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December 7th, 2019
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Race Information
Race Name:Kettle Moraine Endurance Races 100/100k/50k/38 mile run run
State:Wisconsin, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Kettle Moraine 100m
Distance:100 Miles
Started Date/Time:Saturday June 1st, 2019, 5:59:59.29 am
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Checkpoint:Bluff Road Inbound 1
Distance:55.6 Miles
Gun Start Time:Saturday June 1st, 2019 5:59:59.29 am
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Pos Race
1222Jon Noll34M8:31:16.19:11.7Sat Jun 1st 2:31:15 pm
2125DAVID HANSEN33M9:03:15.69:46.3Sat Jun 1st 3:03:14 pm
3169Jonathan Koscinski38M9:35:28.710:21.0Sat Jun 1st 3:35:27 pm
4186James Luebke36M9:46:05.210:32.5Sat Jun 1st 3:46:04 pm
5157Jason Keeler36M9:49:02.510:35.7Sat Jun 1st 3:49:01 pm
6139Michael Hinterberg40M10:05:29.110:53.4Sat Jun 1st 4:05:28 pm
7322Lisa Wonneberg38F10:18:07.411:07.0Sat Jun 1st 4:18:06 pm
8134Lindsay Henkels39F10:18:23.311:07.3Sat Jun 1st 4:18:22 pm
9126Jon Hanson42M10:21:59.711:11.2Sat Jun 1st 4:21:59 pm
1044Stacey Buckley43F10:27:26.111:17.1Sat Jun 1st 4:27:25 pm
11246Tom Rauen36M10:27:36.211:17.3Sat Jun 1st 4:27:35 pm
12164Scott Klopfenstein48M10:28:31.411:18.3Sat Jun 1st 4:28:30 pm
13173Jon Laack33M10:32:10.511:22.2Sat Jun 1st 4:32:09 pm
14110Bibo Gao41F10:37:14.811:27.7Sat Jun 1st 4:37:14 pm
15201Abe Mendoza42M10:40:27.711:31.1Sat Jun 1st 4:40:26 pm
1638Curt brey39M10:41:17.011:32.0Sat Jun 1st 4:41:16 pm
17215Peeter Muursepp49M10:49:55.711:41.4Sat Jun 1st 4:49:55 pm
1832Jamie Blumentritt31F10:50:01.611:41.5Sat Jun 1st 4:50:00 pm
1958Emily Collins40F10:51:56.211:43.5Sat Jun 1st 4:51:55 pm
202Timothy Adamski30M10:52:33.911:44.2Sat Jun 1st 4:52:33 pm
21299John Truelove51M10:54:38.811:46.5Sat Jun 1st 4:54:38 pm
22255Mike Rohner39M10:56:23.711:48.3Sat Jun 1st 4:56:22 pm
23325Keith Wurm39M10:59:12.511:51.4Sat Jun 1st 4:59:11 pm
24282Anthony Steeno39M11:00:45.311:53.0Sat Jun 1st 5:00:44 pm
25301David Ulbert61M11:03:45.611:56.3Sat Jun 1st 5:03:44 pm
26135Lucas Henson34M11:05:05.111:57.7Sat Jun 1st 5:05:04 pm
271William Abel46M11:07:50.012:00.7Sat Jun 1st 5:07:49 pm
28153Brian Jubeck42M11:07:57.812:00.8Sat Jun 1st 5:07:57 pm
2920Jeffrey Lenard53M11:11:47.112:04.9Sat Jun 1st 5:11:46 pm
30315Christine Westcott49F11:12:57.812:06.2Sat Jun 1st 5:12:57 pm
31309Mike Wallin35M11:16:39.112:10.2Sat Jun 1st 5:16:38 pm
32117Matt Granstrom40M11:16:53.112:10.5Sat Jun 1st 5:16:52 pm
