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Race Information
Race Name:Starved Rock Runners 26.2 x 5 Team Marathon
Location:Putnam County Jr High School 13183 N 350th Ave McNabb,IL 1/2 mi west of Rte 89
State:Illinois, United States
Event Information
Name of Event:SRR 26.2 x 5 Team Marathon
Date:Saturday March 17th, 2018
Overall Results: SRR 26.2 x 5 Team Marathon
Overall PlaceNameAgeSexSex PlaceTimePace
Race NumberTeam Name
1Dan Kasperski40M133:55.66:28.5785Lucky Shamrocks
2Jacob Marcinkus15M234:59.56:40.7685Mad Dogs
3John Roets47M335:04.36:41.6815We Got The Runs
4Anthony Hernandez15M436:44.37:00.7681Mad Dogs
5Rebecca Neaterour18F138:05.67:16.2701SHS XC GIRLS
6Don Keisig50M538:30.27:20.9812We Got The Runs
7Beau Bonnell16M639:56.67:37.4684Mad Dogs
8Jacob Lawery15M739:56.77:37.4682Mad Dogs
9Juan Leg52M839:58.97:37.8811We Got The Runs
10John Fusinatto62M940:46.37:46.8733Blood Sweat & Beers
11Denver Wyatt20M1040:54.07:48.3673Justin Hermeyer
12Justin Hermeyer29M1141:01.17:49.7671Justin Hermeyer
13Jimmy Carboni46M1241:34.17:56.0804Living The Dream
14Donald Li17M1342:02.68:01.4683Mad Dogs
15Kerry Kistenfeger53F242:36.08:07.875240's, 50's and FABULOUS
16Kiley Booker20F342:40.68:08.7784Lucky Shamrocks
17Hope Turigliatti28F443:18.88:16.0764Dimmick Divas
18Carrie Meffert41F543:40.08:20.0773Lucky Charms
19Rick Coleman60M1444:06.98:25.1814We Got The Runs
20Thomas Smith47M1544:13.48:26.4734Blood Sweat & Beers
21Dane Whitney15M1644:15.78:26.8725Team Passini
22Stephanie Mendoza15F644:21.88:28.0705SHS XC GIRLS
23Lori Skoog47F744:28.98:29.3763Dimmick Divas
24Shawn Bernardoni45F844:57.48:34.8782Lucky Shamrocks
25Jenny Cottingham48F945:13.98:37.975440's, 50's and FABULOUS
26Antonio Messina56M1745:27.88:40.6732Blood Sweat & Beers
27Doug Harris49M1845:43.18:43.5661Tryin' To Survive
28Jeff Herkelman54M1946:27.08:51.9742Rehn's Rapid Runners
29Mandy Swinson40F1046:29.68:52.4771Lucky Charms
30Anna Postula17F1146:31.18:52.7714Lady Bruin Nation
31Pamela Needs16F1246:32.88:53.0711Lady Bruin Nation
32Liset Guadarrama16F1346:37.58:53.9703SHS XC GIRLS
33John Rosa60M2046:45.08:55.3665Tryin' To Survive
34Kelly Legrenzi39F1446:51.78:56.6642The Tortoises and the Hare
35Dan Rolando65M2146:53.78:57.0743Rehn's Rapid Runners
36Abigail Seaton14F1547:07.68:59.6702SHS XC GIRLS
37Brad Passini26M2247:09.99:00.1722Team Passini
38Lisa Avery48F1647:18.39:01.7765Dimmick Divas
39Charis Sherman38F1747:18.39:01.7761Dimmick Divas
40Mary Beth Potthoff58F1847:27.49:03.4731Blood Sweat & Beers
41Tonya Cooper44F1947:56.19:08.9775Lucky Charms
42Rose Bell44F2047:58.89:09.4641The Tortoises and the Hare
43Skip Ashcraft68M2348:12.99:12.163349'ers
44kelly shanley54F2148:29.19:15.275140's, 50's and FABULOUS
45MaryFrances Passini50F2248:32.29:15.8721Team Passini
46Denise Eberhardt50F2348:44.89:18.2803Living The Dream
47April Kutz23F2448:47.89:18.7644The Tortoises and the Hare
48Kathy Jean Hermeyer55F2548:48.59:18.9672Justin Hermeyer
49Steve Hartzell68M2448:55.49:20.263249'ers
50Candis Kenny39F2649:31.99:27.2691Tipsy Turtles
51Matt Seaton39M2549:38.59:28.4662Tryin' To Survive
52Robert Steele68M2649:53.99:31.463549'ers
53Debbie Heimsoth51F2750:04.39:33.375340's, 50's and FABULOUS
54Mary McGrath48F2850:04.99:33.475540's, 50's and FABULOUS
