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Race Information
Race Name:Hoosier Burn Camp 5K Run
State:Indiana, United States
Event Information
Name of Event:Hoosier Burn Camp 5K Run
Date:Sunday October 12th, 2014
26 divisions have been set up for results of this event. Overall and Divisional results may be generated as participants finish this event.

Lower Bound
Upper Bound
of Awards
Exclude from
other Divisions?
1Fastest Male OAM1Y
2Fastest Female OAF1Y
5Male AG 15-19M15193Y
6Female AG 15-19F15193Y
7Male AG 20-24M20243Y
8Female AG 20-24F20243Y
9Male AG 25-29M25293Y
10Female AG 25-29F25293Y
11Male AG 30-34M30343Y
12Female AG 30-34F30343Y
13Male AG 35-39M35393Y
14Female AG 35-39F35393Y
15Male AG 40-44M40443Y
16Female AG 40-44F40443Y
17Male AG 45-49M45493Y
18Female AG 45-49F45493Y
19Male AG 50-54M50543Y
20Female AG 50-54F50543Y
21Male AG 55-59M55593Y
22Female AG 55-59F55593Y
23Male AG 60-64M60643Y
24Female AG 60-64F60643Y
25Male AG 65-69M65693Y
26Female AG 65-69F65693Y
27Male AG 70 & overM70993Y
28Female AG 70 & overF70993Y
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