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Race Information
Race Name:Ice Age Trail 50 - 2002
Location:La Grange - Kettle Moraine State Forest
State:Wisconsin, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:50 Mile Solo Run
Distance:50 Miles
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday May 11, 2002, 6:00 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:50 Kilometer Solo Run
Distance:50 Kilometers
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday May 11, 2002, 8:00 am
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Name Race Day
Sex State /
Jeff Archibald50MWisconsin
Katayoun Bahramian28FWisconsin
Birute Balciunas35FWisconsin
Vicky Begalle45FMichigan
Mike Bero34MIllinois
Rick Bero38MWisconsin
Ronald Bero40MWisconsin
Timothy Boknevitz44MWisconsin
Marie Breslain42FMinnesota
Angela Buckley32FNew York
Michael Callanan45MNew Jersey
Chris Chandler46FTexas
Tom Chartrand46MWisconsin
Karen Christensen42FMinnesota
Joe Cieszynski34MWisconsin
Christine Crawford32FWisconsin
Donna Daus41FColorado
Elizabeth Drew43FMinnesota
Dottie Duncan47FIllinois
Patrick Dunks42MWisconsin
James Ewing47MIllinois
Mary Lou Feick45FWisconsin
Mary Fredricks50FWisconsin
Mark Freer47MMinnesota
Mark Graham39MIllinois
Randy Hartlaub43MWisconsin
Steve Hartman53MWisconsin
James Hauser44MWisconsin
Rick Hayes51MIllinois
Ann Heaslett38FWisconsin
Jean Herbert46FNew Mexico
Patrick Heyn49MWisconsin
Kim Holoak32FMinnesota
Charles Hubbard40MMinnesota
Erik Johnson28MWisconsin
Matthew Jorgenson33MWashington
Paul Kachelmeiler44MWisconsin
Joe Kazakaitis52MIllinois
Daryl Ketterhagen43MWisconsin
LInda Keuneke38FIndiana
Jeffrey Kollmeyer34MWisconsin
Ed Korkia63MMinnesota
Tom Landis46MIndiana
Paul Lang36MWisconsin
Glen Lerlie41MMichigan
Linda Lopeman42FOhio
John Maniaci51MWisconsin
Andrae Marak33MWisconsin
Jack Martin43MIllinois
Louise Mason49FIllinois
Ron Maurer51MWisconsin
David Mellott33MKansas
Trish Miller32FWisconsin
Laura Mueller22FWisconsin
Pamela Mund54FMinnesota
Diane Nelson52FWisconsin
Jeffrey Nelson53MWisconsin
Jonathan Nitz37MWisconsin
Dave O'Brien67MWisconsin
John O'Halloran44MIllinois
Paulette Odenthal45FMinnesota
Jackquelyn Omdoll41FWisconsin
Gary Paetzke44MWyoming
Tom Pahnke32MWisconsin
Paul Paikowski39MWisconsin
Soren Petsch30MIllinois
Eric Pilling28MWisconsin
Roy Pirrung53MWisconsin
David Poglitsch40MWisconsin
Jim Reeve59MMichigan
David Reid39MIllinois
Cory Schmidt25MWisconsin
Judy Schmidt46FWisconsin
Sean Sheerin35MWisconsin
Billy Sites47MWisconsin
Linda Sodererg40FMissouri
Gregory Spurry40MWisconsin
John Stachera55MWisconsin
Jim Sullivan50MFlorida
Mary Pat Sutter41FWisconsin
Brandon Sybrowsky31MColorado
Tom Taggart47MWisconsin
Lynette Thompson44FMinnesota
Verna Troutman58FMissouri
Rodger Truesdale58MMinnesota
Kate Unsworth31FWisconsin
Andrea Van Veghel31FWisconsin
Sid Voss31MCalifornia
Tammy Wagner32FWisconsin
Brian Walczak26MWisconsin
Robert Wehner39MWisconsin
Jim Wilson42MMinnesota
Shelly Wilson34FWisconsin
Ed Wirth37MIllinois
Trish Woelffer41FWisconsin
Tom Woody40MWisconsin
Michael Worden31MIllinois
Catherine Zaharis41FIowa

Event Information
Name of Event:50 Kilometer Relay
Distance:50 Kilometers
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday May 11, 2002, 8:00 am
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