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Race Information
Race Name:Chillbilly 2 Hour and 8 Hour Endurance Events
State:Illinois, United States
Chillbilly 2 Hour
Therese Brink5
Sheila Hansen7.5
Jackie Harrmann4.5
William Holmes6
Jim Jackson10.5
Tim Lindner9.5
Matt Robinson11
Cole stoner10.5
Mark Wells6.5
Jaime Zaplatosch7
Rhonda Heinz5.5
Matt Hohulin8.5
Mike Lambert2
Kristen Cowan4.5
Shalonda Schafer6
Andrea Staats10.5
Carolyn Sutter9
Maggie Daly8
Tom Nieukirk6.5
Jason Hurst12

Chillbilly 8 Hour
Juli Aistars25.2
Keith Aurand22.5
Chad Barnes24
Abby Bokus32
Julia Carrell21
Clarice Chick28.5
Christy Dillard24
Michael Dillard12
Tiffany Dore30
Angela Funk22
Mike Gensler26
Kelly Goforth25.5
Bill Harrmann21.5
Rachel Head23.5
Phillip Heinz23.5
Jennifer Jacobsen-Wood16.5
Jayson Blackowicz17.5
Amy Kerrigan24
Elaine Lagoda20
Traci Lambert-Cwerenz23.5
Leann Leaks20
Victoria Maske-Mendenall20
Bob McCrory22.5
Bill McFeeters28.5
Chuck Meyer23
Madalyn O'Shaughnessy23.5
Kristen Olson20
Toby Peplow12
Sean Ryan12
Susan Smock14
Brian Smock16
Mike Lesniak23.5
Tom Wilson33.5
Mike Siltman6
Tonya Siltman20
Paul Wilkerson20
Eddie Lloyd18
Scott Finger20
Melissa Pizarro26
Chuck Schultz28.5
Andrew Schafer25.5
Chris Silva32.5
Mary Hosbourough21
Christy Habel24
Tim Lichtenberg28.5
Amy Briggs18
Event Information
Name of Event:Chillbilly Endurance Events
Date:Saturday February 20th, 2016

Event Information
Name of Event:Chillbilly Endurance Events
Date:Saturday February 20th, 2016
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