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Attention... 3 events of this race are set for display of results. Currently results have not been posted. Results are managed by race directors and may be updated at any time. Please direct related questions to the race director.
Race Information
Race Name:Prosser annual Cross country invitational
Location:Hanson park Chicago
State:Illinois, United States
Event Information
Name of Event:Girls varsity 3 mile
Date:Saturday September 15th, 2018
Overall Results: Girls varsity 3 mile
Overall PlaceDivision PlaceNameGradeSexSex PlaceTimePace
Race NumberTeam Name
1Nayely Martinez12F123:01.07:40.3794Catalyst Maria Wolves
21Adriana Cortes12F223:34.57:51.5858Speer Pride
32Cynthia Trejo12F323:53.37:57.8862Speer Pride
43Andrea Perez12F424:27.28:09.1786Acero Garcia Patriots
54Joanna Dominguez12F524:35.28:11.7859Speer Pride
65Janis Gomez11F624:39.18:13.0860Speer Pride
76Emily Perez10F725:14.68:24.9811George Washington Patriots
87Elizabeth Benancio11F825:46.08:35.3782Acero Garcia Patriots
98Brittany Martinez10F925:56.18:38.7861Speer Pride
10Megan Montiel12F1026:45.28:55.1826Schurz Bulldogs
119Alejandra Espinosa11F1126:49.38:56.4798George Washington Patriots
1210Crystal Juarez12F1227:08.19:02.7783Acero Garcia Patriots
1311Evelyn Rivera10F1327:36.89:12.3864Speer Pride
1412Paola Quizhpi10F1427:39.39:13.1863Speer Pride
1513Irene Calderon11F1528:37.89:32.6923Phoenix Military Firebirds
16Stephanie Renteria12F1629:14.49:44.8895Victoria Soto Wolves
17Leslie Cazares12F1729:17.59:45.8866Speer Pride
1814Lorena Santiago10F1829:50.29:56.7813George Washington Patriots
19Lillian Clara10F1930:15.310:05.1829Schurz Bulldogs
20Athziri Herrera12F2030:57.110:19.0867Speer Pride
2115Dulce Salgado11F2131:03.710:21.2787Acero Garcia Patriots
22Jobana Rojas12F2231:05.810:21.9893Victoria Soto Wolves
2316Erika Garcia9F2332:23.810:47.9922Phoenix Military Firebirds
24Crystal Guzman10F2432:24.310:48.1865Speer Pride
2517Yesenia Posada10F2532:42.610:54.2812George Washington Patriots
2618Evelyn Gomez10F2635:17.511:45.8799George Washington Patriots
2719Julie Ostiguin11F2735:23.011:47.7810George Washington Patriots
28Yairet Rodriguez1135:54.411:58.1937Kelly Trojans
29Maritza Tellez12F2836:47.812:15.9828Schurz Bulldogs
30Leslie Acosta1137:20.612:26.9932Kelly Trojans
3120Guadalupe Garcia11F2938:50.412:56.8925Phoenix Military Firebirds
3221Kelly Martinez11F3039:28.013:09.3785Acero Garcia Patriots
3322Daniela Macedo11F3140:01.113:20.4920Phoenix Military Firebirds
3423Karen Navarrete11F3240:01.313:20.4924Phoenix Military Firebirds
35Adamari Perez12F3340:50.913:37.0827Schurz Bulldogs

Division Results: Girls varsity 3 mile
* * * Division: Team Score * * *
Team NamePlacesPoints
1Speer Pride1 + 2 + 4 + 5 + 8
11, 12
2Acero Garcia Patriots3 + 7 + 10 + 15 + 2156
3George Washington Patriots6 + 9 + 14 + 17 + 18
4Phoenix Military Firebirds13 + 16 + 20 + 22 + 2394
5Catalyst Maria WolvesOpen Team: 1 finisher
6Kelly TrojansOpen Team: 2 finishers
7Schurz BulldogsOpen Team: 4 finishers
8Victoria Soto WolvesOpen Team: 2 finishers

Event Information
Name of Event:Boys varsity 3 mile
Date:Saturday September 15th, 2018

Event Information
Name of Event:Boys and girls 2 mile open
Date:Saturday September 15th, 2018
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