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Race Information
Race Name:Kettle 100 Endurance Runs - 2009
State:Wisconsin, United States
Event Information
Name of Event:Kettle 100 solo
Date:Saturday June 6th, 2009

Event Information
Name of Event:Kettle 100 solo
Date:Saturday June 6th, 2009
Checkpoint:Nordic Center Start
Distance:0 Miles
Gun Start Time:Saturday June 6th, 2009 5:58:42.90 am
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Pos Race
1196Tim Miller39M 01.46 seconds 
2211Joseph Timmsen38M 02.19 seconds 
3184Ann Heaslett45F 02.25 seconds 
4169Wynn Davis28M 02.46 seconds 
5177PHILIPP FINZEL33M 04.54 seconds 
6180Don Frichtl53M 05.10 seconds 
7154Daniel Benhammou28M 05.21 seconds 
8156Jeremy Benhammou30M 05.39 seconds 
9217Rod Wortley43M 05.41 seconds 
10178Darren Fortney41M 05.45 seconds 
11185Paul Holovnia47M 05.54 seconds 
12212Laurie Tulchin51F 05.56 seconds 
13155David Benhammou21M 05.82 seconds 
14187Dennis Keener56M 05.84 seconds 
15188Lee Krautkramer43M 06.31 seconds 
16162Mike Bull34M 06.37 seconds 
17179Dan Fossier41M 06.68 seconds 
18157PATRIK BERGER34M 07.14 seconds 
19163Renee Bull35F 07.55 seconds 
20161Paul Braun37M 08.17 seconds 
21176barbra fagan48F 08.62 seconds 
22202Julie Schroeder52F 09.04 seconds 
23174Kathryn Dunn43F 09.10 seconds 
24183Michele Hartwig42F 09.83 seconds 
25171Drew Deppen26M 10.15 seconds 
26170Michael DeMeritt48M 10.44 seconds 
27192Sara Lovett40F 10.77 seconds 
28191Joe Lovett42M 10.97 seconds 
29165cynthia carlson39F 11.27 seconds 
30158Jeremy Bolt39M 11.28 seconds 
31204Karla Shandonay29F 12.00 seconds 
32151Jorge Amaro61M 12.05 seconds 
33166Tony Cesario45M 12.65 seconds 
34175Kim Evason32F 12.98 seconds 
35159Gena Bonini46F 13.04 seconds 
36208Debra Smith-Andersen43F 13.48 seconds 
37153Andy Bedard38M 13.52 seconds 
38152Ruben Anderson31M 13.60 seconds 
39193Michael Mahoney28M 14.06 seconds 
40181Brian Gaines37M 15.86 seconds 
41194Dave Martula64M 16.58 seconds 
42167matthew condron42M 17.18 seconds 
43203Michael Segorski62M 17.25 seconds 
44201Alfred Sauld62M 17.36 seconds 
45205Steven Sjolund58M 17.79 seconds 
46197Julie Modaff53F 19.19 seconds 
47209Kurt Spurgeon52M 19.44 seconds 
48186Scott Jacaway51M 19.87 seconds 
49168frank cortellassi61M 20.17 seconds 
50214Dean Vander Meulen50M 20.81 seconds 
51164Kevin Carboni50M 21.83 seconds 
52173Kay Drew46F 22.36 seconds 
53216Jason Walz37M 22.41 seconds 
54210Mark Suppanz37M 22.59 seconds 
55172Brad Drake55M 23.54 seconds 
56215Jason Voccia27M 23.70 seconds 
57200John Rodee66M 24.61 seconds 
58218John Zeigle49M 1:13.19 
59189Varsha Kulkarni45F 17:50.87 
60195Alex McPherson48M 5:23:26.78 

Event Information
Name of Event:Kettle 100 relay
Date:Saturday June 6th, 2009

Event Information
Name of Event:Kettle 38 solo
Date:Saturday June 6th, 2009
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