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Race Information
Race Name:Chicago Full Moon Run - 2018
Location:Norwood Park - Chicago
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Chicago Full Moon 5-Km
Distance:5 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Wednesday July 25th, 2018, 7:33:52.50 pm
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Team Captain Age Category State /
Hometown Team Name
3Patricia Ahern63FILCHICAGO
4Erica Alvarez41FILChicago
5Paul Angarone64MILChicagoRiis Park Striders / Club
6Sylvia Angarone65FILChicagoRiis Park Striders / Club
7Jelica Barjaktarevic35FILChicagoChicago Barbell Compound / Club
8Maximilian Barrios15MILChicagoVon Steuben Athletics / School
9Bridget Bastian9FILWoodridgeBastian Clan / Club
10Emily Bastian40FILWoodridgeBastian Clan / Club
11James Bastian50MILWoodridgeBastian Clan / Club
12Jill Bastian40FilChicagoBastian Clan / Club
13Joseph Bastian53MilBataviaBastian Clan / Club
223Nathan Bastian24MILChicago
14Shea Bastian20MilBataviaBastian Clan / Club
15Marianne Beddome62FILChicagoOur Lady of Victory / School
16Richard Beddome61MILChicagoOur Lady of Victory / School
1Jeremy Bekkouche18MILChicago
207Doug Bere63MILGlenview
18James Bleicher31MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
19Jeremy Bleichman45MILEvanstonNiles West Oakton Running Club / Club
20Anthony Bolin42MILElmwood Park
21Elaine Bolin39FILElmwood Park
22James Bolin11MILElmwood ParkSt Celestine School / School
23Marta Borkowska41FILChicagoDick Pond Racing / Club
24Ethan Breen17MILChicagoLakeview High School / School
25Laura Caputo37FILChicagoChicago Endurance Sports / Club
26Ruby Carbajal13FILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
27Danielle Cinkues25FILChicago
28Mia Cinquini17FILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
29Amy Cooley50FILChicagoRiis Park Striders / Club
30Alexandra Cornwell37FILCHICAGO
31Curtis Cornwell39MILCHICAGO
32Beckett Craig Naples7MILPark Ridge
33Isla Craig Naples9FILPark Ridge
34Maureen Craig Naples42FILPark Ridge
217Cathy Cunningham58FILChicago
218Dan Cunningham58MILChicago
216Sarah Cunningham25FILChicago
35Leslee Curtin43FILChicago
36Julia Davids46FILSkokie
37Claire Dennewitz11FILChicago
38Emma Dennewitz14FILChicago
39Isabel Dennewitz11FILChicagoOriole Park School / School
40Jill Dennewitz40FILChicago
41Joshua Dennewitz9MILChicagoOriole Park School / School
42DONALD DESALVO25MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
43Claude Dunkel46MILChicago
44Gladys Dunkel42FILChicago
45Angela Estey51FILChicago
46Anthony Evangelisti11MILChicagoImmaculate Conception / School
47Arien Evangelisti47FILChicago
48Phillip Ferenzi53MILMount ProspectNiles West Oakton Running Club / Club
201Kelly Fergus11FILChicago
49Eileen Ferguson71FILCHICAGORiis Park Striders / Club
50Jonny Fernandez19MILChicagoVon Steuben Athletics / School
51Jorge Fernandez17MILChicagoVon Steuben Athletics / School
222William Fitzgerald67MILProspect Heights
213Michael J. Fleischhacker54MILChicago
52Andrea Freeman18FILChicago
53Ariana Freeman28FILChicago
54Molly Freeman20FILChicago
55Shannon Freeman22FILChicago
56Jeff Giffin49MILEvanston
57Nancy Gonzalez35FILChicago
206Adrian Gorski19MILChicago
58Nina Gray16FUTProvoHome Schoolers / Club
59Caleb Hammel8MILChicagoGarvy / School
60Lindy Hammel36FIlChicago
61Jeff Hansen50MILChicago
212John Hayden41MILMorton Grove
62Charles Heinrich27MILChicagoOur Lady of Victory / School
63Lizbeth Heinrich58FILChicagoOur Lady of Victory / School
64Krista Iacoviello48FILChicago
65Pascal Innocenti38MILchicagoEvanston Running Club / Club
66Andrew Iwaszko41MILHarwood Heights
67Jillian Johnson9FILChicagoGarvy / School
68Lisa Johnson43FILChicago
69Hernan Juarez18MilChicagoLakeview High School / School
70Robin Karlov54FILChicago
71Asher karp56MILChicago
205Natalya Keiliher24FILPark Ridge
72Mary Kelley63FILChicago
73Michael Kelliher63MILPark Ridge
74Sara Kenney38FILElmwood Park
202Adam Kogan9MILEvanston
203Ben Kogan45MILEvanston
75Caroline Kohler26FIlPark RidgeSt Paul of the Cross / School
76Tom Kohler60MIlPark RidgeProof Positive / Club
77James Komperda54MILPark Ridge
78Carl Koszycki63MILCHICAGOLincoln Square Runners / Club
79Tiffany Lam16FILChicagoVon Steuben Athletics / School
100Veronica Laureano33FIlChicagoChicago Road Runners / Club
221Kevin Lawnicki25MILNorridge
