1:20:56.010:25.2
1913Danny Hayes32M1:21:50.010:32.2
204Zsuzsanna Carlson35F1:22:34.010:37.8
2112Steve Hanes52M1:22:55.010:40.5
2233Emmy Stocker50F1:22:56.010:40.7
2328Kimberly Rapp43F1:24:02.010:49.2
2425Ed Petkus44M1:24:38.010:53.8
2527Mick Quen30M1:29:00.011:27.5
266Andrew Clark28M1:29:01.011:27.7
2716Shiran Kochavi39M1:30:49.011:41.6
2834Michael Tobin51M1:30:50.011:41.7
2931Louis Scott58M1:38:17.012:39.2

Event Information
Name of Event:Green Lakes Endurance Runs 50k
Date:Sunday August 24th, 2008
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