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Race Information
Race Name:Hoof it for Haiti
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:5K Main Event
Date:Sunday May 22nd, 2011
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Event Information
Name of Event:Kids 1 Mile Run
Date:Sunday May 22nd, 2011
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Distance:1 Miles
Gun Start Time:Sunday May 22nd, 2011 8:20:07 am
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Pos Race
114Jason Kaminski11M7:12.07:12.0
22Morgan Ford12F7:13.77:13.7
315Ross Kaminski8M7:38.77:38.7
429Michael Yager11M8:13.38:13.3
513Sophia Beresheim10F8:24.08:24.0
67Grace Sullivan11F8:26.08:26.0
726Hayes Flanagan8M8:52.78:52.7
811Nicky Falter11M9:10.29:10.2
910Ben Citow11M9:14.09:14.0
1019Tommy Naviaux7M9:21.39:21.3
1127Malley Flanagan10F9:23.59:23.5
1212Amanda Beresheim13F9:30.79:30.7
1324Tommy Lynch10M9:52.29:52.2
145Ethan Rohner7M10:03.310:03.3
151Suzi Callis9F10:06.610:06.6
1630Emma Bischoff13F10:40.410:40.4
176Charlie Skelly4M10:59.210:59.2
1821Mary Claire Scalise10F11:09.811:09.8
1925Molly Lynch11F11:21.711:21.7
2016Bill Essig40M11:21.811:21.8
2139Margaret Sullivan6F11:35.911:35.9
2217Karen Essig39F11:37.311:37.3
2328James Cullinane11M12:00.512:00.5
248Jane Sullivan9F12:38.912:38.9
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