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Attention... 2 events of this race are set for display of results. Currently results have not been posted. Results are managed by race directors and may be updated at any time. Please direct related questions to the race director.
Race Information
Race Name:IHSA 2A Boys/Girls Regional Hosted by Elmwood Park High School
Location:Elmwood Park
State:Illinois, United States
Event Information
Name of Event:Varsity Girls
Date:Saturday October 20th, 2018

Event Information
Name of Event:Varsity Boys
Date:Saturday October 20th, 2018
Overall Results: Varsity Boys
Overall PlaceDivision PlaceNameGradeSexSex PlaceTimePace
Race NumberTeam Name
11Carlos Sanchez12M116:39.95:33.346Elmwood Park High School
22Khris Vicencio12M216:41.85:33.947Elmwood Park High School
33Tyler Ocampo12M316:42.35:34.144Elmwood Park High School
44Filiberto Franco10M416:58.55:39.5142Solorio Academy High School
55Eduardo Maya12M517:10.55:43.5145Solorio Academy High School
66Miguel Cordova11M617:14.15:44.7141Solorio Academy High School
77Luis Gomez11M717:21.45:47.139Elmwood Park High School
88Brandon Galicia12M817:32.45:50.8143Solorio Academy High School
99Josh Nava-Brown11M917:37.75:52.642Elmwood Park High School
1010Uriel Delgado9M1017:38.65:52.936Elmwood Park High School
1111Luis Castro10M1117:39.35:53.187ITW David Speer Academy
12Martin Garcia10M1217:56.05:58.7119Little Village Lawndale High School
1312Alejandro Blanco10M1317:57.95:59.3138Solorio Academy High School
1413Saul Rios10M1418:05.36:01.8147Solorio Academy High School
1514Elijah Lopez12M1518:05.56:01.894ITW David Speer Academy
1615Alex Diaz12M1618:09.06:03.089ITW David Speer Academy
1716Osvaldo Barranco10M1718:13.36:04.4137Solorio Academy High School
1817Vieri Escamilla12M1818:17.96:06.091ITW David Speer Academy
1918Daniel Cespedes12M1918:21.76:07.210Chicago Bulls College Prep
2019Bryan Garcia11M2018:22.46:07.592ITW David Speer Academy
2120Omar Gomez10M2118:24.66:08.240Elmwood Park High School
2221Nicholas Ortiz11M2218:27.86:09.315Chicago Bulls College Prep
2322Xavier Mercado11M2318:38.66:12.997ITW David Speer Academy
2423Renato Gonzalez12M2418:55.36:18.413Chicago Bulls College Prep
2524Devontae Gibbs11M2519:22.36:27.412Chicago Bulls College Prep
2625Raymundo Abarca12M2619:53.56:37.885ITW David Speer Academy
2726Cesar Rodriguez12M2720:06.16:42.066Golder College Prep
2827Derrick Reed9M2820:29.26:49.717Chicago Bulls College Prep
2928Emmanuel Villasenor12M2920:42.76:54.220Chicago Bulls College Prep
3029Kijuan Hardy9M3021:04.67:01.560Golder College Prep
3130Ian Rosales12M3122:10.47:23.518Chicago Bulls College Prep
3231Isaias Campos12M3222:38.77:32.957Golder College Prep
3332David Linares12M3322:43.17:34.461Golder College Prep
34Eduardo Orozco10M3422:45.17:35.0121Little Village Lawndale High School
35Hector Torres10M3522:49.07:36.3122Little Village Lawndale High School
3633Luis Osornio9M3623:33.17:51.063Golder College Prep
3734Christian Mora12M3725:58.38:39.462Golder College Prep
38Jeffery Correa10M3827:15.79:05.2118Little Village Lawndale High School
3935Justin Quizhpi9M3927:49.19:16.465Golder College Prep

Division Results: Varsity Boys
* * * Division: Team Score * * *
Team NamePlacesPoints
1Elmwood Park High School1 + 2 + 3 + 7 + 9
10, 20
2Solorio Academy High School4 + 5 + 6 + 8 + 12
13, 16
3ITW David Speer Academy11 + 14 + 15 + 17 + 19
22, 25
4Chicago Bulls College Prep18 + 21 + 23 + 24 + 27
28, 30
5Golder College Prep26 + 29 + 31 + 32 + 33
34, 35
6Little Village Lawndale High SchoolOpen Team: 4 finishers
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