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Race Information
Race Name:Starved Rock Runners 26.2 x 5 Team Marathon
Location:Putnam County Jr High School 13183 N 350th Ave McNabb,IL 1/2 mi west of Rte 89
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:SRR 26.2 x 5 Team Marathon
Distance:5.24 Miles
Started Date/Time:Saturday March 16th, 2019, 10:00:57.25 am
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Distance:5.24 Miles
Gun Start Time:Saturday March 16th, 2019 10:00:57.25 am
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Pos Race
1841Jon Coluzzi28M33:28.66:23.3Sat Mar 16th 10:34:25 am
2904John Roets48M35:53.76:51.0Sat Mar 16th 10:36:50 am
3902Don Kiesig51M40:11.67:40.2Sat Mar 16th 10:37:30 am
4871Candis Kenny40F41:20.77:53.4Sat Mar 16th 10:42:17 am
5832Ryan Bell45M43:06.78:13.7Sat Mar 16th 10:34:25 am
6843Anthony Coluzzi21M44:14.38:26.5Sat Mar 16th 10:45:11 am
7835Brian Delvallee57M44:54.78:34.3Sat Mar 16th 10:45:51 am
8903Raymond Berry50M45:22.28:39.5Sat Mar 16th 10:46:19 am
9922Kerry Kistenfeger54F46:33.48:53.1Sat Mar 16th 10:45:03 am
10844Kali Delcarlo29F46:48.38:55.9Sat Mar 16th 10:47:45 am
11985Rob Strauch49M47:21.79:02.3Sat Mar 16th 10:44:00 am
12933Merle Walter66M47:29.99:03.9Sat Mar 16th 10:48:27 am
13905Brian Hoffmeyer48M47:37.09:05.2Sat Mar 16th 10:48:34 am
14945Shawn Bernardoni46F47:44.19:06.6Sat Mar 16th 10:48:41 am
15833Kelly Legrenzi43F47:53.19:08.3Sat Mar 16th 10:48:50 am
16913JOEL FOSTER38M48:04.89:10.5Sat Mar 16th 10:37:19 am
17924Mary McGrath49F48:37.79:16.8Sat Mar 16th 10:49:34 am
18915MARY BETH POTTHOFF59F48:50.39:19.2Sat Mar 16th 10:49:47 am
19935Jeff Herkelman58M48:53.79:19.9Sat Mar 16th 10:49:50 am
20825Skip Ashcraft69M48:56.69:20.4Sat Mar 16th 10:49:53 am
21982Mario Date45M48:57.39:20.6Sat Mar 16th 10:49:54 am
22925Lynn Carroll52F49:23.09:25.5Sat Mar 16th 10:50:20 am
23912KENDRA MERTEL29F49:54.59:31.5Sat Mar 16th 10:50:51 am
24934Dan Rolando66M50:24.09:37.1Sat Mar 16th 10:51:21 am
25872Charlene Hamann45F50:42.89:40.7Sat Mar 16th 10:51:40 am
26834Lynn Delvallee53F51:13.79:46.6Sat Mar 16th 10:52:10 am
27923Debbie Heimsoth52F51:20.59:47.9Sat Mar 16th 10:52:17 am
28944Carmela Rodriguez41F51:21.39:48.0Sat Mar 16th 10:52:18 am
29823Rich DeGrush69M52:33.710:01.9Sat Mar 16th 10:50:28 am
30824Steve Hartzell69M52:35.910:02.3Sat Mar 16th 10:53:33 am
31943Jodie Carlson37F52:52.510:05.4Sat Mar 16th 10:44:40 am
32914JOY WEIDE53F53:34.510:13.4Sat Mar 16th 10:54:31 am
33822Bob Steele69M53:52.810:16.9Sat Mar 16th 10:54:50 am
34955Adrienne Van Horn36F54:36.410:25.3Sat Mar 16th 10:55:33 am
35874Steph Phillips44F54:39.310:25.8Sat Mar 16th 10:55:36 am
36984Brian Stanesewski45M55:08.110:31.3Sat Mar 16th 10:56:05 am
37983Steve Clarin60M55:10.410:31.8Sat Mar 16th 10:56:07 am
38942Bob Kolczaski49M57:01.510:53.0Sat Mar 16th 10:57:58 am
39842Patty Coluzzi49F57:33.310:59.0Sat Mar 16th 10:58:30 am
40953REBECCA AMBLE41F1:02:15.011:52.8Sat Mar 16th 10:56:56 am
41954MARSHA ZEGLIS64F1:04:44.112:21.2Sat Mar 16th 11:05:41 am
42952JANINE SOBIN56F1:04:44.312:21.3Sat Mar 16th 11:05:41 am
43845Brittany Coluzzi27F1:07:21.812:51.3Sat Mar 16th 11:08:19 am
44873Marisa Wilts40F1:13:42.314:03.9Sat Mar 16th 11:14:39 am
45875Manessa Trench45F1:13:42.414:04.0Sat Mar 16th 11:14:39 am
46932Linda Walter66F1:16:59.714:41.6Sat Mar 16th 10:57:21 am

Event Information
Name of Event:SRR Couples Team
Distance:5.24 Miles
Started Date/Time:Saturday March 16th, 2019, 10:00:57.25 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:SRR Solo
Distance:5.24 Miles
Started Date/Time:Saturday March 16th, 2019, 10:00:57.25 am
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