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Title:Inaugural Pittsfield Snowshoe Marathon and Half Marathon
Date:Saturday March 3rd, 2007
Author:Andy Weinberg
Hello All,

What a wonderful weekend in Vermont. I enjoyed myself and I sure hope you did. Mike Halovatch invited me to Vermont last December and that's when this race was born. Anthony Cotter, Mike Halovatch, Matt Quinlan, myself, and Joe took off into the woods for a eight hour training run. We made a decision that night to host a snowshoe marathon on Joe's farm. We were very rushed and weren't sure if we should go for it in 2007 or wait until 2008. January was rather mild and it looked like the snowshoe marathon was going to be a trail run. A few storms later and Joe had three feet of snow in his yard. I'm glad we decided to give it a try. Congrats to all of you who raced and enjoy the beautiful Green Mountains. Thanks to Courtney and Joe for their hospitality and for allowing us to use Riverside Farms.

Special thanks to Jaloyn Fockler who is a organizational maniac. The weekend would not have been possible without her help. Jen Held, Anthony Cotter, Liz Cotter, Mike Halovatch, Bill Thom, and Sherpa John LaCroix were also on the race committee. They were very instrumental throughout the last few months.

I would also like to thank my wife, Sloan, who puts up with all of my stupid ideas. She hears some crazy things from me but when I told her I was going to put on a snowshoe marathon in Vermont she about choked.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Long Trail, First Response, Dion Snowshoes, Hammer Nutrition, Vermont Original General Store, GMAA, VASA, World Supply, REI, and Red Bull.

Special thanks to Rick and Paula for capturing all the pictures. Rick has asked me to announce the following: Pre-register to see the snowshoe marathon photos at:
It will prompt them to enter their email and it will notify them when they are ready.

Special thanks to race day volunteers: Kevin McCarthy, Bob and Laurel, Eileen, Kristin Beedy, Mark, Matt Quinlan, Francisco, Angela Jackson, Heath Gosselin and family, Liz and Jimmy Albright, the Warren's, Colby, Pat, and anyone else who popped in and helped for awhile.

Special thanks to David Breashears for making the trip, speaking, and presenting his movie. Saturday night I mentioned Saturday night that few people in this world have done what David has done. He is a tremendous athlete and person. Thanks again for spending time with us.

Please visit to get updated info on races in Pittsfield. The next Adventure will be the Pittsfield Peaks Ultra Challenge. We are in the process of changing the format. There will be two divisions. The ultra division which will be a 50 mile ultra run in which you will summit six peaks. There will also be the death division which will cover the same course but nobody will finish it solo and relays might die trying to finish. All relays will participate in the death division and they will summit the same six peaks but they will carry something to the top.

Andy Weinberg R.D.

Sherpa John Adds:
What does a Vermont wedding, David Breashears, and 102 crazy people have in common?
By: John Lacroix

Riverside Farms, Vermont's premier wedding venue hosted the First Annual Pittsfield Snowshoe Marathon and Half Marathon on March Third. 84 participants toed the starting line to take on the ultimate winter challenge of completing one or two loops of New England's toughest half and full marathon course. In an event that many said would never get off the ground, success was imminent with a presentation from the world famous adventurer David Breashears and a stomach stuffing lobster and shrimp feast.

When race organizers Andy Weinberg and his team of organizers came up with the idea to hold a snowshoe race in the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains, it was a match made in heaven with Weinberg's famous race organization skills and his somewhat off the wall imagination. As they assembled their race committee, New England's toughest marathon and half marathon quickly began to take shape. Those who would register had no idea the challenge that lay before them.

When Bob Dion, owner of Dion Snowshoes and sponsor of the event, heard about the race; he wasn't as optimistic as Weinberg about the pending number of registered participants. Dion normally sees only forty racers at local four-mile snowshoe events with the numbers slowly declining as the distance's increase. When race organizers called their sponsor because the fifty loaner snowshoes promised were all ready spoken for, Dion was simply amazed. "You never see this many people at a snowshoe race over 10K, never mind thirteen to twenty six miles." Some skeptics doubted that 50 people would even sign up at all! Therefore, Weinberg's team scrambled to get nationwide outdoor sports outfitter REI to sponsor the event as well with their own contribution of loaner snowshoes.

The course started with a 200-yard dash through three feet of unbroken snow. The next 13 miles was a lollipop course consisting of snowmobile trails, single track and back country roads all the while climbing 2,000 feet to the near top of South Mountain. Twice! On their way back to the Riverside Farm, racers climbed to the actual peak of South Mountain where they had the option to grab a sled and cruise the 2,000 foot descent to the back side of the Farm.

