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Race Information
Race Name:Park Ridge Charity Classic 2017
Location:5 S. Prospect Ave., Park Ridge, IL 60068
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Park Ridge Charity Classic
Distance:5 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday September 23rd, 2017, 8:01:05.20 am
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Team Captain Age Category State /
Hometown Team Name
340Dennis Arocena30MILOak Park
372Steven Baker66MILNorthbrook
338Dr Kevin Barrett63MILPark Ridge
456Ronald Blaze38MILChicago
352Audrey Borling35FILLa Grange
393Heather Bouton40FILElginNo Nuts
363Marcin Budzik45MILLake ZurichFast Track
445Jacqueline Buschbach25FOHCleveland
437Hank Caldwell82MILPark Ridge
462Alexander Carbajal9MILChicagoMini Chicago Road Runners
430Kenobi Carpenter13MILPark Ridge
431Meredith Carpenter46FILPark Ridge
415James Carter38MILPark Ridge
434Justin Collins12MILChicago
417Lisa Collins43FILChicago
455Michael Cramarosso56MILChicago
435Adam Czapulonis42MILArlington Heights
436Maximillian Czapulonis11MILArlington Heights
389Julia Davids45FILSkokie
375Steven De Spain60MILLake Zurich
404Roy Deda64MILPark Ridge
385Michael Dineen48MILChicago
447Richard Espinoza47MILChicago
412Lynne Farmer67FILPark Ridge
449Bret Farnstrom50MILChicago
411Sueann Feeley39FILPark Ridge
357Patrick Feeney51MILPark Ridge
382Michael Fehlman32MILChicago
362Phil Ferenzi52MILMt. Prospect
461Scott Foster40MILPark Ridge
341Rita Franceschini46FILPark Ridge
429Linda Gadas62FILPark Ridge
383Chuck Gekas58MILBuffalo Grove
424Paul Gerlach58MILPark Ridge
388Don Gismondi68MILPark Ridge
446Emily Gleason35FILPark Ridge
444Greg Gleason36MILPark Ridge
350Ellie Grammas12FILNiles
401Michael Griswold49MILWestern Springs
423Art Gunther54MILWilmetteEvanston Running Club
408Kevin Hansen42MILPark Ridge
416Jeff Haugen26MWIWhitefish Bay
410Tom Haugen35MILPark Ridge
364Roy Hebard59MILNorthfield
438Effie Heinz46FILPark Ridge
439Kenneth Heinz45MILPark Ridge
458Kim Hodge36FILChicago
368Melissa Hornsberger46FILPark Ridge
402Tom Hunt42MILPark Ridge
384Maureen Ingold48FILGlen Ellyn
397Bob Jones54MILBartlett
398Debby Jones56FILBartlettNo Nuts
361Juan Juarez75MILChicago
360Toni Juarez62FILChicago
403Dorothy Kane60FILPark Ridge
342Elise Katter31FILHuntley
343Todd Katter38MILHuntley
378Justin Kilchenmann36MILNaperville
407Thomas Kirts77MILDekalb
405Chris Kornely54MILPark Ridge
425Don Lavelle65MILPark Ridge
420Chris Lee49MILPark Ridge
421Jason Lee13MILPark Ridge
428Carol Longman52FILPark Ridge
413Pam Luka46FILElmhurstNo Nuts
353Patricia MacHarg62FILHarwood Hts
441Bo Mack56MILPark Ridge
347Valerie Mackin61FILChicago
448Deborah Malarski42FILChicago
427Caroline Marques9FILPark Ridge
426Jennifer Marques46FILPark Ridge
459Bernard Mazkov38MILNorthbrook
414Michael McCann41MILPark Ridge
452Ryan McCarthy23MILPark Ridge
339Catherine McMahon Graszer36FILPark Ridge
386Cathi McNamara47FILChicago
337Bryson Meunier43MILPark Ridge
460Louann Mlekodaj33FILPark Ridge
406Irma Molina54FILPark Ridge
354Monica Morreale38FILDes Plaines
432Daniela Munoz40FILChicago
370Daniel Murphy57MILPark Ridge
390Anando Naqui27MILChicagoDW Running
358Brian Parotto35MILHampshire
346Katie Parotto31FILHampshire
355Carolyn Perry21FILPark Ridge
356Christine Perry50FILPark Ridge
394Paul Perry72MILOrland Park
373Evan Pestano40MILEvanston
374Isaiah Pestano-Holt16MILEvanston
443Katie Popp32FILPark Ridge
450Mark Przybyla59MILPalatineDick Pond
418Lisa Randall44FILChicagoFast Track
453Justin Rickter23MILPark Ridge
379Bruce Rosen65MILPark Ridge
371Maria Santillan33FILPark Ridge
345Brianna Santucci10FILChicagoChicago Flyers
344Vincent Santucci43MILNorwood Park Township
367Dana Schrage24FILPark Ridge
366Roger Shubert50MILPark Ridge
422Carol Shukur53FILWilmetteEvanston Running Club
387Tammy Slowik-Vickers54FILSchaumburg
399Andrew Sperry41MILPark Ridge
400Charles Sperry8MILPark Ridge
395Walter Szulczewski11MILPark Ridge
369Steve Takushi60MILSkokie
440Daniel Tepperman53MILSkokie
419Daniel Thavis57MILOak Park
351Stephen Thornton60MILChicago
380Cheryl Udzielak38FILPark Ridge
451Alan E. Urbano11MILChicago
381Amy Urbano9FILChicagoMini Chicago Road Runners
365Dara Ury45FILEvanston
377Ken Valin55MILHarwood Heights
433John Varygiannes23MILPark Ridge
442Joseph Viciandi37MILPark Ridge
454Elpidio Vilchez46MILChicagoChicago Road Runners
457Nichole Waltz42FILPark Ridge
396Ingrid Weiterschan51FILPark Ridge
392Bill Williams62MILPark Ridge
391Tricia Williams57FILPark Ridge
409Catherine Winger16FILPark Ridge
359Anna Zak38FILPark Ridge
349Mary Zier34FILOswego
348Timothy Zier34MILOswego
376Jim Zoros61MILNiles
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