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Title:Green Lakes Endurance Runs 2009
Date:Sunday August 30th, 2009
Author:Todd Baum
Click on the View Photos tab above for the race photo gallery. The photos are arranged by the participants' race numbers. Name and number appears when pointer hovers over image. 28 miscellaneous photos at the bottom of the gallery.

Green Lakes Endurance Runs 2009:

Not only was the four hour barrier finally broken in the 50 km, three runners did it. Another 24 runners broke 5 hours, twice as many in 2008. There were a total of 106 50 km finishers- 38 women and 68 men. The 100 km had a record number of finishers and a record finish percentage- 68%.

50 km:
The 50 km Champion was Phil Reutlinger 3:33:07, 31 minutes faster than Yassine Diboun's 2008 record. The 50 km women's Champion, Cecelia Madariaga's 4:08:08 was 26 minutes under Katie Stettler's memorable performance of 2007. The Ithaca, New York stars Diboun and Stettler had solid course records. For Reutinger and Madariaga to break this records was one thing, but to distroy them is a remarkable testiment to just how well this two athletes are running. Phil Reutlinger, 30, Old Lyme CT, led three men under the old course record. Brian Rusiecki, 30, Leeds MA, finished 2nd in 3:45:08 and Paul Young, 44, North Andover MA, set a Masters Men record in 3:58:32. Ed Housel, 50, Rochester NY, set a new Veteran Men record in 4:04:44. The Women's Champion, Madariaga, 21, Old Field NY, finished 5th overall. Amy Lane, 30, Westfield MA, finished 2nd in 4:27:09, also under the old women's course record. Diana Widdowson, 43, Conestoga PA, was first Masters Woman in 4:49:24. Barabara Sorrell, 52, Delmar NY, was the first Veteran Woman in 6:22:13.

100 km:
The 100 km Champions were Matt Chaffin, 41, Manlius NY, 10:00:40, and Zsuzsanna Carlson, 36, Edison NJ, 11:23:55. Running on his home course, Chaffin was a distant 2nd most of the race as Bill Cuthbert was sailing through 87.5 km with a solid 25 minute lead. Meanwhile, Randy Miller, 50, Ramsey NJ, was minding his own business back in 8th place through 50 km, he eventually caught Chaffin on the 7th lap- reaching 87.5 km just seconds ahead of Chaffin. While Chaffin could not control what Cuthbert or what Randy Miller were doing, he could concentrate on what he can do best, push through the pain on his home course where he has logged hundreds of miles. Chaffin ran 1:12:59 for his final 12.5 km lap. You will have to go back to the 3rd lap at 37.5 km before you can find a lap by anyone in the entire 100 km field running as quick as what Chaffin laid down on his last lap. Unfortunately, Cuthbert hadn't been able to keep anything down, and he took himself out of the race he was feeling so bad. Miller toughed out a solid 1:18:56 for his last go around and achieved a Veteran Course Record by over 34 minutes. Daryl Hultquist, 39, Gaithersburg MD, was 3rd overall in 10:48:28.

The women's Champion, Zsuzsanna Carlson, 36, Edison NJ, returns from a 3rd place finish in 2008, improving her time from 12:17:52 to 11:23:55. RuthAnn Helfrick, 42, Elysburg PA, was the 2nd woman while setting a new Masters Women record in 11:48:12.

The winners of the special Inspiration Awards are as follows:

"The Fastest Last Lap" (50K): Phil Reutlinger 54:40!

"The Even Pace" (100K performance with the narrowest margin between their slowest and fastest laps): Randy Miller, only a 6:39 differance.

"The Courage of Trying" (courage and sportsmanship attempting 100K): Jennifer Broton-- while just under the 87.5 km cut-off by 5 minutes, she finished!

Click the View Photos tab (above) for our photo gallery.

