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Attention... registration for this event closed on Wednesday March 17th, 2021 - 10:00 pm (USCT). Special coupon codes may have ability to override established registration restrictions.
Race Information
Race Name:Paleozoic Trail Runs - Silurian Spring II
Location:Willow Springs
State:Illinois, United States
Posted:December 3rd, 2020 12:37 pm
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Event Information
Name of Event:Paleo-Silur Wait List
Date:Friday March 19th, 2021
Start Time:8:30 am
Special Instructions:
This registration is for our 2021 Paleozoic Wait List. With respect to the continuing Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic our permit allows a maximum of 50 participants per day. We've met capacity for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday racing.

It's possible that some runners may opt out of racing, which could open spots for others. There is no charge to register for our Paleozoic wait list. Order of registration will determine potential race participation as spots are made available. Wait listers will be notified once they're eligible for race participation, and it will be their responsibility to make payment and complete their race registration.
Minimum Age:9
Maximum Age:99
Event Registration Schedule
Opened:Monday January 25th, 202110:00 am
Deadline passed:Wednesday March 17th, 202110:00 pm $ 0
Unless otherwise noted... Registration Dates & Times are based upon: U.S. Central Daylight Saving Time
This race features 4 events. Please checkmark to verify your registration intentions for:
Paleo-Silur Wait List 2 Months
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Paleo-Silur 50-Km • 50 Kilometers
Paleo-Silur 25-Km • 25 Kilometers
Paleo-Silur Volunteer • 9 Hours
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Apparel Description
We're pleased to offer gender-specific A4 Short-Sleeve tech shirts to our preregistered participants for no additional charge (note: especially for men, shirts tend to run 1/2+ size large so consider selecting a size smaller than your typical choice). Shirt size selection guaranteed only to participants who register by 10 days in advance of our race date, ie: Wednesday - Noon.
Size Selection
SelectItem NameSurchargeAvailable
Women X-Small Short-Sleeve0
Women X-Small Long-Sleeve$5.000
Women Small Short-Sleeve2
Women Small Long-Sleeve$5.000
Women Medium Short-Sleeve3
Women Medium Long-Sleeve$5.000
Women Large Short-Sleeve2
Women Large Long-Sleeve$5.000
Women X-Large Short-Sleeve0
Women X-Large Long-Sleeve$5.000
Men Small Short-Sleeve1
Men Small Long-Sleeve$5.000
Men Medium Short-Sleeve2
Men Medium Long-Sleeve$5.001
Men Large Short-Sleeve2
Men Large Long-Sleeve$5.000
Men X-Large Short-Sleeve1
Men X-Large Long-Sleeve$5.000
Race Beanie Hat
Women Small Past Edition SS or LS
Women Medium Past Edition SS or LS
Women Large Past Edition SS or LS
Women X-Large Past Edition SS or LS
Men Small Past Edition SS or LS
Men Medium Past Edition SS or LS
Men Large Past Edition SS or LS
Men X-Large Past Edition SS or LS
No Shirt

Special Class: What is Your Desired Event Distance?
Required... select your desired wait list event distance.

Preferred Day of Participation
Required... for our planning purposes, please select your preferred day of participation. Keep in mind that we're restricted to 50 runners per day. Saturday and Sunday racing capacity has been met and probably won't change. Friday racing depends upon reaching the critical mass of at least 30 runners.

For this version of Paleozoic Trail Runs all attendees will be required to wear facial masks while not running, and observe 6-feet social distancing practices as prescribed by the guidelines of Restore Illinois Phase 4. Special restrictions limit maximum number of participants to 50 at an event gathering. I have chosen my preferred date -or- will be assigned a date of participation, and will attend only on that date to allow others the chance of participation. All in attendance will be subject to no-touch temperature screening. As a participant I agree to abide by these special requirements.
I know that participating in this athletic event is a potentially hazardous activity. I certify that I am properly trained and have obtained my physician's permission to participate. In my participation I assume all risks associated with this event including, but not limited to: injuries, falls, collisions, contact with other participants, contact with bicycle and vehicular traffic, contact with other persons who're not event participants, encounters with animals, the effects of weather, including cold, heat or high humidity, lightning, rain, snow, hail, or ice. I agree to participate in the spirit of fair sportsmanship with respect to other participants, and will abide by rules and decisions of the race administrators and governing officials. I will pay the additional replacement cost of $35 if the timing chip assigned to me is not returned after the race.
Having read this waiver and knowing these facts and in consideration of my acceptance into this event, I for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release Kemper Tech, Inc (dba RunRace), all volunteers, all sponsors and all of their representatives, and successors, and beneficiaries, and benefactors, the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, the State of Illinois from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event though that liability my arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named in this waiver.
For participants of Friday/Saturday/Sunday racing... Friday/Saturday/Sunday event starting times will all match: 8:30 am for the Paleozoic 50-Km; 9:30 am for Paleozoic 25-Km.
Because this version of Paleozoic Trail Runs will be conducted over the span of multiple days results will not be finalized until all racing is complete, and each day's results are merged. It will be the responsibility of award recipients to retrieve their award, or cover the cost of shipping and handling for awards that are not claimed in person.
For late-entry/wait-list runners... I acknowledge that there may be a delay in delivery of my Paleozoic Trail Runs finishers' medal, and that there may be an additional cost for shipping/handling should I request that my finishers' medal be sent to me via U.S. Mail. I agree to pay such shipping/handling costs.
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By agreeing to this waiver you submit to the terms and conditions as set forth by this event and certify that you have provided true and accurate information as requested through this registration process.
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