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Race Information
Race Name:Potawatomi Trail Runs (2011)
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Potawatomi 50
Distance:50 Miles
Started Date/Time:Saturday April 9th, 2011, 6:00:00.00 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:Potawatomi 100
Distance:100 Miles
Started Date/Time:Saturday April 9th, 2011, 6:42:49.59 am
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Checkpoint:LOOP 3
Distance:30 Miles
Gun Start Time:Saturday April 9th, 2011 6:42:49.59 am
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Pos Race
18Tony Clark33M4:46:47.19:33.6
212tommy doias39M4:50:40.99:41.4
39David Corfman48M6:24:15.412:48.5
439brent r schmitt31M6:31:59.813:04.0
547Danielle Wangsness32F6:32:16.713:04.6
644Erik Thomsen39M6:32:43.713:05.5
737Levi Rizk27M6:40:30.013:21.0
835Jeremy Pade28M6:51:45.813:43.5
910Kevin Cox46M6:52:54.813:45.8
1040Kamil Suran35M6:59:54.813:59.8
115Gabriel Boorn27M6:59:57.713:59.9
123Andy Bloom25M7:00:25.814:00.9
1313Jeremy Dopler33M7:03:07.814:06.3
1446Jason Vocvia29M7:04:29.014:09.0
1536Richard Plezia52M7:05:49.214:11.6
1652CAREY WEAVER52M7:09:29.914:19.0
1729Michael matteson52M7:14:51.514:29.7
1848B.J. Wiedman39M7:16:33.014:33.1
1924Ed Kirk55M7:16:57.414:33.9
2033Andrew Murray26M7:20:25.714:40.9
2116Bob Engel56M7:23:23.114:46.8
2249Paul Wilkerson34M7:23:53.314:47.8
2341spencer swearingen33M7:26:21.014:52.7
2421Roy Heger56M7:28:24.414:56.8
2538Tom Schalk43M7:28:26.114:56.9
2642Kazimierz Swistun59M7:35:08.315:10.3
2751Stanislaus Zygmunt48M7:38:36.315:17.2
281Brad Alsop40M7:48:17.815:36.6
297Lonnie Camp34M7:52:08.815:44.3
3025Mimi Ko27F7:52:36.515:45.2
3128Aaron Louden34M7:58:38.615:57.3
3226thomas krause39M8:10:42.416:21.4
3315Damon Ehrett20M8:12:12.916:24.4
3419Steve Geering56M8:12:12.916:24.4
3532Gregory Murdick34M8:38:51.417:17.7
366Bonnie Busch53F8:43:11.117:26.4
3711Donna Creditor50F8:43:11.317:26.4
382Eugene Aquino36M8:48:07.617:36.3
3922Cindy Heisdorffer53F8:48:35.317:37.2
4018Karen Gall51F8:53:43.317:47.4
4134Wayne Nelson44M8:53:46.817:47.6
4214Leonard Ealey43M9:15:43.918:31.5
4345ali turfe47M9:15:58.718:32.0
4443Scott Thompson43M9:46:29.119:33.0
4530Thomas Milroy21M9:53:10.719:46.4
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