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Race Information
Race Name:Chicago Kilt Run
Location:Chicago - Norwood Park / Edison Park
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Chicago Kilt Run
Distance:5 Kilometers
Scheduled Date/Time:Sunday September 15, 2013, 10:00 am
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Distance:1.864 Mile
Pos Race
1312Alec Lininger29M12:02.06:27.3
2316Ian Miller29M12:35.06:45.0
3306Malachy Byrne12M13:12.07:04.9
4304Carl Belles45M14:18.07:40.3
5313Kelly Lynch27F14:27.07:45.1
6322Lisa Tyler35F15:10.08:08.2
7321Dallas Tyler36M15:11.08:08.7
8323Stephanie Pureco17F15:20.08:13.6
9314Nora Lynch22F15:28.08:17.9
10326Conor Devlin11M17:00.09:07.2
11301Ian Martyn44M17:21.09:18.5
12315Dinah Miller38F17:30.09:23.3
13305Cheryl Belles50F18:04.09:41.5
14317Tamara Pincsak-Polec45F19:03.010:13.2
15311Carmen L Grau63F19:37.010:31.4
16303Deborah Altman52F20:25.010:57.2
17324Bea McDonough47F24:45.013:16.7
18308Sheila Byrne10F24:46.013:17.2
19302Leslie Martyn51F24:47.013:17.7
20320Peter Sakas61M25:21.013:36.0
21318Ella Rose Polec10F28:07.015:05.0
22325Maura Devlin10F28:10.015:06.7
23307Mary BYRNE43F28:12.015:07.7
24327Robert Devlin42M28:13.015:08.3
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