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Title:Freezing Scenes From Frozen Head
Date:Saturday March 31st, 2012
Author:Rich Limacher
Here's something y'all oughta look at, to help clue you in AND beg a few of your hard-earned bucks (it's a worthy project; they were all over the place, and one of the photogs even got lost for a day, requiring the rangers to organize a Search and Rescue!):
Owe Mai Gawk! Dey wanna make a movie outa dys!!!

Otherwise, they say "a picture's worth a thousand words," but I don't believe 'em. I hold that a thousand words are better than one pic, but I don't have time to write them right now.
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Start of the 2012 Barkley MarathonsAnother viewAnd they're off like a herd of turtlesEventual 3rd place finisher climbing Rat Jaw HillSome perspective on Rat Jaw Hill
Zane Smith thru the pants' legs of a spectator's warm-upsRunner Dusty Hardman climbs Rat Jaw'Frozen Ed' Furtaw has written the definitive book on The BarkleyLeonard 'Buttslide' Martin has lent his name to parts of the coursePat Costigan of Michigan was there (out of breath)
The Amazing Dusty Hardman gets ready for a nighttime loopThe Amazing Bev Anderson-Abbs completes 3 loops (and quits!)The (20 pound) Barkley sub-24-hour finisher's buckle (yet to be awarded)2-time finisher/winner and new course record holder Brett Maune2nd place finisher Jared Campbell "in the chutes"
All 'virgins' submit their license plate... but from Antarctica?Yours troubly's is in here (guess which one)RD 'Lazarus Lake' checks everyone's collected book pages3rd place finisher John Fegyveresi with Brett and JaredDusty 'hatching' herself upon the Barkley scene (prerace)
The calm before the Dusty 'storm'Here she is not paying attentionA little closer to the top of Rat JawThis leads to Waterstop 2 at the highest point on the courseHere Dusty has joined Hiram Rogers' group - otherwise known as 'salvation'
Dusty laces up for Loop 2 - and 'Dustiny'!All the fuss is over this sign - it's misquotedElise Harrington on Rat JawAngela Ivory - R.I.P. - at a recent Rocky RaccoonSherry Meador running Mother Road 100
Sherry Meador looking sweet and coolLetha Cruthirds, Deb Pero, and unknown at Hardrock Hundred, July 2006John DeWalt (R.I.P.) shown here taking a rare--and much briefer than eternal--rest. We all miss him.DeWayne Satterfield after finishing the

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Posted:April 11th, 2012 1:13 am
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