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Race Information
Race Name:Chicago Full Moon Run - 2019
Location:Norwood Park - Chicago
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Chicago Full Moon 5-Km
Distance:5 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Wednesday July 17th, 2019, 7:32:20.29 pm
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This list of participants is ordered by name. List by: Race Number
Number Team Captain Age Category State /
Hometown Team Name
302David Aguirre45MILFranklin Park
303Heather Aguirre40FILFranklin Park
304Rebecca Aguirre17FILFranklin Park
305Patricia Ahern64FILCHICAGO
523John Anderson57MILChicago
306Paul Angarone65MilChicagoRiis Park Striders / Club
307Sylvia Angarone66FIlChicagoRiis Park Striders / Club
308Karen Asbra35FILEvanston
309Shane Asbra9MILEvanston
311Pamela Baly51FIlMount Prospect
312Bridget Bastian10FILWoodridge
313Emily Bastian41FILWoodridge
314Gabriella Bastian8FILWoodridge
315Jill Bastian40FIlStreamwood
316Joe Bastian54MILBatavia
317Nathan Bastian25MILChicago
318Shea Bastian21MILChicago i
319James Bastian JR51MILWoodridge
320Kelly Bateman55FILChicago
321Richard Beddome62MILChicago
322James Bleicher32MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
323Jeremy Bleichman46MIlHighland ParkNiles West Oakton Running / Club
324Kevin Bogner34MILChicagoDick Pond Racing / Club
325Jerry Brennan56MILEVANSTONEvanston Running / Club
326Laura Burstein52FILChicago
327STUART BURSTEIN68MILCHICAGOChicago Endurance Sports / Club
328Hank Caldwell84MILPark RidgeTrack and Trough Athletic Union / Club
329Lance Caldwell48MILChicagoTrack and Trough Athletic Union / Club
330Jackie Cichon29FILChicagoDick Pond Racing / Club
519Steve Cindric34MILChicagoDick Pond Racing / Club
331Danielle Cinkues26FILChicago
332Amy Cooley51FILChicagoRiis Park Striders / Club
333michael cramarosso58MILChicago
521Barry Cunningham34MILChicago
334Cathy Cunningham59FILchicago
335Dan Cunningham59MILChicago
517Danielle Cunningham32FILChicago
513Patrick Cunningham32MILChicago
336Maria DeFrancesco45FILChicago
337Uriel Delgado15MILElmwood ParkElmwood Park / School
338Emma Dennewitz15FILChicago
339Maria Devogelear35FILRiver Grove
340Anamika Dockens39FILChicago
341Jake Doerge16MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
342Kathleen Downey15FILPark RidgeSt Paul of the Cross / School
343Laura Downey18FILPark RidgeSt Paul of the Cross / School
344Marie Downey19FILPark RidgeSt Paul of the Cross / School
345Patti Downey52FILPARK RIDGEProof Positive / Club
346Julie Dufner41FILChicago
347Claude Dunkel47MILChicago
348Gladys Dunkel43FILChicago
349dan Durkin61MILChicago
510Bruce Dyker49MILChicagoSauganash Striders / Club
509William Dyker12MILChicagoSauganash Striders / Club
518Thomas Estka54MILChicago
350Synthia Fagen57FILChicago
351Phillip Ferenzi54MILMt. ProspectNiles West Oakton Running / Club
352Kelly Fergus12FILChicago
353Eileen Ferguson72FILChicagoRiis Park Striders / Club
301Jonnathan Fernandez20MILChicagoVon Steuben Athletics / School
514Bill Fitzgerald68MILProspect Heights
511Michael J Fleischhacker55MILChicagoRiis Park Striders / Club
354Jeffrey Fleitz48MILChicago
