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Title:McNaughton Park 150 Mile
Date:Friday April 10th, 2009
Before the race started in the pouring cold rain Good Friday afternoon at noon, my crew and I prayed the following prayer which was taken from a great book that my wife Christina has been reading (The Christian Athlete by Dwayne Smith):

"I am a warrior for Christ. My number one goal is to glorify Him, for He made me and He gave me my talents. So I will work hard, play hard, and fight to be the best. When I am at my best, people will notice, and in me they will notice Christ."

I hope people noticed that I am not that strong. It was the strength of Jesus Christ at work through me.

Final results are available online at:

We won the 150 mile race by over 6 hours and would have won the 100 mile race by nearly 2 hours.

The rest of last week's Verona Press (a local newspaper near Madison, WI) article with extended Q&A can be viewed online now at:

A couple excerpts:
Obvious question - why do this?
I'm not sure. The challenge? It's the challenge... Also, it opens door for talking about my religion and my faith and what gives me strength... I couldn't do it if I didn't know there was a higher power out there.

What have ultramarathons taught you?
Probably the biggest lesson is that if you set a goal and put the time in to make that happen... there might be variables that might change the outcome that you plan, but your overall goal will be achievable... For me right now, that goal is a 150-mile race. That's what gets me out the door. I can't just go out and run. I need a goal... Mentally, I need this.

This video is from Mile 130 and at the Finish Line 34 hours 42 minutes and 16 seconds after we started. A 13:52.9 min/mile pace.

Click here to see the video:
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