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Attention... the date for this Race has passed, therefore online registration is not available. Please check with a race director or specific race website for more information.
Race Information
Race Name:16th Annual River City Rat Race
Location:Fort Wayne
State:Indiana, United States
Posted:March 11th, 2015 10:42 pm
Last Update:July 25th, 2015 10:52 pm
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Event Information
Name of Event:Family Combo Registration
Date:Sunday October 25th, 2015
Start Time:2:00 pm
Special Instructions:
This section is intended for family registration into our River City Rat Race events of 10K Race or 5K Race / Walk. Each "family" may include up to 5 (five) immediate family members with no more than 2 (two) adults over the age of 21. Please enter detailed information for your head of family, the number of additional family member(s), and information for each additional member. Note: the current base registration will be calculated and applied for each family member.
Event Registration Schedule
Opened:Wednesday March 11th, 20158:00 am
Deadline passed:Sunday October 18th, 201511:00 pm $25.00
Deadline passed:Friday October 23rd, 20159:59 am $30.00
Deadline passed:Friday October 23rd, 201510:00 pm $30.00
Unless otherwise noted... Registration Dates & Times are based upon: U.S. Central Daylight Saving Time
Displayed below are the 31 teams, which are registered for this event, ordered by descending date of registration.
Order Name Race Day
Sex State /
Hometown Team Name Date of
  31 David Hernandez39MINFORT WAYNEDavid Hernandez Oct 22, 2015
Misty Hernandez37F
Elise Wehrle11F
Ella wehrle9F
  30 Elizabeth Thongkoth35FINfort wayneElizabeth Thongkoth Oct 21, 2015
Lamphanh Thongkoth35M
  29 Jill Freed38FINFort WayneJill Freed Oct 21, 2015
Greg Freed47M
  28 Mark Witmer48MINRoanokeMark Witmer Oct 20, 2015
Michelle Witmer46F
Natalie Witmer14F
Gretchen Witmer12F
  27 Jenifer Aselage36FINHuntertownJenifer Aselage Oct 19, 2015
Paige Aselage12F
Samantha Aselage8F
  26 Susan Jewell39FINWoodburnSusan Jewell Oct 18, 2015
Hayleigh Jewell10F
Miley Jewell7F
  25 David Zent40MINFort WayneDavid Zent Oct 18, 2015
Ashley Zent10F
  24 Eric Steenman45MINFort WayneEric Steenman Oct 18, 2015
Robin Steenman48F
Gabe Steenman10M
  23 Kristine Lill46FINFort WayneKristine Lill Oct 18, 2015
Ed Lill52M
  22 Steve Johnson43MINFort WayneSteve Johnson Oct 18, 2015
Nikki Johnson43F
Zachary Johnson15M
Benjamin Johnson11M
  21 Audra Reinders32FINFort WayneAudra Reinders Oct 17, 2015
Aidan Reinders12M
Nadia Reinders11F
  20 Mark Doepner33MINFort WayneMark Doepner Oct 17, 2015
Lesley Doepner36F
  19 Dan Horwedel52MINFort WayneDan Horwedel Oct 16, 2015
Jane Horwedel51F
  18 lisa ramirez56FInft waynelisa ramirez Oct 16, 2015
Marshall Scott21M
kaylee scott17F
Austin Ramirez14M
Devin Brock13M
  17 Mark Hammes47MInFort WayneMark Hammes Oct 15, 2015
Joseph Hammes10M
  16 Bev Hoban64FInFort WayneBev Hoban Oct 15, 2015
Jonathan Hoban15M
Jacob Hoban13M
Isabelle Quick13F
Hannah Quick11F
  15 Debbie Plasterer55FINOssianDebbie Plasterer Oct 14, 2015
Mike Plasterer55M
  14 Mandy O'Connor61FINFort WayneMandy O\\\'Connor Oct 13, 2015
Terry O'Connor62M
  13 Duane Gustrowsky43MOHToledoDuane Gustrowsky Oct 11, 2015
Kelly Gustrowsky15F
Brandon Gustrowsky13M
Allen Gustrowsky12M
  12 Kari Smith45FINFort WayneKari Smith Oct 9, 2015
Cassandra Smith10F
  11 Chris Ravenscroft30MINFort WayneChris Ravenscroft Oct 8, 2015
Michelle Ravenscroft31F
  10 Jeff Ashton48MINFort WayneJeff Ashton Oct 6, 2015
Tonja Ashton48F
Jeremy Ashton13M
  9 Matt O'Connor39MINFort WayneMatt O\\\'Connor Oct 5, 2015
Dawn O'Connor40F
Rory O'Connor13F
Lucas O'Connor10M
  8 Dave Force46MINFort WayneDave Force Sep 29, 2015
Janel Force44F
Kipp Force22M
Leah Force16F
  7 Dwayne Gray53MINFort WayneDwayne Gray Sep 26, 2015
Andrew Gray18M
  6 Michael Vawter51MINFort WayneMichael Vawter Sep 19, 2015
Cynthia Vawter59F
  5 Aidan heinzerling40MINfort wayneAidan heinzerling Sep 18, 2015
trisha heinzerling35F
  4 Kim Armstrong37FINGarrettKim Armstrong Sep 9, 2015
Trevor Armstrong13M
Nataley Armstrong11F
  3 Brad Pulfer41MINAuburnBrad Pulfer Aug 17, 2015
Angie Pulfer38F
Mason Pulfer8M
Erica Pulfer10F
  2 Janel Meese41FMISturgisJanel Meese Aug 9, 2015
Jeremy Meese42M
  1 Calum Johnson36MINFort WayneCalum Johnson Jul 3, 2015
Leah Johnson30F

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