33312Frayah Wasmund34F11:17:06.512:10.7Sat Jun 1st 5:17:05 pm
34266Mike Schmitt42M11:18:27.712:12.2Sat Jun 1st 5:18:26 pm
3555Anthony Ciske41M11:20:04.312:13.9Sat Jun 1st 5:20:03 pm
36217ERIC NELSON42M11:22:13.512:16.2Sat Jun 1st 5:22:12 pm
37122Peter Hancovsky22M11:22:34.012:16.6Sat Jun 1st 5:22:33 pm
3885Chris Dwyer39M11:24:47.212:19.0Sat Jun 1st 5:24:46 pm
39276David Smith38M11:25:30.312:19.8Sat Jun 1st 5:25:29 pm
4075Tammy Davis40F11:26:23.812:20.7Sat Jun 1st 5:26:23 pm
41176Tim Landewe45M11:26:28.412:20.8Sat Jun 1st 5:26:27 pm
4223Andrew Barr31M11:33:49.312:28.7Sat Jun 1st 5:33:48 pm
4350Miguel Carreon52M11:35:12.412:30.2Sat Jun 1st 5:35:11 pm
44104Jennifer Freeman38F11:35:21.012:30.4Sat Jun 1st 5:35:20 pm
4583John Duncombe42M11:36:56.012:32.1Sat Jun 1st 5:36:55 pm
46150Ray Johnson40M11:36:58.712:32.1Sat Jun 1st 5:36:58 pm
4760Jess Conboy38M11:37:18.412:32.5Sat Jun 1st 5:37:17 pm
4870Jason Crowe46M11:40:25.512:35.9Sat Jun 1st 5:40:24 pm
49260Barry Sackett50M11:42:13.512:37.8Sat Jun 1st 5:42:12 pm
5072Kristen Cwik41F11:44:06.012:39.8Sat Jun 1st 5:44:05 pm
51298Ashley Truan35F11:44:58.212:40.8Sat Jun 1st 5:44:57 pm
52148Tony Jensen30M11:46:19.512:42.2Sat Jun 1st 5:46:18 pm
5347Rachel Burke34F11:48:03.512:44.1Sat Jun 1st 5:48:02 pm
5477Relena Del Toro Ribbons32F11:49:49.212:46.0Sat Jun 1st 5:49:48 pm
55138Jason Herrboldt40M11:52:58.512:49.4Sat Jun 1st 5:52:57 pm
56171Predrag Krkic64M11:53:07.812:49.6Sat Jun 1st 5:53:07 pm
57278Mark Smith40M11:53:15.412:49.7Sat Jun 1st 5:53:14 pm
58245Tony Rajkowski41M11:54:18.412:50.8Sat Jun 1st 5:54:17 pm
59184Erika Lohn46F11:55:50.612:52.5Sat Jun 1st 5:55:49 pm
60141Russell House22M11:57:04.612:53.8Sat Jun 1st 5:57:03 pm
61219Kurt Neumann44M11:57:30.112:54.3Sat Jun 1st 5:57:29 pm
6215James Baetz41M11:57:32.012:54.3Sat Jun 1st 5:57:31 pm
63136Ilja Herdt35M11:59:11.212:56.1Sat Jun 1st 5:59:10 pm
6488Jen Even34F11:59:37.312:56.6Sat Jun 1st 5:59:36 pm
65182Jeff Leuwerke38M11:59:47.112:56.7Sat Jun 1st 5:59:46 pm
6682Craig Duhn43M12:05:05.813:02.5Sat Jun 1st 6:05:05 pm
67209Kyle Moss28M12:05:46.013:03.2Sat Jun 1st 6:05:45 pm
68127Gina Harcrow47F12:09:08.313:06.8Sat Jun 1st 6:09:07 pm
69181Lori Leonard57F12:11:29.713:09.4Sat Jun 1st 6:11:28 pm
70241Bryan Powers51M12:14:15.413:12.4Sat Jun 1st 6:14:14 pm
71256Moriel Rothman-Zecher29M12:14:21.813:12.5Sat Jun 1st 6:14:21 pm
72251Parker Rios52M12:14:31.813:12.7Sat Jun 1st 6:14:31 pm
7352Brian Cavanaugh38M12:14:48.013:13.0Sat Jun 1st 6:14:47 pm
74310Ronghui Wang51M12:20:27.113:19.0Sat Jun 1st 6:20:26 pm