522Milo Flora12MILChicago
355Lisa Forchione30FIlChicago
356Randi Forrest62FILChicago
357Becky Gamino-Parrott49FILNorthbrook
358Jeff Giffin50MILEvanston
360Lou Gomez18MILElmwood parkElmwood Park / School
361Nancy Gonzalez36FILChicago
362Maggie Grabowski20FILPark Ridge
363Mike Grabowski56MILPark RidgeProof Positive / Club
364Sophie Grabowski19FILPark Ridge
365Ellie Grammas14FILNiles
366Franco Grisi15MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
367Lucas Guidone16MILChicago
368Jeff Hansen51MILChicago
369Laura Hansen38FILChicagoSt. Thecla / School
370John Hayden42MILMorton GroveNiles West Oakton Running / Club
371Charles Heinrich28MILChicago
372Elise Heneghan10FILChicagoGarvy / School
373Jack Heneghan18MILpark ridge
374Lily Heneghan12FILpark ridge
375Andrew Iwaszko42MILHarwood Heights
376Jillian Johnson10FILChicago
377Lisa Johnson44FILChicago
378Kelli Kaelin37FILChicagoEbinger / School
379Riki Kaelin40MILChicagoEbinger / School
380Erica Kainer30FILChicago
381Robin Karlov55FILChicagoFleet Feet / Club
382Mary Kelley64FIlChicago
383Michael Kelliher64MILPark Ridge
384Natalya Kelliher25FILPark Ridge
385Ryan Kenney39MILElmwood Park
386Sara Kenney39FILElmwood Park
387Tim King57MILChicago
388Adam Kogan10MILEVANSTON
389Benjamin Kogan46MILEvanston
391Caroline Kohler27FIlChicagoSt Paul of the Cross / School
392Kelly Kohler25FHIHonoluluSt Paul of the Cross / School
393Tom Kohler61MIlPark RidgeProof Positive / Club
394Carl Koszycki64MILCHICAGOLSQR's / Club
395Kamil Kotarski16MILElmwood ParkElmwood Park / School
396Matthew Kotcher14MILChicago
397Augie Ladewski12MILPark RidgeEmerson Middle / School
398Henry Ladewski14MILPark RidgeNotre Dame College Prep / School
399Stacey Ladewski47FILPark Ridge
400Tiffany Lam17FILChicagoVon Steuben Athletics / School
401Veronica Laureano34FIlChicago
402Mark Levitt57MIlRound Lake Beach
403dan leyden55FILchicago
404Melinda Linas43FILChicago
405Jacob Lind14MILChicago
406Maria Luna25Filstreamwood
407Joseph Maffey39MILBerwynBerwyn Running / Club
408carl maniscalco59MILniles
409Linda Markese36FILChicago
410Nick Markese36MILChicago
411Stacy Markopoulos15FILChicago
412Carolyn Martineau42FILChicagoTrack and Trough Athletic Union / Club
413Michael Martineau44MILChicagoTrack and Trough Athletic Union / Club
414Grace Maurer16FWINorth Fond du LacOakfield High / School
416Casey McCarthy66MILChicago
417Penny McCreight73FILEvanstonEvanston Running / Club
418Katrina McDermott46FILChicago
419James McGlashon16MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
516Penelope McGuire8FILCrystal Lake
420Catherine McMahon Graszer38FILPark Ridge
421Bridget McMahon Healy36FILChicago
422Ashley Meier24FILChicago
423Heidi Meier54FILChicago
520Jaun Mendoza18MILChicago
425Diane Meske35FILChicago
424Jason Meske42MILChicago
426Rosetta Metz52FILMorton Grovr
427Vytas Misiulis72MILChicago
428Cornel Montano69MILCrystal Lake
429KATHIE Montano68FILCrystal Lake
430Jesus Morales15MILElmwood ParkElmwood Park / School
431Nancy Moran54FILNorthbrookNiles West Oakton Running / Club
433Daniela Munoz41FILChicagoTrack and Trough Athletic Union / Club
434Cody Nard23MILPark Ridge
435Isabelle Nelson15FIlChicagoTaft Athletics / School
