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Race Information
Race Name:River Grove FOP 5K
Location:River Grove
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:River Grove FOP 5K
Distance:5 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Sunday June 9th, 2019, 8:29:54.75 am
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Distance:3.107 Miles
Gun Start Time:Sunday June 9th, 2019 8:29:54.75 am
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Pos Race
1343Brixtan Rill23M16:10.75:12.4Sun Jun 9th 8:46:05 am
2212jonathan cain37M18:00.45:47.7Sun Jun 9th 8:47:55 am
3338Romel Melesio52M18:52.56:04.5Sun Jun 9th 8:48:47 am
4313Jose I. Vargas46M19:01.46:07.4Sun Jun 9th 8:48:56 am
5350Grayden Rill14M19:05.66:08.7Sun Jun 9th 8:49:00 am
6317Brandon Pounders15M19:59.36:26.0Sun Jun 9th 8:49:54 am
7309Caroline Young19F20:27.76:35.1Sun Jun 9th 8:50:22 am
8331Blala Boeing28M20:35.16:37.5Sun Jun 9th 8:50:29 am
9333Karl Krumsieg62M21:07.76:48.0Sun Jun 9th 8:51:02 am
10325Jeff Giffin50M21:49.17:01.3Sun Jun 9th 8:51:43 am
11332Katherine Hinjosa21F22:15.47:09.8Sun Jun 9th 8:52:10 am
12305Carlos Viramontes55M22:22.77:12.1Sun Jun 9th 8:52:17 am
13340William Dyker12M22:55.87:22.8Sun Jun 9th 8:52:50 am
14287Vincent Santucci45M23:19.17:30.3Sun Jun 9th 8:53:13 am
15336Wojciech Sikora52M23:48.07:39.6Sun Jun 9th 8:53:42 am
16312Luis A. Gomez51M23:50.77:40.5Sun Jun 9th 8:53:45 am
17321Gabriel Olvera34F24:10.37:46.8Sun Jun 9th 8:54:05 am
18276Michael O'Neill14M24:19.07:49.6Sun Jun 9th 8:54:13 am
19277Carolyn Olsen53F24:25.97:51.8Sun Jun 9th 8:54:20 am
20334Francisco Castrejon67M24:29.67:53.0Sun Jun 9th 8:54:24 am
21322Wyatt Hoffman11M24:51.98:00.2Sun Jun 9th 8:54:46 am
22229Hille Sennott23F24:56.38:01.6Sun Jun 9th 8:54:51 am
23315Israel Cabrera54M25:12.88:06.9Sun Jun 9th 8:55:07 am
24320Domingo Carvajal62M25:27.98:11.8Sun Jun 9th 8:55:22 am
25222Matthew Demos35M25:28.18:11.8Sun Jun 9th 8:55:22 am
26283Virginia Roth47F25:46.08:17.6Sun Jun 9th 8:55:40 am
27328Frank Oplawski37M26:13.78:26.5Sun Jun 9th 8:56:08 am
28254Suzie Kwan45F26:21.08:28.8Sun Jun 9th 8:56:15 am
29316Jose Flores50M26:23.48:29.6Sun Jun 9th 8:56:18 am
30234Roy Golden61M26:26.78:30.7Sun Jun 9th 8:56:21 am
31323Nicki Hoffman41F26:33.78:33.0Sun Jun 9th 8:56:28 am
32330Vess Patarinski64M26:36.58:33.8Sun Jun 9th 8:56:31 am
33337Ryan Sikora22M26:36.58:33.8Sun Jun 9th 8:56:31 am
34249Colin Kelty32M27:35.88:52.9Sun Jun 9th 8:57:30 am
35285Brianna Santucci11F27:41.78:54.8Sun Jun 9th 8:57:36 am
36241Debra Hamilton65F27:56.18:59.5Sun Jun 9th 8:57:50 am
37227Manuel Diaz60M28:18.69:06.7Sun Jun 9th 8:58:13 am
38327Gilberto Martinez31M28:28.79:10.0Sun Jun 9th 8:58:23 am
39221Perla Delgado44F28:47.09:15.9Sun Jun 9th 8:58:41 am
40226Eric Diamond60M28:51.59:17.3Sun Jun 9th 8:58:46 am
41299Julie Tarpey28F29:21.99:27.1Sun Jun 9th 8:59:16 am
