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Attention... registration for this event closed on Tuesday December 31st, 2019 - 11:59 am (USCT).
Race Information
Race Name:Shady Hollow Trail Runners Membership 2019
Location:Hudson, Il
State:Illinois, United States
Posted:January 2nd, 2017 4:47 pm
Last Update:December 30th, 2018 9:41 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:2019 Shady Hollow Trail Runners Membership
Date:Tuesday December 31st, 2019
Start Time:11:59 am
Event Registration Schedule
Opened:Saturday December 29th, 2018Noon
Deadline passed:Tuesday December 31st, 201911:59 am $20.00
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Shady Hollow Trail Runners Magnet-white oval with our famous outhouse logo! or a SHTRS Buff!

Members receive 10% off purchases at Fleet Feet-Bloomington!
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All of Shady Hollow Trail Runners Club experiences take place outdoors, in conditions often quite different from the controlled environments and predictability of buildings and cities. Nature and weather occur on their own schedule, sometimes unexpectedly, often beyond the control of people to change them. The undersigned, a participant in the above stated event, offered by the Shady Hollow Trail Runners and McLean County Parks and Recreation Department agrees as follows: 1. I acknowledge that activities at the above state event may require strenuous physical activity and endurance. 2. Terrain conditions, weather, and other people affect the overall activity experience. I am aware of the factors that follows: - The activities may take place on terrain that is un-groomed. Terrain varies greatly and may be icy, wet, or rough, depending on weather and other participants. - Winds, temperature, and occasional storms can affect the experience. I realize that I should take precautions and guard for weather-related conditions. - The activities may take place on or near Evergreen Lake, a body of water, which presents natural risks commonly associated with aquatic activities. 3. I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, I have no physical, mental, or emotional condition which might be aggravated by this activity, or which might in any way endanger staff or other participants. 4. I have informed the Shady Hollow Trail Runners of any physical, mental, or emotional condition which might affect my ability to participate in and withstand all possible trail running activities. 5. I will obey all rules, regulations, and directives of the Shady Hollow Trail Runners, McLean County Parks & Recreation Department and its representatives and will assist by informing and/or calling to the attention to any situation which might result in injury. Thus acknowledging the rigors of all activities connected with the above stated event and the unpredictability and power of natural and weather events, and in consideration for being accepted as a participant in this program, I hereby for myself, my heirs, my executors, administrators, and assignees, do hereby release and discharge the Shady Hollow Trail Runners, County of McLean, Illinois, and its employees, agents, officers, Board Members, representatives and volunteers for all claims and damages, demands, actions, whatever in any manner arising out of my participation in this above stated event and furthermore do hereby indemnify and forever hold harmless the Shady Hollow Trail Runners, County of McLean, Illinois, and its employees, agents, officers, Board Members, representatives and volunteers from any and all actions, claims, and demands including legal costs which hereafter arise or are instituted or recovered against the indemnified parties by me or other parties whether on account of personal injuries, suffering, death or property damage sustained by me, or due to my negligent, willful and wanton, or intentional actions. Please recognize that the Shady Hollow Trail Runners, McLean County Park and Recreation Department does not carry medical accident insurance for injuries sustained in its programs. Therefore, each person registering themselves or a family member for a recreation program/activity should review their own health insurance policy for coverage. It must be noted that the absence of health insurance coverage does not make the McLean County Department of Parks & Recreation or The Shady Hollow Trail Runners responsible for the payment of medical expenses.
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