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Race Information
Race Name:Ice Age Trail 50 - 2002
Location:La Grange - Kettle Moraine State Forest
State:Wisconsin, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:50 Mile Solo Run
Distance:50 Miles
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday May 11, 2002, 6:00 am
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Name Race Day
Sex State /
Jeff Anderson44MOhio
Kirk Anderson30MIllinois
Ronald Antos58MMinnesota
Rob Apple40MTennessee
Andy Arena51MWisconsin
James Bahr59MWisconsin
Tom Balzola58MWisconsin
Daniel Barr49MIllinois
Pamela Bartee42FWisconsin
Gordie S. Bartlett46MWisconsin
Gene Bartzen48MWisconsin
Scott Beck42MWisconsin
Jim Benike52MM
Carrie Bentley34FWisconsin
Eric Berg39MIllinois
Julie Berg37FMinnesota
Tony Bierman50MIllinois
Wade Bigall40MIllinois
Gary Bird44MIndiana
James Blanchard52MWisconsin
David Bliss39MIllinois
Timothy Bloch45MMichigan
Jerry Bollig52MWisconsin
Brian Bradley36MIowa
Jim Briselden46MWisconsin
Lorraine Bunk61FWisconsin
Tom Bunk60MWisconsin
Michael Burkoth46MWisconsin
Thomas Burr55MMinnesota
Bonnie Busch44FIowa
Keith Callaway34MIllinois
Dick Canterbury54MIndiana
Kevin Carboni43MWisconsin
Clement Choy54MCalifornia
David Christens42MIowa
Donald Clark50MMinnesota
Thomas Clark47MCalifornia
Charlie Coiner42MIllinois
Bill Corriveau41MWisconsin
David Cox43MIllinois
Peter Daly48MWisconsin
Theresa Daus-Weber47FColorado
Michael Davenport43MIllinois
Jeri DeBard36FMichigan
George Desort32MColorado
Tom Detore54MNebraska
Dan Distelhorst43MOhio
Jack Donahue58MMichigan
Jason Dorgan36MWisconsin
Brad Drake47MWisconsin
Kathryn Dunn36FWisconsin
John Edgar49MIllinois
Todd Egnarski39MWisconsin
Nate Emerson26MWisconsin
JoAnn Fallis50FMinnesota
David Farley38MIllinois
John Finn31MMinnesota
Duane Frichtl45MIllinois
John Fry55MIllinois
Gary Fuerst50MMissouri
Bob Gabbey39MWisconsin
Jeff Gaft46MMichigan
Linda Garnett51FWisconsin
Linda Gentling50FMinnesota
Thomas Goodrich28MIllinois
Patrick Gorman43MIllinois
Ralph Graf52MWisconsin
Kevin Greatens47MWisconsin
Dean Gruber27MWisconsin
Agustin Guevara40MWisconsin
Brenda Gutmann43FKentucky
John Haavisto49MMichigan
Larry Hall48MIllinois
John Hammetter41MIllinois
Wendy Hanson30FMinnesota
Patrick Harmon54MIllinois
Dave Hartinger37MOhio
Mark Hartinger45MWashington
Paul Hasse41MMinnesota
Ric Hatch47MArizona
Edwin Heller40MNew Mexico
James Hertz45MIllinois
Lee Hess52MMissouri
Greg Hill39MMissouri
Sherman Hodges66MIllinois
Marty Hoffman46MWisconsin
Dick Hogan55MIowa
William Hollihan71MWisconsin
Paul Holovnia40MMinnesota
Allan Holtz52MMinnesota
Ingrid Honzak53FOhio
David Huck53MMichigan
Tammy Hunter39FWisconsin
John Husz51MWisconsin
John Hynnek62MMichigan
Scott Jacaway44MIllinois
John Jenk53MWisconsin
Stuart Johnson42MKansas
Michael Jones53MIndiana
Dave Just42MMinnesota
Mick Justin54MMinnesota
Peter Kacala53MWisconsin
Lisa Karandanis39FWisconsin
Lynn Karner45MIllinois
Donny Keller44MPennsylvania
Nancy Kellerhuis48FWisconsin
Kurt Kelly30MMassachusetts
Andy Klapperich42MWisconsin
Fred Klewin49MWisconsin
Mark Kohls41MWisconsin
Stuart Kolb40MWisconsin
David Konkey34MIndiana
Daniel Koplinski35MWisconsin
Steve Krampe52MMinnesota
Christopher Krolick25MWisconsin
Rick Kucinski50MMinnesota
Michael Lager41MIndiana
Joel Lammers39MWisconsin
Tim Lang63MWisconsin
Alfred Lawrence63MWisconsin
Steve Lind47MIowa
