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Race Information
Race Name:Winter Challenge Cross Country II
Location:Caldwell Woods/Bunker Hill, Forest Preserve - Chicago
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:WC3 5-Km
Distance:5 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Sunday January 13th, 2019, 9:35:40.24 am
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Team Captain Age Category State /
Hometown Team Name
701Valdis Aistars63MILPalatineValdis Aistars
702William Bermudez17MILElmwood ParkAhlmann’s Army
703Jerry Brennan55MILEvanston
704Selga Cheris48FILGlencoe
705Katie Cibulsky39FILPark Ridge
706Mike Cibulsky45MILPark Ridge
253Laura Comilla43FILLibertyville
707Michael Cramarosso58MILChicago
708Alex Czoski9MIlChicago
709James Czoski12MIlChicago
710Mary Czoski40FIlChicago
711Uriel Delgado15MILElmwood ParkRunning Tigers
712michael dineen50MilCHICAGO
713Patti Downey51FIlPark RidgeProof Positive
714Veronica Dworak14FILChicago
715Alejandro Fernandez17MILElmwood ParkRunning Tigers
716Sarah Freriks27FILhinckleyUltra Spicy Chalupas
717Dan Galinski15MILElmwood ParkSheri's Squad
718George Gauthier15MILElmwood ParkSheri's Squad
719Luis Gomez17MILElmwood ParkRunning Tigers
720Charles Heinrich27MILChicago
721Lizbeth Heinrich59FILChicago
722Amy Hollenbeck45FILEvanston
723Brian Hollenbeck48MILChicago
724Tom Kohler60MIlPark RidgeProof Positive
368catherine krawitz58FILpark ridge
725Carol Longman53FILPark Ridge
726Danielle Maglinte42FILEvanston
727Gretchen Mungan46FILDowners GroveUltra Spicy Chalupas
728Molly Mungan11FILDowners GroveUltra Spicy Chalupas
729Josh Nava-Brown17MILElmwood ParkAhlmann’s Army
730Nana Rodriguez40FIlChicago
731Leo Salinas16MILElmwood ParkRunning Tigers
732Brianna Santucci11FILNorwood Park TownshipBri and the Boys
733Vincent Santucci45MILNorwood Park TownshipBri and the Boys
734Joe Scheidt15MILElmwood ParkSheri's Squad
735Willa Schneider11FILCHICAGO
356Julie Sroka55FOHNorth Royalton
736Ian Stevens54MILNaperville
737Matilda Stone24FILBatavia
738Todd Stone58MILBatavia
739Gabi Szado17FILElmwood ParkSheri's Squad
747Michelle Thom49FILChicagoProof Positive
740Stephen Thornton62MILChicago
741Michael Vlasak62MIlHarwood HeightsBri and the Boys
363Lawton Warzala59MILChicago
742Michael Weinand39MILDes Plaines
743walter wendel56MILdowners groveBri and the Boys
744Anthony Werneing15MILElmwood ParkAhlmann’s Army
745Patti Werner67FILLibertyville
367Yvonne Zalon62Filhighland park
746Adam Zamora44MILPark RidgeProof Positive

Event Information
Name of Event:WC3 15-Km
Distance:15 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Sunday January 13th, 2019, 9:35:40.24 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:Gratuitous 6-Hour
Duration:6 Hours
Started Date/Time:Sunday January 13th, 2019, 8:05:40.44 am
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