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Attention... 2 events of this race are set for display of results. Currently results have not been posted. Results are managed by race directors and may be updated at any time. Please direct related questions to the race director.
Race Information
Race Name:IHSA 2A Boys/Girls Regional Hosted by Elmwood Park High School
Location:Elmwood Park
State:Illinois, United States
Event Information
Name of Event:Varsity Girls
Date:Saturday October 24th, 2015
Overall Results: Varsity Girls
Overall PlaceDivision PlaceNameAgeSexSex PlaceTimePace
Race NumberTeam Name
11Laura Katunas10F119:03.36:21.138Latin School of Chicago
22Aingel Matos12F219:09.46:23.110Elmwood Park High School
33Alanah Chandler10F319:25.76:28.689Walter Payton College Prep
44Molly Crotteau11F419:30.26:30.188Walter Payton College Prep
55Claire Goldman11F519:32.86:30.990Walter Payton College Prep
66Jayleen Pagan12F619:39.16:33.011Elmwood Park High School
77Jasmine Medina11F719:46.76:35.630Lake View High School
88Maddie Hoffman11F819:53.16:37.739Latin School of Chicago
99Kathryn Stender11F919:55.16:38.440Latin School of Chicago
1010Ella Marden9F1019:57.36:39.191Walter Payton College Prep
1111Helena Walo10F1120:22.26:47.477Regina Dominican High School
1212Madeline Cohen11F1220:34.86:51.641Latin School of Chicago
1313Chanel Scott10F1320:41.26:53.731Lake View High School
1414Colette Cooney11F1420:54.46:58.170Regina Dominican High School
15Cynthia Presa10F1521:10.37:03.423ITW David Speer Academy
1615Samantha Helffrich10F1621:14.37:04.892Walter Payton College Prep
1716Jocelin Luna10F1721:16.67:05.554Pritzker College Prep
1817Wiktoria Woronko11F1821:17.47:05.812Elmwood Park High School
1918Liza Kaniewski10F1921:19.37:06.442Latin School of Chicago
2019Erika Perez10F2021:22.07:07.366Prosser Career Academy
2120Priscila Bautista10F2121:27.27:09.150Pritzker College Prep
2221Izzy Ocampo11F2221:29.67:09.913Elmwood Park High School
2322Dania Luna10F2321:32.67:10.953Pritzker College Prep
2423Jacqueline Escobar11F2421:35.07:11.732Lake View High School
2524Catalina MacLoughlin10F2521:40.37:13.493Walter Payton College Prep
2625Dharma Seda Gonzalez10F2621:46.67:15.594Walter Payton College Prep
2726Jessie Sulgar9F2721:48.47:16.143Latin School of Chicago
2827Olivia Baker9F2821:48.47:16.144Latin School of Chicago
29Lizzy Flores10F2922:48.17:36.021ITW David Speer Academy
3028Ellie Spina12F3023:00.67:40.276Regina Dominican High School
31Doris Aucaquizphi10F3123:09.17:43.020ITW David Speer Academy
3229Andrea Barron9F3223:10.27:43.435Lake View High School
3330Gracie Simon11F3323:29.67:49.975Regina Dominican High School
34Lourdes Silva10F3423:43.07:54.324ITW David Speer Academy
3531Valeria Ron9F3523:45.97:55.367Prosser Career Academy
3632Nancy Gama9F3623:58.97:59.661Prosser Career Academy
3733Daniela Garcia11F3724:10.78:03.652Pritzker College Prep
3834Casey Smith9F3824:22.78:07.668Prosser Career Academy
3935Teresa Mejia10F3924:28.58:09.565Prosser Career Academy
4036Paulina Flores9F4024:34.48:11.551Pritzker College Prep
4137Isabella Chacon10F4124:36.88:12.315Elmwood Park High School
4238Sydney Moore9F4224:41.58:13.872Regina Dominican High School
4339Brookelynn Carlson12F4325:06.88:22.314Elmwood Park High School
4440Gigi Liang10F4425:45.68:35.236Lake View High School
45Victoria Sotirova11F4526:24.48:48.16Amundsen High School
4641Kamila Stolowski10F4626:33.08:51.016Elmwood Park High School
4742Kylie Moore11F4727:19.69:06.573Regina Dominican High School

Division Results: Varsity Girls
* * * Division: Team Score * * *
Team NamePlacesPoints
1Walter Payton College Prep3 + 4 + 5 + 10 + 15
24, 25
2Latin School of Chicago1 + 8 + 9 + 12 + 18
26, 27
3Elmwood Park High School2 + 6 + 17 + 21 + 37
39, 41
4Lake View High School7 + 13 + 23 + 29 + 40112
5Regina Dominican High School11 + 14 + 28 + 30 + 38
6Pritzker College Prep16 + 20 + 22 + 33 + 36127
7Prosser Career Academy19 + 31 + 32 + 34 + 35151
8Amundsen High SchoolOpen Team: 1 finisher
9ITW David Speer AcademyOpen Team: 4 finishers

Event Information
Name of Event:Varsity Boys
Date:Saturday October 24th, 2015
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