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Race Information
Race Name:Pairing up to Beat Lung Cancer 5K/1 Mile Run/Walk
Location:Midtown Athletic Club, Palatine, IL
State:Illinois, United States
Event Information
Name of Event:Pairing up to Beat Lung Cancer
Date:Saturday November 2nd, 2019
33 divisions have been set up for results of this event. Overall and Divisional results may be generated as participants finish this event.

Lower Bound
Upper Bound
of Awards
Exclude from
other Divisions?
3Pairing Up Team999
11Top FemaleF1Y
12Top MaleM1Y
21F 14-UnderF142
22M 14-UnderM142
26F 15-19F15192
27M 15-19M15192
31F 20-24F20242
32M 20-24M20242
36F 25-29F25292
37M 25-29M25292
41F 30-34F30342
42M 30-34M30342
46F 35-39F35392
47M 35-39M35392
51F 40-44F40442
52M 40-44M40442
56F 45-49F45492
57M 45-49M45492
61F 50-54F50542
62M 50-54M50542
66F 55-59F55592
67M 55-59M55592
71F 60-64F60642
72M 60-64M60642
76F 65-69F65692
77M 65-69M65692
81F 70-74F70742
82M 70-74M70742
86F 75-79F75792
87M 75-79M75792
91F 80-OverF809992
92M 80-OverM809992

Event Information
Name of Event:Pairing up to Beat Lung Cancer
Date:Saturday November 2nd, 2019
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