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Race Information
Race Name:Pairing up to Beat Lung Cancer 5K/1Mile Run/Walk
Location:Downtown Arlington Heights, IL
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Pairing up to Beat Lung Cancer
Distance:5 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday November 4th, 2017, 8:31:23.07 am
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Team Captain Age Category State /
Hometown Team Name
1Krista Aistars27FILMundelein
180Matt Bartling40MILArlington HeightsErickson / Bartling
3Anna Blanchett30FILLincolnshire
81Delaney Blauw24FILSchaumburg
82Ryan Blauw25MILSchaumburg
74Alice Brown61FILArlington HeightsBrown / Brown
75Bill Brown65MILArlington HeightsBrown / Brown
194Regina Brown52FILLake BarringtonHunt / Brown
168Aislinn Bujewski47FILLake Zurich
188Malory Burns53FILBarrington
4Rich Casey48MILMt. Prospect
187Joyce chan67FILCarpentersville
179Hope Chiefari62FILArlington Heights
5Michael Cohen47MILBuffalo GroveCohen / Ellsworth
6Sandi Coletto62FILLake ZurichColetto / Power
7Jake Contri29MILChicago
99Jan Crigler54FILArlington Heights
174TINA CRIGLER49FILArlington Heights
61Robert Daboub59MILPalatine
153Trisha Dean65FILArlington Heights
56Lisa DiDuca37FILElk Grove VillageSchramm / DiDuca
189Chandler Ding8MILSouth Barrington
190Erin Ding36FILSouth Barrington
9elizabeth Dinsmore57FILArlington HeightsEmerson / Dinsmore
10Joy Drew60FILPalatine
8Fatima Duran32FILBuffalo Grove
11Candy Eichman69FILArlington Heights
12Sandra Ellsworth29FILDeKalbCohen / Ellsworth
13Margaret Emerson61FILArlington HeightsEmerson / Dinsmore
183Andrew Erickson40MILArlington HeightErickson / Bartling
70Emily Fasick47FILMt Prospect
71Mark Fasick48MILMt Prospect
62Daniel Fecko15MILArlington HeightsFecko / Wendling
83Karl Flener43MILChicago
14Brian Foss58MILPalatine
193Kevin Foss14MILPalatine
85Lisa Fulton48FILRiverwoods
199Tom Gnoyke66MILArlingron HeightsKirsten / Gnoyke
143Mary Hall61FILelk grove village
15Sarah Hare29FILSchuamburgLemanski / Hare
16Phil Held59MILSt. CharlesSilverman / Held
192Maureen Hunt52FILLibertyvilleHunt / Brown
181Anastasia Hutchings37FILLake in the hillsHutchings / Piper
182Crystal Hutchings37FILLake in the hills
177Piper Hutchings35MILLake in the HillsHutchings / Piper
53Robin Iser62FILPalatineThomas / Iser
17Angela Jensen40FILLa Grange
95Jimmy Jones39MILCrystal Lake
144Tammy Jones55FILelk grove village
91Leah Kadamian54FILDes Plaines
18Jessica Key24FILLibertyvilleMcSherry / Key
54Denise Kirsten58MILRolling MeadowsKirsten / Gnoyke
57Christine Kolzow39FILNaperville
19Scott Kummer46MILChicago
93Mike Lambert-Cwerenz52MILGlendale Heights
92Traci Lambert-Cwerenz56FILGlendale Heights
191LInda Laurenz61FILMT Prospect
200Frank Lemanski56MILNilesLemanski / Lemanski
20Kyle Lemanski30MILschaumburgLemanski / Hare
175Lauren Lemanski22FILNiles
100Nick Lemanski16MILNiles
176Tom Lemanski59MILProspect HeightsLemanski / Lemanski
84Maureen Lesak44FILChicago
52Luke Lewis35MILPalatine
21Carolyn Long56FILElk Grove Village
22John Long56MILElk Grove Village
23Stephanie Long28FILHoffman Estates
24Linda Lopez50FILChicago
25Kelsey Loudermilk28FILRolling Meadows
26Kristin Lyons31FILElk Grove Village
198Giuseppe Maffei16MILRoselle
28Geoff Malia34MILArlington HeightsMalia / Malia
27Laura Malia34FILArlington HeightsMalia / Malia
30David manfredi45MILArlington Heights
29Michelle Manfredi45FILArlington Heights
63Jason McGregor40MILArlington Heights
31Emilie McSherry25FILHanover ParkMcSherry / Key
86Judit Miko60FILArlington Heights
32Sara Moloney29FILArlington Heights
97Steve Mourousias56MILPalatine
33Lindsey Mucha30FILElk Grove Village
34Tim Mucha28MILElk Grove Village
172Hazel Nadal9FILArlington Heights
173Lydia Nadal32FILArlington Heights
94Dimitri Neckopulos45MILRolling Meadows
35Sharon Neff57FILProspect Hts
197Jody Nieman42FILPalatineNieman / Storelli
51Ken Norwood77MILRolling Meadows
64Kathy Olcese54FILArlington Heights
96Karen Ottaviano60FILElginOttaviano / Smudde
36Tina Pascolla58FILLong Grove
37Vik Patel31MILChicago
72Laurie Pellouchoud54FILglenview
65James Petrusek44MILArlington Hts
38Mickey Power62FILBarringtonColetto / Power
89Paul Quinn49MILmount prospect
146cindy rauschenberg61FILelk grove village
40Amanda Richey36FILChicago
39Steve Richey62MILAurora
41Dominic Romane30MILPalatineSabatini / Romane
42Tom Rooney49MILRolling Meadows
43Kelly Sabatini30FILPalatineSabatini / Romane
73Brad Scheidhauer47MILArlington HeightsScheidhauer / Sopp
44Colleen Schramm36FILSt. CharlesSchramm / DiDuca
45Janice Silverman54FILSt. CharlesSilverman / Held
60John Simios51MILInverness
195Josephine Smudde68FILhuntleyOttaviano / Smudde
77Eric Sopp47MILDowners GroveScheidhauer / Sopp
79Dina Spentzos50FILRolling Meadows
80Patricia Spentzos72FILArlington Heights
67Carolyn Spero47FILNorthbrookSpero / Spero
66Kenneth Spero48MILNorthbrookSpero / Spero
58Ancuta Stef37FILElk Grove VillageSuciu / Stef
196Susan Storelli45FILPalatineNieman / Storelli
59Camelia Suciu36FILArlington HeightsSuciu / Stef
78Anne Sullivan52FILArlington Heights
178Christopher Thomas46MCAWalnut Creek
50Richard Thomas71MILMount ProspectThomas / Iser
46Kelly Tinnes28FILChicago
47Mary Tinnes56FILWest Chicago
48Olivia Tokimoto10FILMount ProspectYoon / Tokimoto
55Melissa Tumpane35FILArlington Heights
185Colleen Ungurean54FILArlington HeightsUngurean / Ungurean
186David Ungurean55MILArlington HeightsUngurean / Ungurean
184Heather Vree37FILChicago
68Richard Walstra62MILOak Park
169Auden Weber8MILArlington Heights
69Luis Wendling15MILArlington HeightsFecko / Wendling
170Gregg Wirtschoreck53MILGlenview
171Tara Wirtschoreck12FILGlenview
88Dominic Yonkus15MILRoselle
49Kristine Yoon46FILMount ProspectYoon / Tokimoto

Event Information
Name of Event:Pairing up to Beat Lung Cancer
Distance:1 Mile
Started Date/Time:Saturday November 4th, 2017, 8:36:42.49 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:Race Volunteer
Duration:4 Hours
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday November 4, 2017, 7:00 am
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