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Meet the Troubadour
[Introduction: Image]
Meet the Troubadour... that 800-year-old lute plucker from France!


This totally (respectfully imitated) series of fun-and-frolic parodies was begun as of Monday, March 30, 2009, at 3:10 AM CST, with the first one being posted to a somewhat mysterious listserv (The Barkley List) and then the others to follow have spilled over to other listservs and have been sent to others' email accounts ever since. (And some even allowed 'em to stay!) The series is all being done with homage to those world-famous Bud Light radio commercials, in which that rather heavy male voice intones the "Real Men of Genius" script, while in the background some rather percussive rock music plays--with periodic breakout vocals by this plaintive, wailing "lead singer" of that supposed background band.

Each original commercial rather neatly fits into a 60-second on-air time slot, but we can provide for no such parameters here. This thing is just, well, goofy! AND it more or less just giggles right along with that entirely "suspect" subculture of the running world known as ultrarunning--which is pretty goofy all by itself!

And although it is not apparently affiliated with Bud Light (except for advertising?) or Anheuser-Busch, this particular website here...

...seems to have about the most complete collection (110!) of these radio ads so far discovered. For sure, you're now encouraged to dial-up, log-on, scroll-down, and thoroughly-enjoy the originals. And you might also like to visit the website of Anheuser-Busch itself at:

(also posted up inside a few facilities of the United States Postal Service as "Rich Limacher, Imposter")

"The Troubadour" has no basis in reality. The concept is clearly a fragment of your own imagination. The whole thing got started as far back as the 11th or 12th century in France, and Mr. Limacher was there to witness the plucking of the very first lute.... He might even be depicted in this research right here:

And the "shtick" of it was simply this: Some unemployed medieval minstrel got it in his head to market his services to some fogey olde knight in rusty armor, whose former deeds of shining glory were fading pretty fast from the collective social memory. So, yeah, the mid-evil dude figured that--by strumming his "guitar" and making up songs about that heroic ancient after-dark dork guarding "The Citadel" (but only slightly before The Rolling Stones sang it)--the guy in the armor might dig the dude with his "axe" in the tights and pointy shoes (just like Mick Jagger) and just, you know, go agog! Then he'd offer a permanent retirement home to the troubadour--complete with separate bedroom, squirrel-powered Jacuzzi, and all the salted mutton chops his yap could guzzle thrice daily.

Thus the "troub" could be saved from gnarly death, his rent would be waived, and the knight in the rusty armor could listen to "Mick Jogger" sing to him all night long.

And now, for the reality: Rich's nickname is "Mick Jogger." He can't play a note, can't sing, and is still struggling to pay the damn rent. And so really? What all *this* is REALLY about? It's Limacher's subliminal marketing "pitch" to Anheuser-Busch to hire his ass and/or put his butt on the payroll of their ad agency.

Oh, and "Mick Jogger" does also... occasionally... jog.

There's his watercolor portrait (upper right), as painted along the Left Bank about 800 years ago!
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