7551Steven Kuntz41M12:24:22.713:23.3Sat Jun 1st 6:24:22 pm
76196Candice McMackin46F12:24:51.113:23.8Sat Jun 1st 6:24:50 pm
77147Christian Jensen41M12:25:37.713:24.6Sat Jun 1st 6:25:36 pm
78318Brad Whitson55M12:26:38.113:25.7Sat Jun 1st 6:26:37 pm
7911Jon Archer35M12:30:40.613:30.1Sat Jun 1st 6:30:39 pm
80214Steve Murray55M12:31:04.613:30.5Sat Jun 1st 6:31:03 pm
81233Jake Peterson29M12:31:06.513:30.5Sat Jun 1st 6:31:05 pm
82235Josh Phillips38M12:32:15.813:31.8Sat Jun 1st 6:32:15 pm
83206Matt Monroe47M12:32:19.713:31.9Sat Jun 1st 6:32:19 pm
84154David Just59M12:32:36.413:32.2Sat Jun 1st 6:32:35 pm
8586Stefan Elbel46M12:37:09.513:37.1Sat Jun 1st 6:37:08 pm
86179Matthew Lee40M12:37:16.413:37.2Sat Jun 1st 6:37:15 pm
87313Brian Wean37M12:38:30.413:38.5Sat Jun 1st 6:38:29 pm
8840Kurt Brown52M12:39:00.413:39.1Sat Jun 1st 6:38:59 pm
89140Laura Hoban39F12:39:35.313:39.7Sat Jun 1st 6:39:34 pm
90119Andy Hahn35M12:41:06.313:41.3Sat Jun 1st 6:41:05 pm
91103Steve Fredrickson39M12:42:45.313:43.1Sat Jun 1st 6:42:44 pm
92118Lanier Greenhaw48M12:43:01.813:43.4Sat Jun 1st 6:43:01 pm
93225Charlie Ortiz39M12:44:18.013:44.8Sat Jun 1st 6:44:17 pm
94174Joshua Lacey34M12:44:30.613:45.0Sat Jun 1st 6:44:29 pm
95146Stacy Jantz27F12:45:22.013:45.9Sat Jun 1st 6:45:21 pm
9649Ausra Butkeviciute42F12:45:24.213:46.0Sat Jun 1st 6:45:23 pm
9778Paul Deuchar43M12:47:00.013:47.7Sat Jun 1st 6:46:59 pm
98144stephanie hurtado38F12:51:26.013:52.5Sat Jun 1st 6:51:25 pm
99288Paul Swindle39M12:52:47.313:53.9Sat Jun 1st 6:52:46 pm
100195Shannon McFarland43M12:52:51.313:54.0Sat Jun 1st 6:52:50 pm
101314Tim Wegner53M12:52:54.013:54.1Sat Jun 1st 6:52:53 pm
102317Tony Weyers49M12:54:10.913:55.4Sat Jun 1st 6:54:10 pm
103223Faye Norby37F12:54:26.713:55.7Sat Jun 1st 6:54:26 pm
104244Erik Raivo35M12:54:27.313:55.7Sat Jun 1st 6:54:26 pm
105226Adam Page35M12:54:44.013:56.0Sat Jun 1st 6:54:43 pm
10622Shaun Barnes47M12:54:54.113:56.2Sat Jun 1st 6:54:53 pm
10727Brandon Becker42M12:54:55.213:56.2Sat Jun 1st 6:54:54 pm
10819Laney Baris44F12:55:24.313:56.8Sat Jun 1st 6:55:23 pm
109277Malcolm Smith56M12:57:26.513:59.0Sat Jun 1st 6:57:25 pm
110296Jaymz Touchstone51M12:59:14.814:00.9Sat Jun 1st 6:59:14 pm
1116Alisha Alness32F12:59:21.514:01.0Sat Jun 1st 6:59:20 pm
112191Panagiotis MALLIARIS53M12:59:24.514:01.1Sat Jun 1st 6:59:23 pm
11393Bryan Fillman47M13:00:00.814:01.7Sat Jun 1st 7:00:00 pm
114237Richard Plezia60M13:00:21.514:02.1Sat Jun 1st 7:00:20 pm
115203Scott Meyers51M13:01:09.314:03.0Sat Jun 1st 7:01:08 pm
116248Jessica Rettig40F13:05:25.014:07.6Sat Jun 1st 7:05:24 pm