436Jennifer Nelson50FILChicago
437Christopher Nemeth70MILEVANSTONEvanston Running / Club
515Elizabeth Novak33FILChicago
438Dan O'Connell53MILChicago
439Donna Ofenloch54FILPark Ridge
512Mathew Olech16MILChicago
440Patty Ozog52FILChicago
441Sydney Partyka17FILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
442Barbara Pavlik70FILChicago
443Susan Pazderski74FILChicago
444Michael Polizzi14MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
445Maricruz Ponce de Leon45FIlChicago
446Bret Popper52MILHarwood Heights
447Joey Porebski17MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
448Dan Powers49MILChicago
449Evan Powers15MILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
450Meredith Powers51FILChicago
451Rose Renko52FIlChicagoNiles West Oakton Running / Club
452Zachary Rose17MILChicagoWalter Payton College Prep / School
453Marianne Rothstein61FILChicago
454Lisa Rowley42FILChicago
455Joey Ryan26Milschaumburg
456Maggie Ryan14FILChicagoTaft Athletics / School
457Kelsey Ryndak29FILMount Prospect
458Michael Ryndak26MILMount Prospect
459Michelle Sachtleben53FILWoodridge
460BRIANNA C Santucci11FILNORWOOD PARK TOWNSHIPSt Paul of the Cross / School
461Vincent Santucci45MILNORWOOD PARK TOWNSHIPSt Paul of the Cross / School
462GEORGE SARGEANT56MILChicagoProof Positive / Club
463KAREN SARGEANT56FILChicagoProof Positive / Club
464Anthony Schiller15MILElmwood parkElmwood Park / School
466Danielle Schurman41FILChicagoNiles West Oakton Running / Club
467Jean Sekera49FILChicagoSt. Thecla / School
468Brian Sheridan56MIlChicagoRiis Park Striders / Club
469Michael Sheridan57MAZGoodyear
470Debbie Silver51FILNorthbrookNiles West Oakton Running / Club
471Vicki Simpson49FILChicagoNiles West Oakton Running / Club
472Beth Snyder48FILPark Ridge
473Jake Snyder15MILPark RidgeMaine South / School
474Maggie Snyder14FILPark RidgeMaine South / School
475Marybeth Stehlik43FILChicagoChicago Endurance Sports / Club
476Michael Stein40MILChicago
477Rajesh Subramanian34MILChicago
478Alisha Suvada28FILChicago
479Erin Svoboda13FILLockport
480jessica svoboda45FILLockport
481Paige Svoboda16FILLockport
482Sean Svoboda14MILLockport
483Thomas Taylor54MILSkokie
484Tim Taylor54MILElmhurst
485Stephen Thornton62MILChicago
486Elia Ton-That14FIlChicagoNorthside College Prep / School
487Hieu Ton-That47MIlChicago
488Lulu Ton-That12FIlChicago
489Henrik Turk34MILChicago
490Jose I. Vargas46MILChicago
491Daniel Varol12MILChicagoSauganash Striders / Club
492Jacob Varol14MILChicagoSauganash Striders / Club
493Burley Velazquez15MILChicago
494Tina Velazquez45FILChicago
495Linda Vellenga47FILChicago
496Teresa Walsh50FILChicago
497Jennifer Waters51FILPARK RIDGE
498Marc Welc28MILSchaumburg
499walter wendel57Mildowners groveL2 Performance Training / Club
500Carlene Wesemeyer31FILChicago
502Tony Weyers49MILChicago
503Joe Wong27MILHarwood Heights
505Carson Yates16MILChicago
506Caroline Young19FILChicago
507Ryan Zimny-Schmitt20MILChicagoUIC / School
508Tom Zurek52MILChicago

Event Information
Name of Event:Chicago 1 Mile Lunar Orbit
Distance:1.08 Miles
Started Date/Time:Wednesday July 17th, 2019, 7:37:20.44 pm
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