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Race webcasting is attempted by race directors and their suppport staff however  webcast information has yet to be posted for this race through the website of Run Race. Please direct any related questions to the race director!
Race Information
Race Name:ACD 5K Run & Family Fun Walk
State:Indiana, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:ACD 5K Run
Distance:5 Kilometers
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday August 31, 2019, 9:00 am
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Name Race Day
Sex State /
bill Aksamit67MIndianaFort Wayne
Alan Billings65MIndianaFort Wayne
Matthew Blume37MIllinoisCHICAGO
Bob Boxell54MIndianaHuntertown
Maurice Boyd53MIndianaAuburn
Robyn Boyd53FIndianaAuburn
Amanda Carey45FIndianaAuburn
L.C. Cooper49MTennesseeLa Vergne
Audrey Donat29FIndianaAuburn
Heather Elwood15FIndianaLeo
Jeremy Elwood15MIndianaLeo
Jason Fike46MIndianaAuburn
Cheryl Fleming57FIndianaChurubusco
Nicholas Frank49MIndianaAuburn
Audrea Graber36FIndianaAuburn
Steve Graber40MIndianaAuburn
Marylou Griffin65FIndianaAuburn
DJ Hartley58MIndianaFort Wayne
James Hunt42MIndianaAuburn
Reece Hunt14MIndianaAuburn
Dana Ice39FIndianaAuburn
Julie Jacobs40FIndianaHuntertown
Jill Kersten47FIndianaLeo
Kinsey Lederman22FIndianaLeo
Krista Lederman29FIndianaLeo
Tom Leitner40MIndianaGarrett
Araceli Linn48FIndianaWolvottville
Brittany Linn20FIndianaWolvottville
Becky Myers37FIndianaAuburn
Glen Myers35MIndianaAuburn
Doug Norrick45MIndianaAuburn
Reese Norrick11MIndianaAuburn
Kay Perkins55FIndianaNew haven
Andrew Phares26MIndianaAuburn
Nich Sanders38MIndianaWaterloo
johnny saylor51MIndianaChurubusco
Dawn Shannon21FIndianaFORT WAYNE
Linsey Shannon30FWisconsinMADISON
Suzanne Shearer50FUSGarrett
Robert Siebenaler49MIndianaFort Wayne
Harper Sparkman10MIndianaChurubusco
asish thakkar40MOhioDublin
Gabe VanOrt39IndianaAuburn
Robert Vetter34MIndianaAuburn
Macharri Vorndranjones59FIndianaBrownsburg
Andy WARNER41MIndianaAuburn
Campbell Warner12FIndianaAuburn
Kellen Warner10MIndianaAuburn
Shannon Warner51FIndianaFORT WAYNE
Aaron Young13MIndianaWaterloo
Alyssa Zerns28FIndianaWaterloo

Event Information
Name of Event:ACD Family Fun Walk
Distance:2 Miles
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday August 31, 2019, 9:00 am
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