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Race Information
Race Name:Mad City 100K - 2012
State:Wisconsin, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Mad City 50K (solo)
Distance:50 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday March 31st, 2012, 9:00:04.26 am
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Checkpoint:1st Loop - 10 Km
Distance:6.214 Miles
Gun Start Time:Saturday March 31st, 2012 9:00:04.26 am
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Allow Early Chip Start Time:< not set >
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Pos Race
13Zach Bitter26M36:53.05:56.1
200Patrick Russell36M36:53.35:56.2
350Eric Senseman23M37:49.66:05.2
413Christopher DeNucci32M38:12.76:09.0
514RYAN DEXTER35M42:30.16:50.4
652Pete Summers50M43:30.97:00.2
711Rolando Cruz34M45:26.37:18.7
848Eric Schotz40M45:31.37:19.5
928Michael Henze43M45:35.67:20.2
102Rachel Arthur38F49:25.87:57.3
1138Kristin Korevec30F50:05.48:03.7
1246Sarah Blomme46F50:05.58:03.7
1330Tracy Hoeg32F50:06.58:03.8
141Roy Pirrung63M50:40.28:09.2
1527Jessica Hanson22F50:49.08:10.7
1636Eric Kass42M51:36.28:18.3
1722Daniel Goeckermann31M52:27.48:26.5
185Kathleen Rytman43F53:02.68:32.2
1917jason duelge43M53:03.98:32.4
2051Jenny Summers50F53:18.98:34.8
2129Matt Jacobson29M53:20.68:35.1
2237Kirk Kittell31M54:03.78:42.0
2326Iain Hall32M54:14.28:43.7
249KEN CAVIEZEL43M54:40.58:47.9
2544Kathy Muehlbauer38F55:08.08:52.3
2655Jim Welch50M56:42.39:07.5
2724Julie Gregory45F58:37.89:26.1
2819Roger Frings47M59:01.89:30.0
2925Steve Hagedorn53M59:22.39:33.3
3047Charlie Sanders61M59:28.49:34.2
318Kelly Carlson28F59:33.69:35.1
3256Jeffrey Willers42M59:39.69:36.1
3339Andy Kraus34M59:49.59:37.6
3434wendi Joseph43F1:00:49.29:47.2
3523Sarah Goeckermann25F1:00:55.49:48.3
3642Alex Loniello26F1:01:21.79:52.5
3721Jeff Funk46M1:01:21.89:52.5
3853Tom Swingen62M1:04:42.110:24.7
3932Michael Indresano42M1:04:47.110:25.5
4054Gavin Tierney39M1:04:47.710:25.6
4145Jean Reiche37F1:06:00.610:37.4
4210Katie Craney32F1:06:03.410:37.8
4341Krista Ledbetter30F1:08:27.311:01.0
446Marty Burian34M1:08:27.511:01.0
457Cynthia Carlson42F1:08:28.411:01.1
464Brenda Bland52F1:10:50.111:24.0
4716Kay Drew48F1:11:24.511:29.5
4857Kimmer Lothe43F1:11:25.111:29.6
4918Mo Fraley48F1:14:46.212:02.0
5043Katie McCullough43F1:14:46.512:02.0
5133Kristine Hinrichs59F1:31:24.014:42.5
5249Elisabeth Schraith63F1:31:31.314:43.7

Event Information
Name of Event:Mad City 50K Relay (2 to 5 runners)
Distance:50 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday March 31st, 2012, 9:00:04.26 am
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