117102Douglas Franklin38M13:05:34.914:07.8Sat Jun 1st 7:05:34 pm
11892David Files44M13:09:11.414:11.6Sat Jun 1st 7:09:10 pm
119208William Morrissey37M13:10:31.414:13.1Sat Jun 1st 7:10:30 pm
12021Michael Barnaby36M13:11:24.014:14.0Sat Jun 1st 7:11:23 pm
121243Meghan Prohaska30F13:11:33.714:14.2Sat Jun 1st 7:11:33 pm
122304Tim Vanderhoof51M13:13:19.314:16.1Sat Jun 1st 7:13:18 pm
12371Bill Curry39M13:13:31.114:16.3Sat Jun 1st 7:13:30 pm
124303Brent Vanderhoof48M13:13:39.614:16.5Sat Jun 1st 7:13:38 pm
125291Jennifer Thoennes37F13:13:48.614:16.6Sat Jun 1st 7:13:47 pm
12669Jamie Crouse39F13:16:36.414:19.6Sat Jun 1st 7:16:35 pm
127275Jason Shrontz39M13:17:32.114:20.6Sat Jun 1st 7:17:31 pm
12874Heather Davenport52F13:18:45.614:22.0Sat Jun 1st 7:18:44 pm
129202David Mentjes49M13:20:49.214:24.2Sat Jun 1st 7:20:48 pm
1309Jeremy Anderson45M13:21:11.414:24.6Sat Jun 1st 7:21:10 pm
131213Morgan Murphy42M13:21:31.514:25.0Sat Jun 1st 7:21:30 pm
132252Mary Rittgers38F13:22:07.014:25.6Sat Jun 1st 7:22:06 pm
13317Christopher Baldwin46M13:22:30.714:26.0Sat Jun 1st 7:22:29 pm
134239Matthew Poore38M13:22:37.614:26.1Sat Jun 1st 7:22:36 pm
1357Cheryl Anderson46F13:24:16.014:27.9Sat Jun 1st 7:24:15 pm
136161Mike Kenney41M13:24:20.414:28.0Sat Jun 1st 7:24:19 pm
137293Barry Thrune43M13:24:24.314:28.1Sat Jun 1st 7:24:23 pm
138207Erik Morrell42M13:24:27.914:28.1Sat Jun 1st 7:24:27 pm
139167nathan koehn40M13:25:48.714:29.6Sat Jun 1st 7:25:47 pm
140123Geoff Hanley43M13:28:30.814:32.5Sat Jun 1st 7:28:30 pm
141193Gregory Marshall29M13:30:44.614:34.9Sat Jun 1st 7:30:43 pm
142112Matt Goff32M13:31:29.614:35.7Sat Jun 1st 7:31:28 pm
14329Nicole Bernardin39F13:31:36.414:35.8Sat Jun 1st 7:31:35 pm
144113Jeff Goodmanson56M13:33:18.514:37.7Sat Jun 1st 7:33:17 pm
14573Ronnie Daniel49M13:34:02.914:38.5Sat Jun 1st 7:34:02 pm
14653Todd Chandler51M13:34:24.314:38.9Sat Jun 1st 7:34:23 pm
147284Scott Stith37M13:34:25.714:38.9Sat Jun 1st 7:34:24 pm
148204Jonathan Mireles35M13:34:59.114:39.5Sat Jun 1st 7:34:58 pm
149230Jason Patera43M13:35:11.414:39.7Sat Jun 1st 7:35:10 pm
15035Hope Bollig39F13:35:50.714:40.4Sat Jun 1st 7:35:50 pm
15143Becky Brudwick52F13:35:52.914:40.4Sat Jun 1st 7:35:52 pm
152227John Papiernik34M13:38:34.814:43.4Sat Jun 1st 7:38:34 pm
15387Mike Elsbury35M13:38:35.714:43.4Sat Jun 1st 7:38:35 pm
154212Andrew Murphy35M13:38:38.014:43.4Sat Jun 1st 7:38:37 pm
155172Jason Kumlien49M13:39:14.514:44.1Sat Jun 1st 7:39:13 pm
156143jeremy hurm42M13:39:39.114:44.5Sat Jun 1st 7:39:38 pm