42244Lizet Hernandez33F29:53.59:37.3Sun Jun 9th 8:59:48 am
43243Giovana Hernandez35F29:53.69:37.3Sun Jun 9th 8:59:48 am
44319Mabel Carvajal38F30:19.59:45.6Sun Jun 9th 9:00:14 am
45257ERIN LECH34F30:36.09:50.9Sun Jun 9th 9:00:30 am
46348Daryl K. Howell, Jr.28M30:58.39:58.1Sun Jun 9th 9:00:53 am
47298Gabriela Syper12F31:04.510:00.1Sun Jun 9th 9:00:59 am
48240Lauren Guerin34F31:09.810:01.8Sun Jun 9th 9:01:04 am
49310Joseph Sopce65M31:20.510:05.3Sun Jun 9th 9:01:15 am
50210Lidia Bustamante36F31:26.710:07.2Sun Jun 9th 9:01:21 am
51236Francisco Grijalva37M31:41.010:11.8Sun Jun 9th 9:01:35 am
52250Andrea Kosten32F31:46.110:13.5Sun Jun 9th 9:01:40 am
53349Salvador Carrera67M31:57.310:17.1Sun Jun 9th 9:01:52 am
54318Connie Ivan63F31:59.010:17.7Sun Jun 9th 9:01:53 am
55230Leo Flores54M32:06.110:19.9Sun Jun 9th 9:02:00 am
56279Daniella Reeves-Walsh13F32:18.610:23.9Sun Jun 9th 9:02:13 am
57261Joe Matise38M32:21.010:24.7Sun Jun 9th 9:02:15 am
58342Bob Chadwick78M32:24.410:25.8Sun Jun 9th 9:02:19 am
59263Matthew T. McBrien14M32:30.810:27.9Sun Jun 9th 9:02:25 am
60268Robert Moore Matise7M32:33.210:28.7Sun Jun 9th 9:02:27 am
61203Kimberly Asta48F32:37.010:29.9Sun Jun 9th 9:02:31 am
62211Eva Byerley35F33:10.010:40.5Sun Jun 9th 9:03:04 am
63300Thomas Tarpey28M33:11.010:40.8Sun Jun 9th 9:03:05 am
64224Maria devogelear35F33:35.810:48.8Sun Jun 9th 9:03:30 am
65301Magdalena Thomas46F34:23.711:04.2Sun Jun 9th 9:04:18 am
66339Bruce Dyker49M34:34.311:07.6Sun Jun 9th 9:04:29 am
67220Jerry DeFrancisco36M35:04.911:17.5Sun Jun 9th 9:04:59 am
68271Olive Morton6F36:10.511:38.6Sun Jun 9th 9:06:05 am
69341Josh Morton36M36:11.311:38.8Sun Jun 9th 9:06:06 am
70251Paul Kozelsky35M36:17.211:40.7Sun Jun 9th 9:06:11 am
71209Jagoda Bobran39F37:15.211:59.4Sun Jun 9th 9:07:09 am
72253Susan Kross62F37:22.412:01.7Sun Jun 9th 9:07:17 am
73256Matt Lantgen36M37:22.612:01.8Sun Jun 9th 9:07:17 am
74205Leland Bender6M37:23.312:02.0Sun Jun 9th 9:07:18 am
75225Kimmie Devore36F37:55.012:12.2Sun Jun 9th 9:07:49 am
76246Ryan JONES31M38:14.712:18.6Sun Jun 9th 9:08:09 am
77245Caitlin Johnson22F38:15.712:18.9Sun Jun 9th 9:08:10 am
78295Marcey Stachura61F38:26.012:22.2Sun Jun 9th 9:08:20 am
79347Ashley Howell26F38:42.612:27.6Sun Jun 9th 9:08:37 am
80306Michael Vlasak63M39:18.212:39.0Sun Jun 9th 9:09:12 am
81242Luke Hamilton24M39:35.112:44.4Sun Jun 9th 9:09:29 am
82248Matt Kelly34M39:36.912:45.0Sun Jun 9th 9:09:31 am
83311Kali Pawlik57M39:45.912:47.9Sun Jun 9th 9:09:40 am
84258Rodger Loni67M40:02.512:53.2Sun Jun 9th 9:09:57 am
85296conrad stonich71M40:05.212:54.1Sun Jun 9th 9:09:59 am
86284Rob Samuelson30M40:13.712:56.9Sun Jun 9th 9:10:08 am
87233Natalia Gabryel9F40:28.813:01.7Sun Jun 9th 9:10:23 am
88232Michal Gabryel37M40:28.913:01.7Sun Jun 9th 9:10:23 am
89231Barbara Gabryel37F40:43.613:06.5Sun Jun 9th 9:10:38 am
90223Mary Desparrois60F41:02.013:12.4Sun Jun 9th 9:10:56 am