Robb Linnemanstons45MWisconsin
Dan Little59MOklahoma
Shaun Llewellyn37MMichigan
Andrew Lopuchowycz31MIllinois
Joe Lovett35MMinnesota
Kevin Mahan39MWisconsin
Nancy Majors30FIllinois
Mark Maly42MIllinois
Gail Marinaro-Edgar42FIllinois
Christine Markham49FMinnesota
Scott Marsh33MMinnesota
Bob Martinelli37MIllinois
Kevin Mastaw38MWisconsin
Ross Matthews25MIllinois
Randal Maurer33MWisconsin
John McCarthy42MIllinois
Ross Meyer51MIllinois
Scott Meyers34MWisconsin
Robert Michaeal39MIowa
Tim Miller42MWisconsin
Paul Mingo52MMichigan
MIke Montgomery51MWisconsin
Mike Morgan31MWisconsin
Rich Mueller39MMinnesota
Stephen Murphy38MIllinois
Marc Needlman41MIllinois
Douglas Ness34MIllinois
Shawn Noble36MIowa
Jim O'Connor58MMinnesota
Femi Oguntokun33MIllinois
Paul N. Olson52MMichigan
Larry Pederson47MMinnesota
Donna Perkins43FWisconsin
Jim Peterson62MWisconsin
Michael Peterson52MIllinois
Patrick Peterson32MIllinois
Ragan Petrie36FWisconsin
Richard Plezia43MIllinois
Andrew Ploenzke34MIllinois
Tim Potter48MMinnesota
Bruce Purdy45MMichigan
Tom Reich61MMissouri
Jennifer Rhodes23FNevada
Terry Rhodes46FNevada
Dan Riggenbach43MOhio
Bonnie Riley49FMinnesota
Parker Rios35MWisconsin
Steve Riportella36MIllinois
MIke Roddick35MWisconsin
John Rodee59MWisconsin
Len Rolfson54MCalifornia
Bruce Rome50MKentucky
Kurt Rompot32MIowa
Dominic Ruffalo51MWisconsin
Bob Rusch59MWisconsin
Matthew Rusek18MIllinois
Paul Salgado30MIllinois
Kennith Scharmann53MIllinois
Michael Schleis46MWisconsin
Bob Schlosser65MOhio
Jan Schlueter41FMinnesota
Larry W. Schmidt48MWisconsin
Thomas Schnitzius49MIllinois
Diana Schowe37FIndiana
Julie Schroeder45FWisconsin
Douglas Scott49MWisconsin
Michael Segorski55MMichigan
Kevin Setnes48MWisconsin
Stephen Settle60MIllinois
Jeff Sherwood51MWisconsin
Dallas Sigurdur30MCalifornia
Donald Simon56MWisconsin
Beth Simpson43FWisconsin
Tracy Skelton32FMichigan
Anthony Slamar21MWisconsin
Frank Slamar53MWisconsin
Carolyn Smith36FWisconsin
Rob Smith37MIllinois
Robert Smith37MWisconsin
Caroline Spencer40FWisconsin
Rick Stefanovic40MWisconsin
Louis Steffes32MWisconsin
Greg Steinacker43MWisconsin
Geneva Stephens42FMichigan
Jim Stocco49MMinnesota
Mark Stodghill53MMinnesota
John Surdyk46MIllinois
Donna Sutherland34FMinnesota
Alex Swenson37MIllinois
Mark Switala42MMichigan
Stephen Szydlik35MWisconsin
Jim Szyjakowski51MWisconsin
Alex Taylor40MWisconsin
Bob Telfer50MIllinois
Bill Thom41MIllinois
Jack Thomas49MIllinois
Julie Treder26FWisconsin
Vern VanBeek43MWisconsin
Vince Varone42MWisconsin
Robert Visser45MMichigan
Deb Vomhof40FWisconsin
Jerry Vondruska33MIllinois
Jack Waddick44MIllinois
Scott Wagner36MMinnesota
Suzanne Weighman38FPennsylvania
Kathy Weix53FMinnesota
Jim Welch41MWisconsin
Dennis Wheeler52MIO
Dennis White41MWisconsin
Doug Wielgat46MWisconsin
Joe Winch46MIowa
Mark Wood46MWisconsin
Tim Yanacheck54MWisconsin
Norman Yarger63MIllinois
Chester Young55MWisconsin
Steve Young44MWisconsin
Thomas Zak37MWisconsin
Al Zeller55MMichigan
Chuck Zeugner43MTexas

Event Information
Name of Event:50 Kilometer Solo Run
Distance:50 Kilometers
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday May 11, 2002, 8:00 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:50 Kilometer Relay
Distance:50 Kilometers
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday May 11, 2002, 8:00 am
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