157279Philip Spicer28M13:44:01.114:49.2Sat Jun 1st 7:44:00 pm
158100Sara Foster43F13:44:15.214:49.5Sat Jun 1st 7:44:14 pm
15942Jason Brozek39M13:45:51.714:51.2Sat Jun 1st 7:45:51 pm
16016Corey Baker49M13:46:36.814:52.0Sat Jun 1st 7:46:36 pm
161268Trudi Schoening40F13:48:01.314:53.5Sat Jun 1st 7:48:00 pm
16291Troy Figgins49M13:48:05.214:53.6Sat Jun 1st 7:48:04 pm
163218Mark Nelson50M13:50:30.914:56.2Sat Jun 1st 7:50:30 pm
164106austin frion36M13:50:44.114:56.5Sat Jun 1st 7:50:43 pm
165142Laura Hufschmidt38F13:56:06.715:02.3Sat Jun 1st 7:56:05 pm
166250Michael Riordan35M13:56:29.615:02.7Sat Jun 1st 7:56:28 pm
167128Jaime Hardgrove39F13:56:31.815:02.7Sat Jun 1st 7:56:31 pm
168311Ryan Wanless41M13:57:08.715:03.4Sat Jun 1st 7:57:07 pm
169192Nick Mariotti40M13:57:13.215:03.5Sat Jun 1st 7:57:12 pm
170283Sharleen Stevens36F13:57:16.615:03.5Sat Jun 1st 7:57:15 pm
171319Kim Willison49F13:58:20.815:04.7Sat Jun 1st 7:58:20 pm
172269Ann Scholl49F13:58:21.515:04.7Sat Jun 1st 7:58:20 pm
17363Ryan Cooper43M13:58:31.815:04.9Sat Jun 1st 7:58:31 pm
174228Michael Parker34M14:00:01.815:06.5Sat Jun 1st 8:00:01 pm
175200Ryan Menard45M14:00:12.415:06.7Sat Jun 1st 8:00:11 pm
17696Jeremy Fischer42M14:00:42.315:07.2Sat Jun 1st 8:00:41 pm
17746Lucy Burke44F14:00:45.815:07.3Sat Jun 1st 8:00:45 pm
178152Jimmy Jones40M14:01:35.615:08.2Sat Jun 1st 8:01:34 pm
179211Peter Mulligan53M14:01:45.115:08.4Sat Jun 1st 8:01:44 pm
180265Dustin Schmidt33M14:03:49.215:10.6Sat Jun 1st 8:03:48 pm
18195David Fischer56M14:04:16.315:11.1Sat Jun 1st 8:04:15 pm
182292Paul Thomson45M14:04:19.815:11.1Sat Jun 1st 8:04:19 pm
18328Tim Belleau53M14:04:31.815:11.4Sat Jun 1st 8:04:31 pm
184270Liz Schumacher37F14:04:41.115:11.5Sat Jun 1st 8:04:40 pm
185329Tammy Zyduck54F14:05:38.615:12.6Sat Jun 1st 8:05:37 pm
186316Trent Wester34M14:07:24.315:14.5Sat Jun 1st 8:07:23 pm
18713Todd Arnold39M14:07:40.515:14.8Sat Jun 1st 8:07:39 pm
188194Evan McDoniels37M14:07:47.815:14.9Sat Jun 1st 8:07:47 pm
18910Scott Anderson37M14:08:37.315:15.8Sat Jun 1st 8:08:36 pm
190264Nick Schaid34M14:08:41.715:15.9Sat Jun 1st 8:08:41 pm
19176Sonya Decker52F14:10:16.115:17.6Sat Jun 1st 8:10:15 pm
192145Scott Irwin54M14:10:21.515:17.7Sat Jun 1st 8:10:20 pm
1933Paul Ahearn47M14:10:37.215:17.9Sat Jun 1st 8:10:36 pm
194180Aurora LeMay31F14:12:34.115:20.0Sat Jun 1st 8:12:33 pm
195305Nikki Vapensky Marvel49F14:15:20.015:23.0Sat Jun 1st 8:15:19 pm
196238Daria Podejko46F14:15:46.715:23.5Sat Jun 1st 8:15:46 pm
197259Daryl Saari56M14:16:39.815:24.5Sat Jun 1st 8:16:39 pm
198197todd mcmillion54M14:19:18.915:27.3Sat Jun 1st 8:19:18 pm
