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Race Information
Race Name:2nd Annual Elmwood Park Cross Country Trial on the Trail
Location:Elmwood Park
State:Illinois, United States
Event Information
Name of Event:Varsity Girls
Date:Tuesday August 23rd, 2016
Overall Results: Varsity Girls
Overall PlaceDivision PlaceNameAgeSexSex PlaceTimePace
Race NumberTeam Name
11Hailey Hansen11F112:19.16:09.5358Trinity High School
22Laura Katunas11F212:34.86:17.457Latin
33Emma Creviston11F312:42.46:21.2355Trinity High School
44Jurgens Hailey11F412:47.96:23.9294RB Varsity
55Jasmine Salvador-Diaz12F513:26.16:43.1119Leyden Girls Varsity
66Alyssa Jimenez11F613:36.86:48.4359Trinity High School
77Jazlyn Zavala11F713:47.06:53.5175Leyden Girls Varsity
88Liza Kaniewski11F813:48.16:54.156Latin
99Kathryn Stender12F913:56.36:58.161Latin
1010Sarah Silverman11F1014:01.87:00.960Latin
1111Maddie Cohen12F1114:03.57:01.752Latin
1212Alexa Mendoza11F1214:07.57:03.8362Trinity High School
1313Cote Natalie12F1314:09.17:04.5299RB Varsity
1414Maddie Hoffman12F1414:14.77:07.353Latin
1515Sara Doyle12F1514:16.47:08.2356Trinity High School
16Wiktoria Woronko12F1614:19.17:09.62Elmwood Park H.S.
1716Keen Lulu12F1714:23.97:11.9296RB Varsity
1817Mia Longo11F1814:32.37:16.2230Nazareth Varsity
1918Magee Rachel12F1914:34.67:17.3301RB Varsity
2019Allison Kufta12F2014:35.77:17.8229Nazareth Varsity
2120Anmar Cabral11F2114:40.07:20.0104Leyden Girls Varsity
2221Anika Jagasia11F2214:44.07:22.054Latin
2322Molly Cawley12F2315:12.57:36.2353Trinity High School
24Connie McNulty11F2415:17.27:38.6440GP Varsity Girls
25Kayla Armstrong18F2515:21.47:40.740Luther North
2623Salma Rodriguez11F2615:21.57:40.8117Leyden Girls Varsity
2724Tarrant Gabby11F2715:23.97:41.9293RB Varsity
2825Jess Sullivan12F2815:28.67:44.3234Nazareth Varsity
29Alana Santos17F2915:31.27:45.641Luther North
3026Clare Svoboda12F3015:40.27:50.1235Nazareth Varsity
31Grace Coberly12F3115:52.37:56.151Latin
3227Maria Trevino12F3215:58.07:59.0372Trinity High School
33Isabella Andries12F3315:59.17:59.5351Trinity High School
34Julissa Unzuela11F3416:05.08:02.5392Knights
3528Cayden Bonaccorsi12F3516:05.98:03.0226Nazareth Varsity
36Maria Torres12F3616:09.28:04.61Elmwood Park H.S.
3729Pizana Emma11F3716:09.58:04.7292RB Varsity
38Maddy Molina11F3816:09.98:04.958Latin
39Deanna Hagberg11F3916:11.98:05.9357Trinity High School
40Claudia Sosa11F4016:13.08:06.5410Walther Christian Academy
4130Linares Paulina11F4116:30.48:15.2300RB Varsity
42Shannon McGuire12F4216:38.18:19.0361Trinity High School
43Liuce Siliunas12F4316:38.38:19.1368Trinity High School
4431Jessica Apaez11F4416:42.88:21.4101Leyden Girls Varsity
4532Vanessa Gallegos12F4516:43.48:21.7109Leyden Girls Varsity
46Christina Strand12F4616:47.18:23.5369Trinity High School
4733Alessandra Muro12F4716:48.08:24.0115Leyden Girls Varsity
48Tessa Langan12F4816:58.38:29.1391Knights
49Tracy Molly11F4917:03.58:31.8297RB Varsity
50Chelsey Lopez11F5017:24.58:42.2111Leyden Girls Varsity
51Xitlali Frias12F5117:31.48:45.7108Leyden Girls Varsity
5234Amanda Harris12F5218:01.69:00.8227Nazareth Varsity
53Katie Taaffe11F5318:06.49:03.2370Trinity High School
54Kate Castillo12F5418:06.69:03.3352Trinity High School
55Chloe Tominac12F5518:09.59:04.8411Walther Christian Academy
56Elizabeth Riley11F5618:14.29:07.1364Trinity High School
57Lilly Solis12F5718:14.89:07.4120Leyden Girls Varsity
58Kate Connelly12F5818:19.89:09.9354Trinity High School
59Kimberly Palacios11F5918:23.49:11.7363Trinity High School
60Baiocchi Natalie10F6018:36.99:18.5298RB Varsity
61Carla Camacho12F6118:40.59:20.3105Leyden Girls Varsity
62Sarah Krajewski11F6218:43.69:21.8110Leyden Girls Varsity
63Marchese Amanda12F6319:11.29:35.6290RB Varsity
64Finnegan Clair12F6419:38.79:49.3291RB Varsity
65Anna Gendusa11F6520:04.210:02.1390Knights
66Martha Cruz11F6620:04.610:02.3106Leyden Girls Varsity
67Lejla Sadikovic11F6720:07.110:03.6118Leyden Girls Varsity
68Samantha Salcedo11F6820:10.610:05.3367Trinity High School
69Giselle Estrada11F6920:35.810:17.9107Leyden Girls Varsity
70Jessica Rivas11F7021:54.310:57.1116Leyden Girls Varsity
71Mia Salazar12F7124:25.412:12.7366Trinity High School

Division Results: Varsity Girls
* * * Division: Team Score * * *
Team NamePlacesPoints
1Trinity High School1 + 3 + 6 + 12 + 15
22, 27
2Latin2 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11
14, 21
3RB Varsity4 + 13 + 16 + 18 + 24
29, 30
4Leyden Girls Varsity5 + 7 + 20 + 23 + 31
32, 33
5Nazareth Varsity17 + 19 + 25 + 26 + 28
6Elmwood Park H.S.Open Team: 2 finishers
7GP Varsity GirlsOpen Team: 1 finisher
8KnightsOpen Team: 3 finishers
9Luther NorthOpen Team: 2 finishers
10Walther Christian AcademyOpen Team: 2 finishers

Event Information
Name of Event:Varsity Boys
Date:Tuesday August 23rd, 2016

Event Information
Name of Event:F/S Girls
Date:Tuesday August 23rd, 2016

Event Information
Name of Event:F/S Boys
Date:Tuesday August 23rd, 2016
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