91326Kirstie Pziwlik27F41:07.813:14.3Sun Jun 9th 9:11:02 am
92255Lora Lantgen36F41:12.113:15.6Sun Jun 9th 9:11:06 am
93345Robert Conway35M41:19.313:18.0Sun Jun 9th 9:11:14 am
94346Alexis Conway8F41:20.113:18.2Sun Jun 9th 9:11:14 am
95289Terri Sheridan32F41:22.713:19.1Sun Jun 9th 9:11:17 am
96324Mallory Machala17F43:03.213:51.4Sun Jun 9th 9:12:57 am
97302Jenny Turocy45F43:17.113:55.9Sun Jun 9th 9:13:11 am
98278CASSANDRA PYNAKKER42F43:58.314:09.1Sun Jun 9th 9:13:53 am
99273Katie Muellner42F44:25.114:17.8Sun Jun 9th 9:14:19 am
100303Shannon Turocy44M44:25.514:17.9Sun Jun 9th 9:14:20 am
101252Violet Kozelsky7F44:54.414:27.2Sun Jun 9th 9:14:49 am
102206Michaelene Bender42F45:20.214:35.5Sun Jun 9th 9:15:14 am
103264Morgan McDonald30F46:04.714:49.8Sun Jun 9th 9:15:59 am
104265Sherry McDonald58F46:11.014:51.9Sun Jun 9th 9:16:05 am
105272Anna Muellner14F47:53.415:24.8Sun Jun 9th 9:17:48 am
106217Sandra Cellitti42F47:53.515:24.9Sun Jun 9th 9:17:48 am
107215Shawn Campbell59F47:58.015:26.3Sun Jun 9th 9:17:52 am
108335Tom Kross57M47:58.715:26.5Sun Jun 9th 9:17:53 am
109314Mary Riordan71F49:18.315:52.1Sun Jun 9th 9:19:13 am
110286Lisa Santucci49F51:27.916:33.9Sun Jun 9th 9:21:22 am
111290Cathy Siracusa54F51:43.616:38.9Sun Jun 9th 9:21:38 am
112292Sofia Siracusa18F51:43.616:38.9Sun Jun 9th 9:21:38 am
113291Frank Siracusa55M51:43.916:39.0Sun Jun 9th 9:21:38 am
114293Bart Smith58M54:01.517:23.3Sun Jun 9th 9:23:56 am
115237Juliana Grijalva9F54:11.917:26.7Sun Jun 9th 9:24:06 am
116235Ariana Grijalva12F54:12.217:26.7Sun Jun 9th 9:24:06 am
117201Ana Alvarez37F54:12.817:26.9Sun Jun 9th 9:24:07 am
118213Brian Campbell26M54:15.917:27.9Sun Jun 9th 9:24:10 am
119208Lynn Bjorvik53F54:16.217:28.0Sun Jun 9th 9:24:10 am
120202Po Kwan72F55:29.017:51.5Sun Jun 9th 9:25:23 am
121282Jane Roth14F55:47.717:57.5Sun Jun 9th 9:25:42 am
122260Marjorie Manchen58F55:47.817:57.5Sun Jun 9th 9:25:42 am
123294Harry Smith83M55:48.817:57.8Sun Jun 9th 9:25:43 am
124247Ashley Kelly33F55:53.717:59.4Sun Jun 9th 9:25:48 am
125259Sharon Loni63F55:54.617:59.7Sun Jun 9th 9:25:49 am
126344Deidra Sawta59F55:58.718:01.0Sun Jun 9th 9:25:53 am
127239Diane Guerin63F55:59.718:01.3Sun Jun 9th 9:25:54 am
128214Molly Campbell24F56:06.318:03.4Sun Jun 9th 9:26:01 am
129207Bucky Bjorvik57M57:04.518:22.2Sun Jun 9th 9:26:59 am
130238Bruce Guerin68M57:04.918:22.3Sun Jun 9th 9:26:59 am
131262Laura McBrien48F57:58.618:39.6Sun Jun 9th 9:27:53 am
132275Gina O'Neill46F58:01.018:40.4Sun Jun 9th 9:27:55 am
133281Andrea Rodbro39F58:29.418:49.5Sun Jun 9th 9:28:24 am
134274Ed Nikowitz63M58:34.318:51.1Sun Jun 9th 9:28:29 am
135269Patricia Moran77F59:43.919:13.5Sun Jun 9th 9:29:38 am
136270Sherry Moran51F59:56.619:17.6Sun Jun 9th 9:29:51 am
137288Jan Schulz54F1:00:21.819:25.7Sun Jun 9th 9:30:16 am
138267Kelly Montana52F1:00:22.319:25.9Sun Jun 9th 9:30:17 am
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