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Race Information
Race Name:MadCity Ultras - 100K, 50K and 50K Relay - 2017
State:Wisconsin, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:MadCity 100K (Solo) USATF Championship
Distance:100 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday April 8th, 2017, 6:30:45.05 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:MadCity 50K (Solo)
Distance:50 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday April 8th, 2017, 8:00:52.05 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:MadCity 50K Relay (2 to 5 runners)
Distance:50 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday April 8th, 2017, 8:00:52.05 am
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Team Captain Age Category State /
Hometown Team Name
100Nicole Anderson225FWIMonroeWe Are Shur Fine #1
105Richard Arndt250MWISauk CityDr D and Sugar Bear
110Cindi Bannink183FWIFitchburgMadison Multisport Orange
115Cindi Bannink182FWIFitchburgMadison Multisport Blue
120Cindi Bannink197FWIFitchburgMadison Multisport Gray
125Cindi Bannink165FWIFitchburgMadison Multisport White
130Erin Barnard143FwiMadison50K All Day
135Jayne Baugher235FWIMadisonE3 Coaching- Transition team
140Blake Becker150MWIMadisonBBMC Red
145Blake Becker182MWIMadisonBBMC Orange
150Blake Becker208MWIMadisonBBMC White
155Blake Becker192MWIMadisonBBMC Grey
160Blake Becker193MWIMadisonBBMC Black
165Blake Becker218MWIMadisonBBMC Pink
170Patrick Brady136MWIMiddletonPBC 1
175Patrick Brady177MWIMiddletonPBC 2
180Miranda Bush117FWIOregonThe Zone Racing Team- Freaky Fast Family
185Jeffrey Butterworth142MWIMadisonRun T1m3 3rr0r
190Alison Dalal203FWIMadisonMan-Wich
195Tracy Drexler189FWIMadisonUndeniably Drexler
200Mary Drifke220FWIMadisonTurtles on Fire
205Derek Drummond181MWIMiddletonMehhh
210Jill Drummond182FWIMiddletonHarbor AC
215Drew Ehlert214MWISun PrairieMovin' Shoes Track Club
260Ryan Farnsworth167MwiEVANSVILLEWe Are Shur Fine #3
225Brennan Feldhausen193MWISt. FrancisRound and Around We Go
230Laura Fenley214FWIMadisonScrambled Legs
235Flo Floeckher186FWIFitchburgTeam Fortissimo (ff)
240Dee Fussell199MWIMiddletonDeez Nutz
245Valerie Gonsalves162FWIMadisonTuesday Nights
250Laurie Green247FWIMadisonE3 Coaching - Assphalt Kickers
255Jennifer Harland230FWILodiE3 Coaching - Decades Strong
220Antonio Hernandez203MWIMadisonWe Are Shur Fine #2
265Dan Jerzak205MwiRhinelanderPrairie Hammerheads
270Tonia Jorgenson209FWIMadisonE3 Coaching - RE NEWBE3
275Tonia Jorgenson220FWIMadisonE3 Coaching - 2 Beauties 3 Beasts
280Austin Kazda202MWIWauwatosaRunning Wild
285Kelsey Kennan145FWIMadisonNot Fast, Just Furious
290Julie Knoble187FWIVeronaRuck Funning
295Jane Knoche30FILChicagoMJ
300Rochelle Kokomoor140FWIMadisonDatica Health
305Eric Kotleski227MWIMadisonThe Gumps
310Joshua Lund125MWIMadisonLemons
315Emily Lyle198FWIWaunakeeBrunettes Do Have More Fun
320Mike McGuire200MWIMadisonE3 Coaching - Run Hoppy
325Brian Medlin193MWIMadisonUnder Trained and Over Confident
330Jason Milesko155MWIMiddletonWe Got The Runs (Milesko)
335Jason Milesko183MWIMiddletonFrozen Buns
340Kim Nansel180FWiMadisonTears and Beers
345Taylor Nelson120FWICottage GroveTeam Nelson
350Christina Newman139FWIMadisonThe Scientists!
355Michael Nuenninghoff227MWIMadison8.5 Toenails
360Ryan Olstad155MWIFitchburgPet Supplies Plus
365Jennifer Phillips243MWIEvansvilleE3 Coaching - Radish Warriors
370Michael Piche195MWINew GlarusWe Got The Runs (Piche)
375Andrea Poehling219FWIMADISONDie Lederhosers
380Keobokile Rakolanyana162MWIMadisonOh My Vastus Medialis
385Emily Raykovich155FWIMadisonWe Like Bikes
390Helen Rogers181FWIOregonFreakin Talented Ultimates
395Amanda Schulze179FWiMononaKLAHK
400Joseph Sepe163MWIMadisonMovin' Shoes Race Team- Team OB/OO
410Rick Smith58MWIFitchburgTesting Admin
415Rick Smith305MWIFitchburgTurn Back The Clock
420Elyse Smithback202FWIOregonThe Zone - Mad Relay Maniacs
425John Stec127MWIMadisonMake America Schwifty Again
430Stef Strauss-Thompkins164FWIRACINEDream Chafers
435Jenny Summers227FWIMadisonYour Pace or Mine
440Mark Swartz285MWiStoughtonE3 Coaching - FiftyFifty
280xBill Testing56MILChicagoVirtual Orbiters
445Kristine Wiegel226FWIMadisonThe Pace Cowbows
450Susan Yerges209FWISun PrairieLucky Charms
455Susan Yerges238FWISun PrairieCocoa Puffs
460Susan Yerges198FWISun PrairieGolden Grahams
465Susan Yerges194FWISun PrairieHoney Smacks
470michael younggren227MwibrooklynTeam Zone Strong
475Julia Zella236FWiHoriconArb Love
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