55Faith Mitts15F2950:05.19:33.5704SHS XC GIRLS
56John Thomas56M2750:10.49:34.5813We Got The Runs
57Darrel Meffert42M2850:12.89:35.0774Lucky Charms
58Alivia Kelsey24F3050:19.59:36.2723Team Passini
59Jacki Whitney50F3150:25.29:37.3724Team Passini
60Lynn Delvallee52F3250:37.99:39.8645The Tortoises and the Hare
61Heather Sellett47F3350:40.59:40.3762Dimmick Divas
62Susan Hagerty33F3451:03.39:44.6643The Tortoises and the Hare
63Mary Lowery14F3551:03.99:44.7712Lady Bruin Nation
64Charlene Hamann44F3651:19.19:47.6651Smokey and the Bandits
65Heidi Story17F3751:56.79:54.8715Lady Bruin Nation
66Manessa Trench44F3852:00.09:55.4695Tipsy Turtles
67John Steele75M2952:09.39:57.2741Rehn's Rapid Runners
68Madison Renfro24F3952:10.39:57.4664Tryin' To Survive
69Lindsey Poggi32F4053:08.010:08.4802Living The Dream
70Sherry Martin58F4153:20.510:10.8653Smokey and the Bandits
71Christina Weber40F4254:17.910:21.7781Lucky Shamrocks
72BOB ZEGLIS63M3054:51.310:28.17912 SLOW 2 WIN, 2 STUBBORN 2 QUIT
73Mike Martain51M3155:05.210:30.8663Tryin' To Survive
74Kylie Scherf24F4355:07.210:31.2805Living The Dream
75Kearsten Zielinski33F4455:18.210:33.3801Living The Dream
76Bob Kolczaski48M3255:22.110:34.0783Lucky Shamrocks
77Lynda Joiner58F4556:11.710:43.5675Justin Hermeyer
78DAVE HANCOCK58M3356:19.610:45.07932 SLOW 2 WIN, 2 STUBBORN 2 QUIT
79Jon Bastuck69M3456:35.310:47.963149'ers
80Gabriella Garcia17F4656:47.210:50.2713Lady Bruin Nation
81Mallory Lindstrom31F4757:00.610:52.8772Lucky Charms
82Jim Angel47M3558:40.311:11.8674Justin Hermeyer
83Stephanie Phillips43F4859:33.211:21.9654Smokey and the Bandits
84Rich Beal68M361:00:18.911:30.663449'ers
85Kelly Duttlinger55F491:01:07.811:40.0692Tipsy Turtles
86Theresa Hart59F501:01:22.411:42.7735Blood Sweat & Beers
87JANINE SOBIN55F511:04:23.012:17.27922 SLOW 2 WIN, 2 STUBBORN 2 QUIT
88MARSHA ZEGLIS63F521:04:24.012:17.47952 SLOW 2 WIN, 2 STUBBORN 2 QUIT
89ROSANNE ABBOTT54M371:04:25.012:17.67942 SLOW 2 WIN, 2 STUBBORN 2 QUIT
90Brian Hoffmeyer47M381:05:28.112:29.6655Smokey and the Bandits
91Tamatha Parochetti48F531:06:22.812:40.1693Tipsy Turtles
92Marisa Wilts39F541:07:07.212:48.6694Tipsy Turtles
93Kristen Elistis44F551:09:32.713:16.3652Smokey and the Bandits
94Mark Wackerline57M391:13:15.513:58.8744Rehn's Rapid Runners
95Debbie Wackerline64F561:22:03.615:39.6745Rehn's Rapid Runners

Team / Category Results: SRR 26.2 x 5 Team Marathon
Team Name / CategoryTeam TimeTeam Members
1Mad Dogs
1st: 18 & Under Male (all male members)
 3:13:39.7 Jacob Marcinkus (34:59.5), Anthony Hernandez (36:44.3), Beau Bonnell (39:56.6), Jacob Lawery (39:56.7), Donald Li (42:02.6)
2We Got The Runs
1st: Open Male (all male members)
 3:27:50.7 John Roets (35:04.3), Don Keisig (38:30.2), Juan Leg (39:58.9), Rick Coleman (44:06.9), John Thomas (50:10.4)
1st: 18 & Under Female (all female members)
 3:46:17.7 Rebecca Neaterour (38:05.6), Stephanie Mendoza (44:21.8), Liset Guadarrama (46:37.5), Abigail Seaton (47:07.6), Faith Mitts (50:05.1)
4Lucky Shamrocks
1st: Open Mixed (mix of female and male members)
 3:51:13.6 Dan Kasperski (33:55.6), Kiley Booker (42:40.6), Shawn Bernardoni (44:57.4), Christina Weber (54:17.9), Bob Kolczaski (55:22.1)
5Dimmick Divas
