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Attention... registration for this event closed on Saturday October 16th, 2010 - 8:00 am (USCT).
Race Information
Race Name:Harder'n He!! Half Marathon
State:Minnesota, United States
Posted:September 17th, 2010 5:07 pm
Last Update:September 20th, 2010 10:26 pm
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Event Information
Name of Event:Harder'n He!! Half Marathon
Date:Saturday October 16th, 2010
Start Time:9:00 am
Event Registration Schedule
Opened:Friday September 17th, 20108:00 am
Deadline passed:Friday October 15th, 2010Midnight $35.00
Deadline passed:Saturday October 16th, 20108:00 am $45.00
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I wish to enter and participate in the Harder n He!! Half Marathon(Run). I accept the rules, conditions, and regulations of the Run and will comply with them. I acknowledge that I am responsible for myself and crew, and can be disqualified for their violations of the rules. I am aware that a half marathon on rough trails is extremely difficult and hazardous for even well conditioned athletes under the most favorable of conditions. This Run covers difficult, rocky terrain and could have dangerous weather conditions. I am aware that I should not participate in this Run unless: a) I am in excellent physical condition, b) I have previously run long distances on rugged trails, and c) I have informed Run management of any medical conditions or risks I possess. I am also aware that I may be exposed to physical injury from a number of natural hazards of the trail and weather including lack of water, communicable diseases, wildlife, falls, contact with other participants, hazards of vehicular traffic, and other hazards attendant to running along or across roadways during the day or night. I understand and accept that the risks include I may become injured or incapacitated in a location where it is difficult or impossible for the Runs management to get required medical aid to me in time to avoid physical injury or death. Knowing these facts, nevertheless, in consideration of the Runs accepting this entry, I hereby for myself, heirs, executors and administrators, waive, release, and discharge Harder n He!! Half Marathon and Wild Duluth races, its owners and employees, the Harder n He!! Half Marathon and Wild Duluth Race Director and the Runs volunteers, City of Duluth, County of St. Louis, State of Minnesota, Superior Hiking Trail Association, any official sponsor entity, and the officers, trustees, directors, shareholders and/or members, agents, employees, and families of each, all medical and other personnel assisting with the Run, or any of them and any other person connected with this running event, their representatives, successors and assigns; from any and all rights, claims or liability for damage for any and all injuries to me or my property, or for damage caused by me or anyone else (including Acts of God), arising out of or in connection with my participation in this event. I further agree that I will defend and indemnify the above released parties against all claims, demands and cause of action or other proceeding brought by or prosecuted for my behalf contrary to this agreement. This release extends to all claims of every kind and nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown. I further grant full permission to the Run and any organization conducting this Run and/or agents authorized by them to use any photographs, videotapes, recordings or any other record of this Run for promotional purposes.
The essence of this release is that the Harder n He!! Half Marathon presents extreme and unknown risks for which I freely and voluntarily agree to be solely responsible, in order to enable this event to take place and my participation in it. This entry is of and by the runner, who by his/her signature has verified acceptance of all risks and responsibility for his/her condition and welfare during this event.
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By agreeing to this waiver you submit to the terms and conditions as set forth by this event and certify that you have provided true and accurate information as requested through this registration process.

The registration deadline for this Event has passed... registration is no longer open.
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