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Title:2nd Annual C2C Ultramarathon and Relay
Date:Saturday October 20th, 2012
Author:Darrin Young
The 2nd Annual Courthouse to Capitol (C2C) Ultramarathon and Relay was held on Saturday, October 20th on a perfect day along a beautiful trail. The race began at 7am in front of the Boone County Courthouse and the temperature was 43 degrees with no wind. The temperature had risen to 66 degree when the final runner crossed the finish line at the Missouri State Capitol around 4pm. There was a light breeze up to 9mph under sunny skies. Rain, humidity, and wind must of had the day off. It is interesting to note that last years conditions were identical to this years, which is only a few degrees off the average high and low for the 20th of October per the Farmer's Almanac. The only thing I heard runners praising more than the weather, was the volunteers. Over 30 volunteers helped at intersections, aid stations, and some rode bikes the entire way, providing support and assistance on the spot. Many volunteers moved from one location to another, over the span of the point to point race.
The overall Solo winner was Brian Cohn in a time of 5:47:47. His time was almost 13 minutes faster than last year's winner. For the second year, the first place female (4th overall) was Mary Ellen Bradshaw. She bettered last year time by over 10 minutes. The first team, again this year, was the "CTC Guys". They improved last years time by almost 2 minutes and finished in 3:55:28. Their goal was to go sub 6:00 average and they achieved that goal by averaging 5:59.5! Their finish time gave them a mere 19 second buffer. The second place team was also the first coed team. "KB and Crew" finished in 5:03:49, followed closely be "Two and a half men" in 5:04:52, and "May is a beautiful thing" in 5:05:47. "Hot Flashes" which was the first all-female team and first all-masters team, finished 7th overall in 5:28:22. "Team Landmark" was awarded the Most Generous award for raising the most money for the MSNT fbo Max Lewis. Their finishing time was 6:33:35. "Team Stover" took home the first Husband-Wife team award and finished in 7:06:01.
Although it will be a couple weeks before all sponsorship and pledge money is in, my best guess it that the C2C raised over $2,000 for Max. I will send out the final total as soon as I know it.
Thank you to all runners, volunteers, and sponsors for making the second annual C2C a huge success. I hope you'll join me for the 3rd annual C2C, scheduled for Sunday, October 20th, 2013. I am changing the race day to a Sunday so I will no longer compete with Mizzou Football games.
Here is the complete list of results from this years race, followed by last year's report and results.

Solo Runners:
1) Brian Cohn, 5:47:47
2) Eric Kimlinger, 6:32:53
3) Mike Tripp, 6:50:54
4) Mary Ellen Bradshaw, 6:58:00
5) Eric Mothersbaugh, 7:00:47
6) Craig Johnston, 7:24:16
7) Mark Boucher, 7:44:19
8) Tabitha Rogers, 8:05:31
9) Julie Dougherty, 8:05:33
10) Bob Woods, 9:02:45

1) CTC Guys, 3:55:28 (William Stolz, Marc Keys, Dan Edidin, Tony Rigdon, Erik Stone, Kevin Stone)
2) KB and Crew, 5:03:49 (Brad Eiffert, Kristin Eiffert, William Eiffert, Benjamin Eiffert)
3) Two and a Half Men, 5:04:52 (Nick Thurwanger, Dan Heaviland, Hugh Emerson)
4) May is a beautiful thing, 5:05:47 (Tom May, Peter Dyke, Margearitte Dyke, Isabelle Dyke, Melissa Dyke, Angela Belden, Zach George, Emily George, John George)
5) Bat S&@T Crazies, 5:18:59 (Mitch Rademan, Andrea Huenink, Sarah Kramer, Jen Hasler, Megan Antoninka, Mark Antoninka, Casey Baumhoer)
6) Turtle and Squirrel, 5:23:28 (Steve Thompson, David Winarski)
7) Hot Flashes, 5:28:22 (Lisa Wells, Kathy Lee, Peggy Horner, Nancy Taube)
8 Postal Warriors, 5:53:35 (Kim Boyer, Thomas Bolen, Nicole Bolen)
9) We thought this was a 5K, 5:41:23 (Todd Beckmen, Matt Stegeman, Stacy Ortmeyer, Justin Ortmeyer, Shelle Steinmetz, Jennifer Womack, Katie Hug, Lynzi Doke)
10) Team Landmark, 6:33:35 (Dana Kee, Dasril Dasril, J.R. Cook, Marilyn Nole)
11) Team Stover, 7:06:01 (Aaron Stover, Terry Stover)
12) Club 183, 7:20:52 (John Rau, Taunia Rau, Don Bounds, Holly Broadway, Cindy Uebinger