After 13 miles and over 4,000 feet of elevation change, only 16 of the 84 registrants finishing a second loop to make it a marathon. Leigh Schmidt, New England's 2006 winning most ultra-runner came in second for the marathon behind Paul Low. As Schmidt reached the finish line 4 hours after starting, he collapsed into the snow. A smiling Weinberg asked him how the course was to which he replied, "That was harder than the Vermont 50!"

After the race, everyone assembled in one of Riverside's barns for dinner and a special presentation. Aside from a fleece and finishers plaque, everyone enjoyed a 2lb lobster and all the jumbo shrimp they could eat. The place was packed as David Breashears, a world famous mountaineer, adventurer and filmmaker; gave a special presentation centered around the events of the May 1996 tragedy on Everest, is slated to air on NBC within the coming year.

Peak Adventures successfully put on the First Annual Pittsfield Snowshoe Marathon and Half Marathon. What's next for Weinberg and his band of misfits? Their upcoming Pittsfield Peaks Ultra Challenge in June, where participants must attempt to run to and from each of the 6 area peaks. When asked about it the crew simply replies," The number 6 is closely related to Hell, and a day in hell is what they'll get this June. We seriously doubt anyone will be able to finish this race!" I guess only time will tell. Visit For more information about Riverside Farm, please visit

Pittsfield Snowshoe Marathon and Half Marathon
Pittsfield, Vermont

Full Marathon
1. Paul Low 3:55:39
2. Leigh Schmitt 4:08:42
3. Todd Walker 4:38:16
4. Chad Denning 4:44:33
5. Matt Bedoukian 4:53:20
6. Frieda Rosenberg 4:54:36
7. Courtenay Guertin 5:13:50
8. Tyler Otfinoski 5:39:11
9. Tom Parent 5:53:00
10. Jennifer Shultis 6:15:36
11. Alan Randolph 6:23:46
12. Teresa Sukiennicki 6:38:20
13. Dan Myers 7:00:16
14. John Izzo 7:03:40
15. John LaCroix 7:08:04
16. Jon Romeo 8:33:24

Half Marathon
1. Bob Dion 2:08:00
2. Kelli Lusk 2:12:07
3. Tim Nichols 2:30:12
4. David Darby 3:12:01
4. Michael Kagey 3:12:01
6. Laura Bleakley 3:21:24
7. Steve Crosley 3:27:58
8. Joe Gaziano 3:30:00
9. Jeff Longcor 3:31:52
10.Michael Lachariete 3:37:08
11. Barry Casamasima 3:54:12
12. Jen Held - 3:57:31
13. Joshua Robert 3:59:47
14. Patrick Singh 4:09:46
14. Andrea Dombrowski 4:09:46
16. Zach Cutler 4:10:27
17. Steve do Rego 4:10:49
18. Noel Ashekian 4:22:35
19. Colin Kwak 4:24:06
20. Andy Hawley 4:25:39
21. Enid Patten 4:26:20
22. Greg Hartwell 4:29:33
22. Crystal Locke 4:29:33
22. Keith Davis 4:29:33
25. Anthony Cotter 4:30:00
25. Patrick Polsunas 4:30:00
27. Joe Zerillo 4:34:50
28. Viginia Iadonisi 4:35:01
29. Michael Chan 4:42:23
30. Mat Mullen 4:44:33
31. Katelyn Dondero 4:52:36
31. Leigh Croteau 4:52:36
33. Neil Book 4:56:01
33. Heidi Casamasima 4:56:01
35. Mike Iadonisi 5:12:32
36. Rosa Mora 5:16:30
37. Dave Delibac 5:24:19
38. Sloan Weinberg 6:10:58
38. Molly Damotte 6:10:58
40. Matt Quinlan 6:11:37
41. Christian Douglas
42. Karen McCarthy

Fun Run
1. Joe DeSena
2. Courtney DeSena
3. Boris Pluskowski
4. Scott McCallister
5. Piers Hughes
6. Marissa Fazio
7. John Guaracio
8. Judy Bucklen
9. Denise Dion
10. Kevin McCarthy
11. Jacqueline Lundi
12. Liz Cotter
13. Rebecca Rankin
14. Karen Scacchi
15. Alecia Mullenis
16. Sean Maguire
17. Heath Gosselin
18. Daniel Pallson
19. James Maguire
20. Michelle Mahoney
21. Kim Bradshaw
22. Mark Bradshaw
23. James Maguire
24. Georgia Demetriades
25. Alana Zerillo
26. Antonio Biliardis
27. Ashley Farrington

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