1st: Open Female (all female members)
 3:53:04.9 Hope Turigliatti (43:18.8), Lori Skoog (44:28.9), Lisa Avery (47:18.3), Charis Sherman (47:18.3), Heather Sellett (50:40.5)
640's, 50's and FABULOUS
2nd: Open Female (all female members)
 3:56:28.3 Kerry Kistenfeger (42:36.0), Jenny Cottingham (45:13.9), kelly shanley (48:29.1), Debbie Heimsoth (50:04.3), Mary McGrath (50:04.9)
7Blood Sweat & Beers
2nd: Open Mixed (mix of female and male members)
 3:59:17.2 John Fusinatto (40:46.3), Thomas Smith (44:13.4), Antonio Messina (45:27.8), Mary Beth Potthoff (47:27.4), Theresa Hart (1:01:22.4)
8Team Passini
3rd: Open Mixed (mix of female and male members)
 4:00:42.5 Dane Whitney (44:15.7), Brad Passini (47:09.9), MaryFrances Passini (48:32.2), Alivia Kelsey (50:19.5), Jacki Whitney (50:25.2)
9Lucky Charms
4th: Open Mixed (mix of female and male members)
 4:05:19.1 Carrie Meffert (43:40.0), Mandy Swinson (46:29.6), Tonya Cooper (47:56.1), Darrel Meffert (50:12.8), Mallory Lindstrom (57:00.6)
10The Tortoises and the Hare
3rd: Open Female (all female members)
 4:05:19.5 Kelly Legrenzi (46:51.7), Rose Bell (47:58.8), April Kutz (48:47.8), Lynn Delvallee (50:37.9), Susan Hagerty (51:03.3)
11Justin Hermeyer
5th: Open Mixed (mix of female and male members)
 4:05:35.7 Denver Wyatt (40:54.0), Justin Hermeyer (41:01.1), Kathy Jean Hermeyer (48:48.5), Lynda Joiner (56:11.7), Jim Angel (58:40.3)
12Tryin' To Survive
6th: Open Mixed (mix of female and male members)
 4:09:22.1 Doug Harris (45:43.1), John Rosa (46:45.0), Matt Seaton (49:38.5), Madison Renfro (52:10.3), Mike Martain (55:05.2)
13Lady Bruin Nation
2nd: 18 & Under Female (all female members)
 4:12:51.8 Anna Postula (46:31.1), Pamela Needs (46:32.8), Mary Lowery (51:03.9), Heidi Story (51:56.7), Gabriella Garcia (56:47.2)
14Living The Dream
7th: Open Mixed (mix of female and male members)
 4:13:52.3 Jimmy Carboni (41:34.1), Denise Eberhardt (48:44.8), Lindsey Poggi (53:08.0), Kylie Scherf (55:07.2), Kearsten Zielinski (55:18.2)
1st: Masters Male (all male, all 50+)
 4:23:56.4 Skip Ashcraft (48:12.9), Steve Hartzell (48:55.4), Robert Steele (49:53.9), Jon Bastuck (56:35.3), Rich Beal (1:00:18.9)
16Tipsy Turtles
4th: Open Female (all female members)
 4:56:09.8 Candis Kenny (49:31.9), Manessa Trench (52:00.0), Kelly Duttlinger (1:01:07.8), Tamatha Parochetti (1:06:22.8), Marisa Wilts (1:07:07.2)
17Smokey and the Bandits
8th: Open Mixed (mix of female and male members)
 4:59:13.6 Charlene Hamann (51:19.1), Sherry Martin (53:20.5), Stephanie Phillips (59:33.2), Brian Hoffmeyer (1:05:28.1), Kristen Elistis (1:09:32.7)
18Rehn's Rapid Runners
1st: Masters Mixed (mix of female and male, all 50+)
 5:00:49.2 Jeff Herkelman (46:27.0), Dan Rolando (46:53.7), John Steele (52:09.3), Mark Wackerline (1:13:15.5), Debbie Wackerline (1:22:03.6)
2nd: Masters Mixed (mix of female and male, all 50+)
 5:04:22.9 BOB ZEGLIS (54:51.3), DAVE HANCOCK (56:19.6), JANINE SOBIN (1:04:23.0), MARSHA ZEGLIS (1:04:24.0), ROSANNE ABBOTT (1:04:25.0)

Event Information
Name of Event:SRR Couples Team
Date:Saturday March 17th, 2018

Event Information
Name of Event:SRR Solo
Date:Saturday March 17th, 2018
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