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July 5th, 2020
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Race Information
Race Name:Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs
Location:Titusville in northwestern PA - Oil Creek State Park - birthplace of the oil industry in 1859
State:Pennsylvania, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:100 miles: three 50K loops + 7.75 mile loop
Distance:100 Miles
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday October 10, 2009, 5:00 am
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Checkpoint:3: Miller Farm Rd Bridge
Distance:23.6 Miles
Pos Race
11Richard Cook46M8:53.022.6
288Jimmy Dean Freeman32M8:57.022.8
322Michael Carroll43M9:09.023.3
481Scott Mason47M9:10.023.3
543Zach Mitchell31M9:13.023.4
627Paul Trebilcock43M9:25.023.9
767Nathan Echols42M9:28.024.1
824Daniel Young49M9:30.024.2
947Brian Buddemeyer32M9:31.024.2
966Courtenay Guertin34M9:31.024.2
977Gregg Geerdes40M9:31.024.2
1274Joe Kulak41M9:32.024.2
1328Larry Creveling57M9:41.024.6
1333Matthew Bedford48M9:41.024.6
1340Charlotte Vasarhelyi33F9:41.024.6
1355Ken Niemimaa38M9:41.024.6
1732Tom Nesterick44M9:42.024.7
1821Kent Gallup38M9:45.024.8
1950Dave Strauss41M9:46.024.8
2061Jim Harris45M9:51.025.0
215Donald Baker25M9:53.025.1
2249Jeff Gleason51M9:56.025.3
2359Andrew MacGinnitie43M9:57.025.3
2414Jon Teisher34M9:59.025.4
2568Jenny Chow46F10:02.025.5
2616James Maxson38M10:03.025.6
2676Andrew Colburn23M10:03.025.6
2839Bob Combs42M10:06.025.7
2952Mark Cummins49M10:07.025.7
2975Nick Billock36M10:07.025.7
3129Johnny Adams48M10:11.025.9
3171Jerome Wojnicki40M10:11.025.9
3183Leo OConnor41M10:11.025.9
3419Steve Hanes53M10:12.025.9
3434Ronald Green42M10:12.025.9
3445Max Huffman36M10:12.025.9
3458Mike Frank41M10:12.025.9
3464Brian Ottinger53M10:12.025.9
3469Susan Muhaw52F10:12.025.9
4038Mike Smith51M10:15.026.1
4057Andrew Anderson28M10:15.026.1
4251Laurel Valley47F10:17.026.1
439Mark Davis40M10:21.026.3
4484Rainer Satzinger48M10:28.026.6
4518Donald Baker, Sr48M10:31.026.7
4553Michael Anderson49M10:31.026.7
4744David Castellani44M10:32.026.8
4780Rich Vrboncic52M10:32.026.8
4962Dan Kuzma27M10:34.026.9
503Kevin Beggs39M10:36.026.9
5115Ernest Lewis44M10:44.027.3
5165Jason DeChicchis34M10:44.027.3
5178David Micklo40M10:44.027.3
5413James Marcella53M10:45.027.3
5437Kimberly Rose42F10:45.027.3
5623Dale Miller41M10:46.027.4
5642Daniel Solinski42M10:46.027.4
587Philip Westlake38M10:47.027.4
5841Eric Grol32M10:47.027.4
6017Dan Kress51M10:48.027.5
6146Jennifer Broton36F10:56.027.8
6173James Miner61M10:56.027.8
6331Scott Jacaway51M11:03.028.1
6335Caryn Jacaway47F11:03.028.1
6560Robert Haywood33M11:17.028.7
6572Martin Harris24M11:17.028.7
672Bill Ventura38M11:21.028.9
6856Frederick Davis III61M11:24.029.0
694John Nichols45M11:30.029.2
7063Peter Kozlowski29M11:31.029.3
7182Rochelle Frazeur38F11:47.030.0
7254Tom Sperduto37M11:55.030.3
7336Kim Simon53F12:03.030.6
7470Kathleen Wheeler48F12:15.031.1
7479June Leland56F12:15.031.1
7612Harald Vaessin54M12:26.031.6
778Mick Quen32M12:27.031.7
786Kim Love-Ottobre43F13:36.034.6
7948David Heitkamp59M13:50.035.2

Event Information
Name of Event:50 miles: 35.5 mile loop + 14.5 mile loop
Distance:50 Miles
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday October 10, 2009, 6:00 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:50K: 1 loop to Petroleum Center and back
Distance:50 Kilometers
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday October 10, 2009, 7:00 am
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