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Race Information
Race Name:MadCity Ultras - 100K, 50K and 50K Relay - 2015
State:Wisconsin, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:MadCity 100K (Solo) USATF Championship
Distance:100 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday April 11th, 2015, 6:29:33.85 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:MadCity 50K (Solo)
Distance:50 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday April 11th, 2015, 8:00:23.42 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:MadCity 50K Relay (2 to 5 runners)
Distance:50 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday April 11th, 2015, 8:00:23.42 am
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Team Captain Age Category State /
Hometown Team Name
100Zeus Arreguin167MWIMadisonWe've Got the Runs! - E3 Coaching Madison
105Cindi Bannink199FWImadisonMadison Multisport Orange
110Cindi Bannink188FWIMadisonMadison Multisport Blue
115Blake becker203MWIMadisonBBMC - RED
120Blake Becker201MWIMadisonBBMC - BLACK
125Blake Becker203MWIMadisonBBMC - WHITE
130Blake Becker245MWIMadisonBBMC - PINK
135Jayne Bjorge50FWiEast TroyCrazy Sweet Pea
140Lise Bower205FWIFitchburgThe other E3 Coaching Madison Team
147Patrick Brady29MWIWaunakeeTeam PBC - 1
199Patrick Brady29MWIWaunakeeTeam PBC - 2
155Carrie Chavez155FWIMadisonEH Superwomen
160Helen Clark197FWIOregonSlow Pokes
165Amy Clarke245FwiMadisonUnicorns on Fire
170jason dorgan251MWIBlue MoundsGiving til it feels good
175Mary Drifke224FWIMadisonTurtles on Fire
180Devin duffield154MwimadisonBoys Drool
185Shelly Duffield156FWiMadisonGirls Just Want to have more fun
190Francis Eanes136MWIMadisonThat's What She Said
195Nicole Edwards152FWIAppletonMind Over Miles
200Mary Ann Feist198FWIMadisonFlying Squirrels
205Kelly Foley196FWIBellevilleThe Belleville Bunch
210Jason Fowler153MWIMadisonNot Fast But Fabulous
215Amanda Goplen183FWIDeerfieldGoplen+Sills=AWESOME
220Laurie Green207FWIMadisonAssphalt Kickers - E3 Coaching Madison
225Tim Guy166MWIMadisonPromega 1
230Tim Guy194MWIMadisonPromega 2
235Cory Hayden145MWiMADISONFriends Without Benefits
240Morgan Hearn209FWIMadisonThat's What He Said
245Tracy Hefty210MwiBELLEVILLECrazy Minions
250Eric Helsher186MWIFitchburgDeez Nutz - E3 Coaching Madison
255Jackie Hering155FWIMazomanieHering Coaching Green
260Jackie Hering240FWIMazomanieHering Coaching Black
265Antonio Hernandez190MwiFitchburgWe Are Shur Fine
270Luke Hoffman192MWIMadisonOld Farts Falling Apart - E3 Coaching Madison
275Emily Jaehnig148FWIMadisonYou Got Chicked
280Cindy Jensen230FWIWaunakeeFellow Flounders
285Tonia Jorgenson179FWIMadisonEZ Runners - E3 Coaching Madison
290Austin Kazda162MWIWauwatosaSlowest Buys the Beers
295Becky Kerkenbush197FWIJeffersonKickin' As*phalt
300carolyn klecker226FMNvictoriaK2
305Heisley Lewison187FWIDeforestLadies of Speed
310Joshua Lund128MWiMadisonAre We There Yet
315Michael McCulloch240MwiFitchburgWe Are Shur Fine
320Gretchen McGill179FWICross PlainsFleet Feet Madison/Sun Prairie
325Michael McGuire210MWIMadisonRun Hoppy - E3 Coaching Madison
330Edward Meyers112MWIFitchburgI thought he said rum
335Brenda Molano-Flores216FILChampaignDancing Squirrels
340Julie Murphy Agnew257FWIMadisonJulie's Playhouse
345Stephanie Pederson136FwiFitchburgWe Are Shur Fine
350Jennifer Phillips193FWIEvansvilleLittle Quack and his Chicks - E3 Coaching Madison
355Zachary Redding188MWIMadisonPaul's Bunions
360Josh Rekoske145MWIMadisonCool Runnings
365Heather Rhead207FWIMiddletonWe're Off Like a Prom Dress
370Cecilia Robat199FWIMadison50ks of grey
375Glenda Salmela196FwiBellevilleSugar River Running Club
380Gina Sanders144FMIRochesterTeam Grace
385Tracy Schnackenbeck227FWIMadisonFire and Nice
390Amy Schneider200FWIWautomaFeets, Don't Fail Me Now!
395Logan Schwinghammer130MWImadisonCoalition of the Willing
400Ben Seman25MWIMiddletonArb You Ready
405Rick Smith269MWIFitchburgTurn Back the Clot
410Mike Stader145MWiMadisonIt Runs In The Family-E3
415Paul Steichen193MWIMadisonThe Rob Matthew's Band
420Jennifer Stevens224FWIMadisonWe're Still Runnin
425Jon Stinemetz176MwiMadisonBeer Runner's
430Jenny Summers217FWIMadisonC U @ MY PACE
435Diana Thomas154FWIJohnson CreekJC Bootcamp Beasts
445Brad Wagner187MWIMiddletonThe InvisiblE3 Foot
450Susan Wagner221FWISun PrairieSkulls On Fire
455Cheryl Waller220FWIVeronaScrambled Leggs
460Ryan Wood32MWIVeronaFour legs and a hourse
465Ryan Wood146MWIVeronaFour Legs and a Horse
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