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Race Information
Race Name:IHSA 2A Boys/Girls Regional Hosted by Elmwood Park High School
Location:Elmwood Park
State:Illinois, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Varsity Girls
Distance:3 Miles
Started Date/Time:Saturday October 26th, 2019, 10:00:33.41 am
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Event Information
Name of Event:Varsity Boys
Distance:3 Miles
Started Date/Time:Saturday October 26th, 2019, 10:58:56.01 am
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This list of participants is ordered by captain's/coach's name. List by: Team Name
Number Name Grade Sex Team Name
Sean ForesterITW David Speer Academy
76Luis Castro11M
77Christopher Cortes11M
78Emilio Dominguez11M
79Bryan Garcia12M
80Isiah Gonzalez12M
81Armando Luz11M
82Daniel Martinez11M
83Elias Maya10M
84Xavier Mercado12M
Doug GorskiGlenbard South High School
53Ryan Allspach11M
54Ryan Daca11M
55Hector Herrera12M
56Tyler Kalebic12M
57Austin MacClure12M
58Ethan Woods10M
59Avery Webster9M
60Caleb Walter9M
61Jacob Mack12M
62Asher Drechsel9M
64Tommy Kling11M
65Jonah Keating9M
66Orion Miller12M
Anthony GuagentiRidgewood High School
100Lance Juridico12M
101Jonathan Hernandez12M
102Caden George11M
103Jacob Zoladz10M
104Patric Maziarka9M
105Bobby Mescall11M
106Donovan Depakakibo9M
107Piotr Biel12M
108Ryan Haidouchi9M
109Eduardo Rodriguez12M
110Ralph Parcon12M
111Michael Prawica9M
112Rory Moore11M
113Saivone Otero9M
Robert IliffSt. Patrick High School
114Sergio Mendieta11M
115George Jimenez12M
116Juan Celio11M
117Aidan Lewis11M
118Joshua Esquilin11M
119Nevin Orleans10M
120Liam MacLellan9M
121Sebastian Martinez10M
122Colin Bove10M
123Alex Ortega11M
124Michael DiSanti11M
125Scot Zabielski11M
126Riley Joyce11M
127Tyler Lemke9M
Patrick SheridanElmwood Park High School
25William Bermudez12M
26Uriel Delgado10M
27Brandon Fitch10M
28Alex Garcia10M
29George Gauthier10M
30Luis Gomez12M
31Omar Gomez11M
32Vincente Guereca12M
33Kamil Kotarski11M
34Jesus Morales10M
35Josh Nava-Brown12M
36Anthony Schiller10M
37Anthony Wernsing10M
38Joe Wynd10M
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