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Race Information
Race Name:Rock River Leisure Estates 5K
Location:Rock River Leisure Estates
State:Wisconsin, United States
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Event Information
Name of Event:Rock River Leisure Estates 5K
Distance:5 Kilometers
Started Date/Time:Sunday May 29th, 2022, 8:04:40.59 am
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Checkpoint:5k Finish
Distance:3.107 Miles
Gun Start Time:Sunday May 29th, 2022 8:04:40.59 am
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Pos Race
125Cooper Hoffmann17M18:31.45:57.7Sun May 29th 8:23:12 am
226Eric Hoffmann46M19:27.16:15.6Sun May 29th 8:24:07 am
323Ryan Hallgren15M20:39.06:38.8Sun May 29th 8:25:19 am
427Mark Hoffmann48M21:08.66:48.3Sun May 29th 8:25:49 am
530Wyatt Hoffmann14M24:24.27:51.3Sun May 29th 8:29:04 am
629Willem Hoffmann15M24:43.27:57.4Sun May 29th 8:29:23 am
710Kinsley Christensen12F25:00.88:03.0Sun May 29th 8:29:41 am
831Justin Lawrence42M26:16.78:27.5Sun May 29th 8:30:57 am
959Jeff Veenendaal55M26:23.68:29.7Sun May 29th 8:31:04 am
1028Nicole Hoffmann44F26:31.18:32.1Sun May 29th 8:31:11 am
112Jen Bara41F26:32.38:32.5Sun May 29th 8:31:12 am
1224Mari Hoetzer53F26:38.78:34.6Sun May 29th 8:31:19 am
1364Dan Sanders50M27:04.18:42.7Sun May 29th 8:31:44 am
1438Max McGrath39M27:15.18:46.3Sun May 29th 8:31:55 am
1566Jason Doetsch47M27:25.88:49.7Sun May 29th 8:32:06 am
1633Traci Lindsey42F27:39.08:54.0Sun May 29th 8:32:19 am
1735Ethan Loy10M27:41.78:54.8Sun May 29th 8:32:22 am
1837Nolan Loy14M27:41.88:54.8Sun May 29th 8:32:22 am
1934Leeanne LoPresti46F27:44.78:55.8Sun May 29th 8:32:25 am
2039Michael Montero31M27:53.68:58.7Sun May 29th 8:32:34 am
2167Debbie Kania60F29:49.99:36.1Sun May 29th 8:34:30 am
2242Megan Palmer42F30:22.69:46.6Sun May 29th 8:35:03 am
2332Tina Lawrence38F31:33.510:09.4Sun May 29th 8:36:14 am
241Harper Bara8F31:45.810:13.4Sun May 29th 8:36:26 am
2541Julianna OBrien31F34:16.211:01.8Sun May 29th 8:38:56 am
2611Michelle Christensen46F34:27.311:05.4Sun May 29th 8:39:07 am
2740Joseph OBrien31M35:28.311:25.0Sun May 29th 8:40:08 am
2856Robert Torres14M36:13.411:39.5Sun May 29th 8:40:54 am
2914Augie Doetsch15M36:20.711:41.9Sun May 29th 8:41:01 am
3019Sarah Feffer40F38:01.012:14.1Sun May 29th 8:42:41 am
3118Mikaya Feffer8F38:01.912:14.4Sun May 29th 8:42:42 am
323Michelle Bara35F38:50.512:30.1Sun May 29th 8:43:31 am
3361Lea Veltum45F38:53.412:31.0Sun May 29th 8:43:34 am
3462Paula Veltum41F38:54.612:31.4Sun May 29th 8:43:35 am
3515Tara Dripps39F39:22.212:40.3Sun May 29th 8:44:02 am
3660Camden Veltum12M41:14.413:16.4Sun May 29th 8:45:55 am
3765Garrett Sanders14M41:44.913:26.2Sun May 29th 8:46:25 am
3816Mary Beth Erickson41F42:17.013:36.5Sun May 29th 8:46:57 am
3957PJ Vavruska8M43:54.014:07.8Sun May 29th 8:48:34 am
4058Sarah Vavruska41F43:55.314:08.2Sun May 29th 8:48:35 am
4122Evelyn Goff59F45:00.014:29.0
4247Faith Satzke15F47:00.115:07.6Sun May 29th 8:51:40 am
4345Cindy Rowles41F48:20.915:33.7Sun May 29th 8:53:01 am
4446Rob Rowles58M48:21.815:34.0Sun May 29th 8:53:02 am
4568Jennifer Skaar60F51:24.816:32.9Sun May 29th 8:56:05 am
4654Jameson Thornton7M52:27.916:53.2Sun May 29th 8:57:08 am
4753Amber Thornton39F52:28.916:53.5Sun May 29th 8:57:09 am
489Jennifer Cashin48F54:01.017:23.1Sun May 29th 8:58:41 am
4963Diane Wilson73F54:02.017:23.5Sun May 29th 8:58:42 am
5020Danielle Fidanzia53F56:57.318:19.9Sun May 29th 9:01:37 am
5121Gayle Garcia53F56:57.818:20.0Sun May 29th 9:01:38 am
5212Jill Dinsmore59F57:50.818:37.1Sun May 29th 9:02:31 am
535Helene Bear57F57:51.418:37.3Sun May 29th 9:02:32 am
5413Rusty Dinsmore58M58:26.418:48.6Sun May 29th 9:03:07 am
556Steve Bear59M58:27.918:49.0Sun May 29th 9:03:08 am
567Addison Brodkin12F1:01:02.219:38.7Sun May 29th 9:05:42 am
5717Mary Feffer59F1:01:05.919:39.9Sun May 29th 9:05:46 am
584Megan Baumgartner36F1:03:08.020:19.2Sun May 29th 9:07:48 am
5951Lynn Stoppa66F1:03:49.020:32.4Sun May 29th 9:08:29 am
6048Gale Satzke60F1:03:52.120:33.4Sun May 29th 9:08:32 am
6152Mark Stoppa57M1:03:54.420:34.1Sun May 29th 9:08:34 am

Event Information
Name of Event:Rock River Leisure Estates 1K
Distance:1 Kilometer
Started Date/Time:Sunday May 29th, 2022, 8:07:41.21 am
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