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Attention... the date for this Race has passed, therefore online registration is not available. Please check with a race director or specific race website for more information.
Race Information
Race Name:2019 Prairie State Road Runners Membership
Location:Will County, Illinois
State:Illinois, United States
Posted:October 2nd, 2018 9:39 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:2019 PSRR Family Membership Application
Date:Tuesday December 31st, 2019
Start Time:12:00 am
Special Instructions:
Family Membership
Event Registration Schedule
Opened:Sunday October 21st, 2018Start of Day
Deadline passed:Monday December 31st, 2018Midnight $20.00
Deadline passed:Monday September 30th, 2019Midnight $25.00
Unless otherwise noted... Registration Dates & Times are based upon: U.S. Central Daylight Saving Time
Displayed below are the 23 teams registered for this event, ordered by descending date of registration.
Order Name Calendar Age Sex State /
Hometown Team Name Date of
  23 Jill Pironti51FILCrest HillJill Pironti Jul 9, 2019
Rudolph Pironti52M
Sheilah Sinon33F
Brianna Johnston12F
  22 Kent Munro54MILCrest HillKent Munro Apr 15, 2019
Virginia Munro58F
  21 Timothy Tocwish55MILJolietTimothy Tocwish Apr 5, 2019
Alicia Tocwish55F
  20 Gina Schalk46FILMinookaGina Schalk Feb 23, 2019
Charlie Schalk47M
Daniel Schalk15M
Nathan Schalk11M
  19 Gerald Raino67MILPLAINFIELDGerald Raino Jan 12, 2019
Lauren Raino28F
Mary Raino67F
Craig Raino35M
Emerson Raino8M
  18 Andy Russell53MILPlainfieldAndy Russell Jan 7, 2019
Amy Russell53F
  17 David Musgrave52MILMINOOKADavid Musgrave Jan 7, 2019
Carol Musgrave52F
  16 Maria Enriquez43FILPlainfieldMaria Enriquez Jan 5, 2019
Ivan Iniguez14M
  15 Sean Forbes47MILCrest HillSean Forbes Dec 31, 2018
Anna-Marie Forbes41F
Emma Forbes15F
Ben Forbes10M
  14 Maria Wood32FILMorrisMaria Wood Dec 31, 2018
Roman Wood32M
Rubyann Wood3F
  13 JT Markland34MILPlainfieldJT Markland Dec 31, 2018
Britni Markland30F
  12 Terri Tatroe59FILCoal CityTerri Tatroe Dec 31, 2018
Brian Tatroe62M
Dustin Tatroe38M
  11 Angela Freeman43FILChannahonAngela Freeman Dec 31, 2018
Brad Freeman40M
Nia Harrington13F
  10 Laura Loica50FILDwightLaura Loica Dec 31, 2018
Griffin Kisner45M
Lucas Kisner16M
  9 Kathryn Forster44FilChannahonKathryn Forster Dec 30, 2018
Alex Forster15M
Miles Forster11M
Paige Forster8F
  8 Thomas Lambert65MILChannahonThomas Lambert Dec 26, 2018
Kiawlan Lambert68F
  7 John Sikes49MILJolietJohn Sikes Nov 18, 2018
Nikki Sikes15F
Linda Sikes50F
Jeremy Sikes20M
  6 Shellie Williamson49FILMarseillesShellie Williamson Nov 18, 2018
Stanley Williamson53M
  5 Andrea Fewkes40FILPlainfieldAndrea Fewkes Nov 17, 2018
Tony Fewkes42M
Hannah Fewkes13F
Madilyn Fewkes10F
  4 Debbie Scheckel65FILNew LenoxDebbie Scheckel Nov 8, 2018
Harry Scheckel74M
  3 Wendy Brusich50FILPlainfieldWendy Brusich Nov 6, 2018
Alan Brusich53M
  2 Sarah Prado30FILJolietSarah Prado Nov 3, 2018
Tim Rose33M
  1 Peter Klaeser63MInChestertonPeter Klaeser Nov 1, 2018
Ruth Bonacci-Klaeser63F

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