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Race Information
Race Name:Harbinger Run
Date:Saturday March 4th, 2023 - 6:00 am
State:Virginia, United States
Website:  Go there or Go there in new browser
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Come run under the lights with Mike Wardian ( at Dominion Raceway! The Harbinger is a pick your distance Run and Pickleball Festival!

Eat! Run! Drink! Rest! Repeat!

Join us for a crazy party at Dominion Raceway where you can run when you want, rest when you want and eat full course meals and drink (includes alcohol options, must be 21 or over) when you want.

Live Music
Real food
Camping, RVing, Or Hoteling

Admit it - you’re dying to try your hand at an Ultra Marathon, but maybe you’re just “not there” yet. The Harbinger brings news of a unique flavor of race for runners of all distances. This is at your own level, your speed, in a safe, fun, and exciting venue! The Harbinger offers you the motivation, opportunity, and training regiment to increase your endurance capacity. Plus, it’ll be a crazy 2-day-long party!

Teams of 6 people (for running events or Pickleball) get 20% off. (Refunded when you get your 6th registrant).

Parallel Relays are relays where team members are collectively attempting to reach the target miles. Team members can run by themselves or at the same time as their other team members (hence parallel). To do this event ALL team members must sign up for the same event (i.e., SOOTHSAYER Parallel Relay, or BEOWULF Parallel Relay).

All other events are Individual Relays, where each team member is attempting the distance they individually signed up for. The teams collective miles will be summed up and compared against all other teams.
Posted:January 5th, 2023 3:46 pm
Event InformationFor multiple Member Events:
Name of EventDistanceMeasurementDateStart TimeRelay MembersTeam Members
  SINGULARITY2.70MilesMar 4th, 20236:00 am
  HALF DONKEY13.10MilesMar 4th, 20236:00 am
  BEOWULF Parallel Relay150.00MilesMar 4th, 20236:00 am
  SOOTHSAYER Parallel Relay200.00MilesMar 4th, 20236:00 am
Director Information
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