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Attention... the date for this Race has passed, therefore online registration is not available. Please check with a race director or specific race website for more information.
Race Information
Race Name:33rd Annual Elmwood Park H.S. Cross Country Tiger Invite
Location:Elmwood Park
State:Illinois, United States
Posted:August 6th, 2022 5:28 pm
Last Update:August 6th, 2022 5:56 pm
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Event Information
Name of Event:Varsity Girls
Date:Saturday October 8th, 2022
Start Time:9:00 am
Special Instructions:
This registration is for "Varsity Girls." A maximum of 10 runners may participate per team. At point of registration please provide Team Contact information, along with your roster of runners.

In the case of roster changes... a runner moving from open to varsity or vice versa, or other changes need to be requested and completed by 8:15am on race day!
Event Registration Schedule
Opened:Wednesday September 28th, 2022Start of Day
Deadline passed:Wednesday October 5th, 2022Noon $ 0
Unless otherwise noted... Registration Dates & Times are based upon: U.S. Central Standard Time
Displayed below are the 14 teams registered for this event, ordered by descending date of registration.
Order Name Grade Sex State /
Hometown Team Name Date of
  14 ALex ZassoMontini Catholic Broncos Oct 5, 2022
Ashlynn Lindt9F
Sydney Gertsen9F
Allison Matulis9F
Alexi Hernandez10F
Annalee DeFeo10F
Marin Ferris11F
Katie Gertsen12F
  13 Joe WejmanNazareth Roadrunners Oct 5, 2022
Maggie Broderick9F
Erin Briars10F
Sarah Owen10F
Alayna Plahm10F
Hannah McCarthy11F
Jane McNamara11F
Sam Rozmus11F
Neeve Olson11F
Natalie Ereio12F
Colette Kinsella12F
  12 Frank KekstadtFenton Bison Oct 5, 2022
Anastasija Jankovich10F
Ruby Alfaro10F
Mariflor Rosas10F
Tania Miranda12F
Miranda Otero11F
  11 Ivan DiazSolorio Academy Sun Warriors Oct 5, 2022
Fatima Perez12F
Alexia Guzman12F
Eva Maya12F
Melissa Tellez10F
Damaris Leanos10F
Joselyn Vazquez12F
Daira Guadarama11F
Natalie Robledo11F
  10 Anaise HernandezNoble ITW Speer Pride Oct 4, 2022
Jerilynn Aguilar11F
Ruby Bustamante10F
Diana Dominguez12F
Claery Fernandez12F
Jaritza Gomez12F
Ilse Quiroz11F
Jalene Torres10F
Amayrani Gonzalez12F
  9 DeVaughn BenionProviso East Pirates Oct 4, 2022
Nyah Akbar11F
London Hull11F
Jessica Flowers10F
Ava Kimble10F
  8 Stephanie SteczDePaul College Prep Rams Oct 4, 2022
Cecelia Barlow10F
Claire Duman9F
Alexis Hallgren12F
Simrin Anderson9F
Ellie Kapp10F
Isabella Shiffrin10F
Maddie Fleming12F
Maeve McCarthy10F
Reagan Stecz9F
  7 Nadia GonzalezTrinity Blazers Oct 4, 2022
Isabella Alongi11F
Julia Valaika12F
Maeve Lundt12F
Andrea Garcia12F
Meredith Sloan12F
  6 Tony GuagentiRidgewood Rebels Oct 4, 2022
Natalia Mierzwa12F
Clarisse Panlilio12F
Maria Lara9F
  5 Tom CartwrightLeyden Eagles Oct 3, 2022
Analy Arredondo10F
Emily Casarez10F
Sherlyn Cebrero11F
Janeli Cruz12F
Jazmin Diaz12F
Elany Jimenez10F
Olivia Lorens12F
Victoria Lorens11F
Maria Morlaes Huerta10F
Madelyn Virzi12F
  4 Kevin BradyRound Lake Panthers Oct 3, 2022
Miranda Espino10F
Ximena Arias9F
America Martinez11F
Cynthia Avila12F
Judith Cerreblanco12F
Rossbeth Cornejo9F
Emily Torres9F
Desiree Mendoza10F
Lizbeth Sanchez10F
Jacky Sanchez12F
Julissa Portilla9F
  3 Bill TrappAurora Christian Eagles Oct 2, 2022
Lucy Anderson12F
Piper Rapinchuk11F
Arisson Lodwig10F
Rayna Poling10F
Tali Fenska10F
Kaylee Martinez10F
  2 Kendal AhlmannElmwood Park Tigers Sep 30, 2022
Lauren Scheidt10F
Cassandra Chowniak11F
Alexa Vateva11F
Anastasiya Bednarchuk10F
Anastasia Prodanchuk11F
Megan Nettelhorst10F
Julia Szydlik12F
Michelle Sapeta10F
Makayla Jenkinson10F
  1 Scott BohlkeRegina Dominican Panthers Sep 28, 2022
Nora McCabe10F
Olivia Mauer9F
Izzie Christensen10F
Charlotte Kroll10F
Mary Mahony11F
Margaret Boysen12F
Kristina Mauer11F
Kendall Williams12F
Ella Lynch12F
Samantha Svachula9F

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