19939Linda Britz49F14:19:29.715:27.5Sat Jun 1st 8:19:29 pm
200262Kevin Sas35M14:19:38.515:27.7Sat Jun 1st 8:19:37 pm
20137Ryan Borucki41M14:19:44.315:27.8Sat Jun 1st 8:19:43 pm
20297Tara Flesch40F14:21:26.415:29.6Sat Jun 1st 8:21:25 pm
203273Shawn Severson46F14:21:27.915:29.6Sat Jun 1st 8:21:27 pm
204272Dan-O Semsel52M14:21:48.115:30.0Sat Jun 1st 8:21:47 pm
205107Jeni Funk-Miller50F14:22:25.215:30.7Sat Jun 1st 8:22:24 pm
206263Geni Scalio48F14:22:25.915:30.7Sat Jun 1st 8:22:25 pm
207289Christopher Tebeau48M14:23:16.615:31.6Sat Jun 1st 8:23:15 pm
208247Barry Reece49M14:28:30.515:37.2Sat Jun 1st 8:28:29 pm
209210Jen Mullen45F14:29:00.915:37.8Sat Jun 1st 8:29:00 pm
21067Gary Craig31M14:31:15.115:40.2Sat Jun 1st 8:31:14 pm
211111Megan Gibson39F14:31:37.715:40.6Sat Jun 1st 8:31:36 pm
212286Stephen Strauss64M14:32:11.215:41.2Sat Jun 1st 8:32:10 pm
213149Nathan Johnson36M14:35:35.815:44.9Sat Jun 1st 8:35:35 pm
2148Jay Anderson46M14:36:38.015:46.0Sat Jun 1st 8:36:37 pm
215205Andrew Mitchel55M14:36:54.315:46.3Sat Jun 1st 8:36:53 pm
216258Ritzy Running23F14:37:20.015:46.8Sat Jun 1st 8:37:19 pm
217137Jen Herdzina31F14:38:11.715:47.7Sat Jun 1st 8:38:10 pm
2184Sevil Aksoy36F14:40:39.815:50.4Sat Jun 1st 8:40:39 pm
219129Josh Harris33M14:42:42.215:52.6Sat Jun 1st 8:42:41 pm
22012Anjanette Arnold43F14:44:50.015:54.9Sat Jun 1st 8:44:49 pm
221216Mack Naber35M14:45:51.915:56.0Sat Jun 1st 8:45:51 pm
222295Joel Toews41M14:46:39.015:56.8Sat Jun 1st 8:46:38 pm
223198COLE MCNABB31M14:48:45.615:59.1Sat Jun 1st 8:48:44 pm
224254arturo Rodriguez42M14:49:14.415:59.6Sat Jun 1st 8:49:13 pm
22556Ryan Clayton35M14:49:25.115:59.8Sat Jun 1st 8:49:24 pm
226321torrey wilson28F14:54:00.616:04.8Sat Jun 1st 8:53:59 pm
227294John Tiwet52M14:55:28.716:06.3Sat Jun 1st 8:55:27 pm
228165Leigh Knaus38F14:56:05.516:07.0Sat Jun 1st 8:56:04 pm
229166Kendra Kneer38F14:56:07.516:07.0Sat Jun 1st 8:56:06 pm
23018Angela Barbera58F14:56:20.716:07.3Sat Jun 1st 8:56:20 pm
231170Randy Kreill56M15:00:09.616:11.4Sat Jun 1st 9:00:08 pm
232115Kelli Gorski39F15:01:08.316:12.5Sat Jun 1st 9:01:07 pm
233267Andy Schmitz41M15:05:19.516:17.0Sat Jun 1st 9:05:18 pm
234130Jason Hastings47M15:08:25.716:20.3Sat Jun 1st 9:08:25 pm
235177Brian Landstrom67M15:08:35.116:20.5Sat Jun 1st 9:08:34 pm
23634Irina Boggie-Miloserdova59F15:08:41.916:20.6Sat Jun 1st 9:08:41 pm
237308Erica Wagner32F15:10:55.616:23.0Sat Jun 1st 9:10:54 pm
23880John Doyle58M15:14:08.716:26.5Sat Jun 1st 9:14:08 pm
239253Tara Roberts39F15:16:21.516:28.9Sat Jun 1st 9:16:20 pm