80Linda Leyden54FILChicagoRainbow / Club
81Melinda Linas42FILChicago
82Dontay Lockett21MilChicagoLakeview High School / School
2Jaime Marcos19MILChicago
83Jasmin Marcos16FILChicagoFast Track Racing / Club
198Jaime Marcos Sr39MILChicago
84Linda Markese35FILChicago
85Nick Markese36MILChicago
Clare Maurer13FWINorth Fond du LacBastian Clan / Club
Grace Maurer15FWINorth Fond du LacBastian Clan / Club
#Margaret Maurer46FWINorth Fond du LacBastian Clan / Club
Sean Maurer17MWINorth Fond du LacBastian Clan / Club
90Casey McCarthy65MILChicago
91Penny McCreight72FILEvanstonEvanston Running Club / Club
92Katrina McDermott46FILchicago
93Catherine McMahon Graszer37FILPARK RIDGE
199Juan Mendoza17MILChicago
94Diane Meske34FIlChicago
95Jason Meske41MILChicago
96Luke Meske13MILElmwood Park
97Emily Meske-Golz34FILElmwood PARK
98David Mittel41MILArlington Heights
99Nancy Moran53FILNorthbrookNiles West Oakton Running Club / Club
101Monica Morreale39FILDes Plaines
102Dale Moss61MILGrayslakeNiles West Oakton Running Club / Club
103Emma Murphy16FILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
104Mikel Naples42MILPark Ridge
105James Nicklas54MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
106Zoe Nicklas16FILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
107Elizabeth Novak32FILChicago
219Michael OBroin18MILPark Ridge
108Dan OConnell52MILChicagoTrack and Trough / Club
109Donna Ofenloch53FILPark RidgeChicago Area Runners Association / Club
110Mathew Olech15MILChicagoHarvest Christian Academy / School
111Patty Ozog51FILChicago
112Sydney Partyka16FILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
215Mary Kay Plomin58FILChicago
113Brandon Podjasek40MILChicago
114Dan Powers48MILChicagoChicago Area Runners Association / Club
115Evan Powers14MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
116Sean Powers17MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
214Jeff Pozen57MILLincolnshire
117Tadhg Quinn15MILChicagoLakeview High School / School
118Jeffrey Richards36MILChicago
119Nana Rodriguez39FIlChiago
120Marianne Rothstein60FILChicago
121Lisa Rowley41FILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
122Joey Ryan25MILSchaumburg
123Theo Saltouros14MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
124Brianna Santucci11FILNorwood Park TownshipSt Paul of the Cross / School
125Vincent Santucci44MILNorwood Park TownshipSt Paul of the Cross / School
126GEORGE SARGEANT55MILPark RidgeProof Positive / Club
127KAREN SARGEANT55FILPark RidgeProof Positive / Club
208James Scheckol67MILChicago
128Ken Schuch53MILDarienRiis Park Striders / Club
129Christopher Serb47MILChicago
130Emily Serb44FILChicago
131BRIAN SHERIDAN55MILCHICAGORiis Park Striders / Club
132Michael Sheridan56MILChicago
133Ryan Simpao11MILChicago
134vicki Simpson48FILChicagoNiles West Oakton Running Club / Club
220Stephanie Simpson-Gdowski24FILHarwood Heights
135kevin sinani18MILChicago
136Michael Stein40MILChicago
137Raj Subramanian33MILChicago
138Liz Sutherland39FILCHICAGO
139Alisha Suvada27FILChicago
140Tracy Swartz35FILChicago
141Brian Sweney60MILChicagoFast Track Racing / Club
142Andrea Swiatkiewicz58FILChicago
143Timothy Taylor53MILElmhurst
144Patricia Thomas35FILChicago
204Tim Thomas30MILChicago
145Stephen Thornton61MILChicago
146Shannon Tierney15FILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
147Bethany Turk33FILChicago
148Henrik Turk33MILChicago
149Jose I Vargas45MILChicago
150Sarai Vargas18FILChicagoOlivet Nazarene University / School
151Ty Villanueva15MILChicagoVon Steuben Athletics / School
152Angelo Villazana18MILChicagoLakeview High School / School
153Brian Vivona55MILChicagoSt Paul of the Cross / School
154Jim Walsh64MILChicago
155Ryan Walsh32MILChicago
156Sal Walsh69MILChicago
157Teresa Walsh49FILChicago
158Lawton Warzala59MILCHICAGO
159Jennifer Waters50FILPark RidgeProof Positive / Club
160Walter Wendel56MILDowners Grove
161Carlene Wesemeyer30FILChicago
162Carson Wetzel53MILChicago
163Maggie Wren15FILChicagoHome Schoolers / Club
164Micah Wren41FILChicagoHome Schoolers / Club
165Elias Yurick58MILChicagoFast Track Racing / Club
166Jeri-Lou Zike57FILChicago

Event Information
Name of Event:Chicago 1 Mile Lunar Orbit
Distance:1.08 Miles
Started Date/Time:Wednesday July 25th, 2018, 7:38:52.86 pm
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