2011 C2C Ultramarathon and Team Relay Summary

The First Capitol to Courthouse Ultra Marathon and Relay started at the State Capitol in Jefferson City and finished at the Boone County Courthouse in Columbia. The temperature at the start was 43 degrees, and the high was 66 degrees. The skies were partly cloudy, and the wind was minimal. Overall, the weather was almost perfect. All 8 individual runners completed the entire 39.3 miles, and it is noteworthy that none had ever tackled more than 26.2 miles prior to this Ultra. The male course record is now 6 hours, 39 seconds set by Michael Andreani. The male masters record was set by Mark Boucher in 7:57:18. The female course record and masters mark were both set by Mary Ellen Bradshaw in 7:08:27. The "CTC Guys" placed 1st of 12 teams in 3:57:18. The 2nd place team "In Good Company" was the first Coed team, finishing in 4:11:38. "Happy Hour" finished in 6th place and was the first all-female team. The race was held as a fundraiser for the American Heart Association and raised over $2,200 that was split between the Jefferson City and Columbia Chapters. Dana Kee was recognized with the "Most Generous Donation" award. The second annual race will reverse the course and be named the "Courthouse to Capitol Ultramarathon and Relay" and is scheduled for 20 Oct 2012.

Solo Runners:
1. Michael Andreani 6:00:39
2. Eric Kimlinger 6:35:41
3. Mary Ellen Bradshaw 7:08:27
4. Mark Boucher 7:57:18
5. Eric Mothersbaugh 8:04:33
6. Dana Key 8:13:54
7. Heather Wagner 8:28:15
8. Shane Epping 8:29:49

Relay Teams:
1. CTC Guys 3:57:18
Bill Stolz, Tony Rigdon, Marc Keys, Erik Stone, Kevin Stone
2. In Good Company 4:11:38
Joe Company, Amy Company, Brad Earnest, Kim Earnest, Nancy Taube,
Ryan Hauser, Katie Hauser
3. Homies 4:50:10
Tom May, John George, Zach George, Emily George, Nick Schrimpf
4. Road Warriors 5:00:45
Brian Schulte, Garrette Hawkins
5. Lunatics One 5:08:37
Dale Willis, Mike Acock, Steve Thompson
6. Happy Hour 5:14:25
Christina Ramirez, Tamara Hancock, Penny Coder
7. Bat S@#T Crazies 5:16:02
Mitch Rademan, Cole Berhorst, Casey Baumhoer, Ashley Prenger,
Sarah Kramer
8. Emerson Guys 5:20:01
Hugh Emerson, Andy Emerson
9. MOTT 5:44:10
David Winarski, Kelli Winarski, Dan Szy, Dusti Szy, Chad Hicks,
Kevin Stark, Pam Zimmerle, Christina Crawford, (Michael Maw)
10. Two Good Legs 5:47:05
Dan Heaviland, Jenny Clark
11. Noah’s Ark 6:10:03
Terry Chapman, Greg Chapman, Zach Chapman, Tom Kubas,
Alyssa Taylor, Kendall Foss, Amber Baughman
12. Trinity Moms 6:33:10
Debbie Roslan, Stephanie Patrick, Amy Pavely, Jennifer Zimmerman,
Rachel Marion, Kerri Morris, Jennifer Going, Jodi Bates, Stacey Delong,
Cindy Hardin, Jennie Vogt, Jennifer Nicklas
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