24048Susan Bush51F15:21:21.316:34.3Sat Jun 1st 9:21:20 pm
241131Shannon Haus48M15:22:17.616:35.3Sat Jun 1st 9:22:16 pm
24265Carleen Coulter52F15:23:10.216:36.2Sat Jun 1st 9:23:09 pm
243187Jeffery Lung40M15:23:51.116:37.0Sat Jun 1st 9:23:50 pm
244306Edna Jackeline Vazquez Lung37F15:24:17.616:37.4Sat Jun 1st 9:24:16 pm
245190Elizabeth Male28F15:25:09.016:38.4Sat Jun 1st 9:25:08 pm
2465Richard Albanese46M15:27:07.116:40.5Sat Jun 1st 9:27:06 pm
247189Jennifer Majewski35F15:29:33.216:43.1Sat Jun 1st 9:29:32 pm
248229Philip Parsons40M15:29:53.516:43.5Sat Jun 1st 9:29:52 pm
249324Kenny Wunder42M15:33:23.716:47.3Sat Jun 1st 9:33:22 pm
25066Ezra Coutre30M15:33:25.416:47.3Sat Jun 1st 9:33:24 pm
25162Jim Cooper50M15:37:30.816:51.7Sat Jun 1st 9:37:30 pm
252249Kimmy Riley58F15:39:46.016:54.1Sat Jun 1st 9:39:45 pm
253323Karen Wray54F15:43:37.016:58.3Sat Jun 1st 9:43:36 pm
254108Carl Galdine46M15:43:39.916:58.3Sat Jun 1st 9:43:39 pm
255116Joe Gow56M15:43:41.516:58.4Sat Jun 1st 9:43:40 pm
25664Daniel Cordova40M15:43:43.316:58.4Sat Jun 1st 9:43:42 pm
257281Josh Stebbins32M15:43:49.916:58.5Sat Jun 1st 9:43:49 pm
258133jon hendren57M15:44:47.916:59.6Sat Jun 1st 9:44:47 pm
259257Jeffrey Ruiz53M15:48:00.517:03.0Sat Jun 1st 9:47:59 pm
260121Becca Hamm McMillan30F15:48:50.117:03.9Sat Jun 1st 9:48:49 pm
261326Salli Scott Young46F15:59:10.517:15.1Sat Jun 1st 9:59:09 pm
262320Dennis wilson61M16:04:59.317:21.4Sat Jun 1st 10:04:58 pm
263240REGAN POURCHOT59M16:08:22.117:25.0Sat Jun 1st 10:08:21 pm
264185Radek Lopusnik45M16:10:08.517:26.9Sat Jun 1st 10:10:07 pm
265242Noah Praetz42M16:11:39.617:28.6Sat Jun 1st 10:11:38 pm
266183Nile Limbach25M16:23:15.217:41.1Sat Jun 1st 10:23:14 pm
267175Traci Lambert-Cwerenz58F16:23:24.117:41.2Sat Jun 1st 10:23:23 pm
268158Evie Kellogg39F17:52:19.719:17.2Sat Jun 1st 11:52:19 pm

Event Information
Name of Event:Kettle Moraine 100k
Distance:100 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday June 1st, 2019, 5:59:59.29 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:Kettle Team Relay
Distance:100 Miles
Started Date/Time:Saturday June 1st, 2019, 5:59:59.29 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:Kettle Moraine 50k
Distance:50 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Saturday June 1st, 2019, 1:00:00.20 pm
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Event Information
Name of Event:Kettle 38 mile Fun Run
Distance:38 Miles
Scheduled Date/Time:Saturday June 1, 2019, 5:30 pm
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