Our 2009 Green Lakes Endurance Runs Webcast has live updates including Blog Entries, Participant Positioning, Checkpoint Updates, and Mug Shots of participants, pre-race with their race number.
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50k start50k start50k start50k start50k start
Ed Petkus 1Ed PetkusEd PetkusEd PetkusEd Petkus
John Ehntholt 6John EhntholtJohn EhntholtJohn EhntholtJohn Ehntholt
Joanne Holmes 7Joanne HolmesJoanne HolmesJoanne HolmesJoanne Holmes
Jeremy Marble 8Jeremy MarbleJeremy MarbleJeremy MarbleJeremy Marble
Shannon McGinn 10Shannon McGinnShannon McGinnShannon McGinnShannon McGinn
William McGovern 11William McGovernWilliam McGovernWilliam McGovernWilliam McGovern
Zsuzsanna Carlson 13Zsuzsanna CarlsonZsuzsanna CarlsonZsuzsanna CarlsonZsuzsanna Carlson
Dennis Fabiszak 14Dennis FabiszakDennis FabiszakRich Sandstrom 15Jim Newin
Jim Newin 16Jim NewinJim NewinMarc DrautzMarc Drautz
Marc Drautz 17Marc DrautzCharles OrnekCharles OrnekCharles Ornek
Charles Ornek 18Charles OrnekJennifer BrotonJennifer BrotonJennifer Broton
Jennifer Broton 19Frances DavisFrances DavisFrances DavisFrances Davis
Randy Miller 21Randy MillerRandy MillerRandy MillerRandy Miller
David Steiker 22David SteikerDavid SteikerDavid SteikerDavid Steiker
Michael Taggerty 23Michael TaggertyMichael TaggertyDaryl HultquistDaryl Hultquist
Daryl Hultquist 24Daryl HultquistRuthAnn HelfrickRuthAnn HelfrickRuthAnn Helfrick
RuthAnn Helfrick 26RuthAnn HelfrickDaniel HorvathDaniel HorvathDaniel Horvath
Daniel Horvath 27Daniel HorvathBill CuthbertBill CuthbertBill Cuthbert
Matthew Chaffin 30Matthew ChaffinMatthew ChaffinMatthew ChaffinMatthew Chaffin
Laurel Valley 31Laurel ValleyLaurel ValleyLaurel ValleyLaurel Valley
Robert Villani 32Robert VillaniRobert VillaniTamara LoosTamara Loos
Joseph Bello 85Joseph BelloJoseph BelloJoseph BelloShane Pettit
Shane Pettit 86Shane PettitBret Kinsella 88Bret Kinsella 88Bret Kinsella 88
Angela Ivory 90Angela Ivory 90Angela Ivory 90Eric Lovenduski 92Eric Lovenduski 92
Eric Lovenduski 92Peter CurePeter CureErin Osetek 94Erin Osetek 94
Erin Osetek 94Erin Osetek 94Dave Kwiatkowski 95Dave Kwiatkowski 95Dave Kwiatkowski 95
Dave Kwiatkowski 95James SimpsonJames SimpsonJames SimpsonC. Mad
C. Mad 97C. MadC. MadC. MadJim Owens 98
Jim Owens 98Jim Owens 98Shelley ViggianoShelley ViggianoShelley Viggiano
Shelley Viggiano 99Bruce Palmer 101Bruce Palmer 101Deborah Wood 102Deborah Wood 102
Deborah Wood 102Deborah Wood 102Deborah Wood 102Dave Weiss 103Dave Weiss 103
Dave Weiss 103Dave Weiss 103Dave Weiss 103Debra Mimaroglu 104Debra Mimaroglu 104
Debra Mimaroglu 104Debra Mimaroglu 104Debra Mimaroglu 104Ryan Schiff 105Ryan Schiff 105
Ryan Schiff 105Ryan Schiff 105Mark Monachino 106Mark Monachino 106Mark Monachino 106
Katie Moses 108Katie Moses 108Katie Moses 108Julie Holder 109Julie Holder 109
