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Race Information
Race Name:Illinois Club Cross Country Invitational
Location:Skokie - at Harms Woods
State:Illinois, United States
Event Information
Name of Event:Women's Masters
Date:Sunday November 12th, 2017

Event Information
Name of Event:Men's Masters
Date:Sunday November 12th, 2017

Event Information
Name of Event:Women's Open
Date:Sunday November 12th, 2017

Event Information
Name of Event:Men's Open
Date:Sunday November 12th, 2017
Overall Results: Men's Open
Overall PlaceDivision PlaceNameAgeSexSex PlaceTimePace
Race NumberTeam Name
11Gedion Yitref27M115:52.15:06.2123Evanston Running Club
22Jordan Hebert26M215:59.45:08.5216Big Baller Brand
33Liam Markham25M316:26.75:17.3215Big Baller Brand
44Declan McDonnell28M416:34.65:20.1212Big Baller Brand
55Emil Bojanov33M516:35.15:20.0166Fleet Feet Racing Chicago
66Michael LeDuc25M616:55.45:26.5124Evanston Running Club
77Brendan Thielsen24M717:02.85:28.9142Fast Track Racing Team
88Ryan Gooding23M817:21.35:34.8229DWRunning
99Matt Jeromin36M917:24.25:35.8147Fast Track Racing Team
1010Paul Zeman25M1017:26.85:36.6214Big Baller Brand
1111Brian Robertson31M1117:31.25:38.0230DWRunning
1212Nathan Gill23M1217:43.75:42.0233DWRunning
1313Leo Jimenez35M1317:49.25:43.8141Fast Track Racing Team
1414Sean Clark38M1417:49.35:43.8241Track and Trough Athletic Union
1515Josh Duncan40M1517:50.85:44.3148Fast Track Racing Team
1616Nathan Bohne28M1617:51.55:44.5213Big Baller Brand
1717Erik Schluter29M1718:04.35:48.7164Fleet Feet Racing Chicago
1818Daniel Lennington39M1818:16.25:52.5127Evanston Running Club
1919Chris DeSilva27M1918:18.65:53.2218Big Baller Brand
2020Christopher Willis35M2018:28.65:56.8162Fleet Feet Racing Chicago
2121Tyler Pearson25M2118:30.15:56.9125Evanston Running Club
2222Jonathan cain35M2218:39.76:00.4139Fast Track Racing Team
23Jim Riddle27M2318:42.66:01.0257Big Baller Brand
24John Brassea25M2418:48.66:02.9217Big Baller Brand
2523Steve Breese40M2518:49.46:03.2143Fast Track Racing Team
2624Mike Perrone30M2619:01.46:07.0163Fleet Feet Racing Chicago
27Ivan Yank33M2719:02.36:07.3144Fast Track Racing Team
28Timothy Mucha27M2819:03.56:07.7145Fast Track Racing Team
2925Alex Weems38M2919:23.16:14.0232DWRunning
3026Virgil Hughes37M3019:26.06:14.9128Evanston Running Club
3127Patrick Hockberger26M3119:39.86:19.4126Evanston Running Club
32Blake Boeing26M3219:42.06:20.1146Fast Track Racing Team
3328Michael Roth33M3319:53.86:23.9165Fleet Feet Racing Chicago
34Eric Estela38M3420:02.06:26.5129Evanston Running Club
3529Sebastian Zimmer13M3521:09.36:48.1170Fleet Feet Racing Chicago
3630Karl Bettinger24M3622:17.97:10.2120ERC_Internationals
3731Thanos Papazoglou33M3722:49.67:20.4121ERC_Internationals
3832Mohamed Fouda34M3823:08.97:27.0118ERC_Internationals
3933Dan Noel49M3923:14.97:28.5119ERC_Internationals

Division Results: Men's Open
* * * Division: Team Score * * *
Team NamePlacesPoints
1Big Baller Brand2 + 3 + 4 + 10
16, 19
2Fast Track Racing Team7 + 9 + 13 + 15
22, 23
3Evanston Running Club1 + 6 + 18 + 21
26, 27
4DWRunning8 + 11 + 12 + 2556
5Fleet Feet Racing Chicago5 + 17 + 20 + 24
28, 29
6ERC_Internationals30 + 31 + 32 + 33126
7Track and Trough Athletic Union14 14 

Event Information
Name of Event:All-Comers
Date:Sunday November 12th, 2017
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