Julie Holder 109Jean Skeels 110Jean Skeels 110Jean Skeels 110Jean Skeels 110
Jean Skeels 110Beth Bidstrup 111Beth Bidstrup 111Beth Bidstrup 111Beth Bidstrup 111
Beth Bidstrup 111Marilyn Penoyer 112Marilyn Penoyer 112James Viggiano 113James Viggiano 113
James Viggiano 113James Viggiano 113Kathleen Rocker 114Kathleen Rocker 114Kathleen Rocker 114
Anthony Netto 116Anthony Netto 116Anthony Netto 116Anthony Netto 116Katie Aman 117
Katie Aman 117Brenda Morris 118Brenda Morris 118Brenda Morris 118Brenda Morris 118
Carmen Gumina 119Carmen Gumina 119Carmen Gumina 119Carmen Gumina 119Barbara Sorrell 120
Barbara Sorrell 120Barbara Sorrell 120Barbara Sorrell 120Barbara Sorrell 120Greg Taylor 121
Greg Taylor 121Greg Taylor 121Greg Taylor 121Marc Quilty 122Marc Quilty 122
James Miner 123James Miner 123James Miner 123Dan Scotina 124Dan Scotina 124
Dan Scotina 124Dan Scotina 124Benjamin Clardy 125Benjamin Clardy 125Benjamin Clardy 125
Benjamin Clardy 125Benjamin Clardy 125Mack Duett 126Mack Duett 126Jim Lampman 127
Jim Lampman 127Jim Lampman 127Jim Lampman 127Chris Read 128Chris Read 128
Chris Read 128Chris Read 128Chris Read 128Keith Halpern 129Keith Halpern 129
Keith Halpern 129Ali Rizvi 130Ali Rizvi 130Ali Rizvi 130Ali Rizvi 130
Ali Rizvi 130Jill Stolins Mallory 131Jill Stolins Mallory 131Jill Stolins Mallory 131Theresa Soracco 132
Theresa Soracco 132Theresa Soracco 132Theresa Soracco 132Jo Chaffin 133Jo Chaffin 133
Jo Chaffin 133Jo Chaffin 133Christiane Gardner 134Christiane Gardner 134Christiane Gardner 134
Christiane Gardner 134Christiane Gardner 134Bobby Cameron 135Bobby Cameron 135Eugene Bruckert 136
Eugene Bruckert 136Eugene Bruckert 136Eugene Bruckert 136Jose Suarez 137Jose Suarez 137
Jose Suarez 137Rachele Racicot 138Rachele Racicot 138Rachele Racicot 138Amy Mosca 139
Amy Mosca 139Amy Mosca 139Andrew Colee 140Andrew Colee 140Sarah McGrath 141
Sarah McGrath 141Sarah McGrath 141Sarah McGrath 141Sarah McGrath 141Thomas Constantine 142
Thomas Constantine 142Steven Kieb 143Steven Kieb 143Steven Kieb 143Douglas Prindle 144
Douglas Prindle 144Douglas Prindle 144Christopher Dunne 145Christopher Dunne 145Allen Ripke 146
Allen Ripke 146Allen Ripke 146Dave Groff 148Dave Groff 148Dave Groff 148
Dave Groff 148Dave Groff 148Patrick Riccardi 149Patrick Riccardi 149Patrick Riccardi 149
Patrick Riccardi 149Christine Reynolds 151Christine Reynolds 151Christine Reynolds 151Christine Reynolds 151
Christine Reynolds 151Ross Davison 152Ross Davison 152Ross Davison 152Matt DeGroat 153
Matt DeGroat 153Matt DeGroat 153Matt DeGroat 153Matt DeGroat 153Eric Haslam 154
Eric Haslam 154Eric Haslam 154Eric Haslam 154Eric Haslam 154Ed Housel 155
Ed Housel 155Ed Housel 155Ed Housel 155Jonathan Dickens 156Jonathan Dickens 156
Jonathan Dickens 156Steve Chaffee 157Steve Chaffee 157Steve Chaffee 157Daniel Pierson 158
Daniel Pierson 158Daniel Pierson 158Andy Clark 159Andy Clark 159Phil Reutlinger 160
Phil Reutlinger 160Phil Reutlinger 160Phil Reutlinger 160Phil Reutlinger 160Heather Danielson 161
Heather Danielson 161Heather Danielson 161Heather Danielson 161Scott O'Connor 162Scott O'Connor 162
Scott O'Connor 162Mark Sheremeta 163Mark Sheremeta 163Mark Sheremeta 163Kimberly Rapp 164
Kimberly Rapp 164Kimberly Rapp 164Kimberly Rapp 164Lisa Jacques 165Lisa Jacques 165
Lisa Jacques 165Lisa Jacques 165Steven Mussi 166Steven Mussi 166Steven Mussi 166
Theresa Palmieri 167Mark Thompson 168Mark Thompson 168Mark Thompson 168Pete Johnson 169
Pete Johnson 169Pete Johnson 169Ed Helfrick 170Ed Helfrick 170Katherine Fleming 171
Katherine Fleming 171Katherine Fleming 171Katherine Fleming 171Paul Young 173Paul Young 173
Paul Young 173Paul Young 173Paul Young 173Kimberly Boner 174Kimberly Boner 174
Scott Ennis 175Scott Ennis 175Scott Ennis 175Scott Ennis 175Mark Hendley 176
Mark Hendley 176Mark Hendley 176Mark Hendley 176Dee Miller 177Dee Miller 177
Dee Miller 177Alexander Bliss 178Alexander Bliss 178Alexander Bliss 178Alexander Bliss 178
Alexander Bliss 178Andrew Bliss 179Andrew Bliss 179Andrew Bliss 179Andrew Bliss 179
Andrew Bliss 179Foster Bliss 180Foster Bliss 180Foster Bliss 180Foster Bliss 180
Foster Bliss 180Emily Trespas 181Emily Trespas 181Emily Trespas 181Emily Trespas 181
Brad Reed 182Brad Reed 182Roger Niethe 185Roger Niethe 185Roger Niethe 185
Roger Niethe 185Dennis Stadelman 186Dennis Stadelman 186Dennis Stadelman 186Javier Martinez 187
Javier Martinez 187Javier Martinez 187Michael Tobin 188Michael Tobin 188Michael Tobin 188
Michael Tobin 188Donna Ornosky 189Donna Ornosky 189Donna Ornosky 189Donna Ornosky 189
Lorrie Tily 190Lorrie Tily 190Lorrie Tily 190Lorrie Tily 190Kristin Althausen 191
Kristin Althausen 191Kristin Althausen 191Kristin Althausen 191Kristin Althausen 191Diana Widdowson 192
Diana Widdowson 192Diana Widdowson 192Diana Widdowson 192Vincent Perry 193Vincent Perry 193
Vincent Perry 193Vincent Perry 193Vincent Perry 193Brian Rusiecki 194Brian Rusiecki 194
Brian Rusiecki 194Amy Lane 195Amy Lane 195Amy Lane 195Richard Kruse 196
Richard Kruse 196Richard Kruse 196Richard Kruse 196Natalie Kremer 197Natalie Kremer 197
Natalie Kremer 197Christine Stevens 198Christine Stevens 198Richard O'Neil 199Richard O'Neil 199
Richard O'Neil 199Richard O'Neil 199Richard O'Neil 199Seth Ambruso 200Seth Ambruso 200
Seth Ambruso 200Seth Ambruso 200Round LakeRound LakeRound Lake
Round LakeMoe and Todd "do you see his number?"upland forestshoreline trailTamara & Cathy
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Greg pointsWhole w/JillDave says byeoldest finisher!Laurel Jim JoAnn
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Barbara visitsJackie enjoys DSnight nearsDeliriousDavid sits, ahh!

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