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Attention... registration for this event closed on Thursday March 28th, 2024 - Noon (USCT). Special coupon codes may have ability to override established registration restrictions.
Race Information
Race Name:Chicago Lakefront Ultras 50K and Half Marathon - George Cheung Memorial Race
Location:Chicago - Jackson Park
State:Illinois, United States
Posted:November 24th, 2023 2:10 pm
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Event Information
Name of Event:Chicago Lakefront Buildup Run
Date:Saturday March 30th, 2024
Start Time:9:00 am
Special Instructions:
Registration into the Chicago Lakefront Ultras Build Up Run includes chip-timed splits, access to aid stations, and a great group of people to enjoy the day with. You may choose to select a shirt size for a nominal surcharge (basically, our cost). You will not receive a finishers' medal or any awards, but you are very special! You may elect to run one, two, or even three loops, or partial loops, whatever distance you would like. Only full laps will be tracked and displayed with your mile/split calculations. Our build up run is a terrific economical opportunity to log mileage in a supported environment with great scenery and like-minded distance runners.
Event Registration Schedule
Opened:Saturday November 25th, 202310:30 am
Deadline passed:Thursday February 29th, 2024Midnight $25.00
Deadline passed:Thursday March 28th, 2024Noon $30.00
Unless otherwise noted... Registration Dates & Times are based upon: U.S. Central Daylight Saving Time
This race features 4 events. Please checkmark to verify your registration intentions for:
Chicago Lakefront Buildup Run 20.71 Miles
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Chicago Lakefront 50K • 50 Kilometers
Chicago Lakefront Half Marathon • 13.1 Miles
Chicago Lakefront Ultras Volunteer • Volunteer 9 Hours
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Apparel Description
We're pleased to offer colorful short-sleeve gender-specific A4 (or similar) Tech shirts -or- high quality Cotton shirts to our preregistered Ultra-Marathon and Half-Marathon participants for no additional charge (note: tech shirts tend to run 1/2+ size large so consider selecting a size smaller than your typical choice). Shirt size selection guaranteed only to participants who register by 10 days in advance of our race date, ie: Wednesday - Noon. Once exhausted, past edition shirts may be available, are first-quality and do not have printed race date.
Size Selection
SelectItem NameSurchargeAvailable
Women X-Small Short-Sleeve High Quality Cotton4
Women X-Small Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric6
Women X-Small Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton Past Edition4
Women X-Small Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric Past Edition5
Women Small Short-Sleeve High Quality Cotton7
Women Small Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric13
Women Small Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton Past Edition3
Women Small Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric Past Edition12
Women Medium Short-Sleeve High Quality Cotton2
Women Medium Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric23
Women Medium Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton Past Edition8
Women Medium Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric Past Edition10
Women Large Short-Sleeve High Quality Cotton5
Women Large Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric5
Women Large Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton Past Edition2
Women Large Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric Past Edition3
Women X-Large Short-Sleeve High Quality Cotton0
Women X-Large Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric1
Women X-Large Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton Past Edition2
Women X-Large Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric Past Edition4
Men X-Small Short-Sleeve High Quality Cotton0
Men X-Small Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric2
Men X-Small Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton Past Edition0
Men X-Small Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric Past Edition2
Men Small Short-Sleeve High Quality Cotton4
Men Small Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric6
Men Small Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton Past Edition3
Men Small Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric Past Edition2
Men Medium Short-Sleeve High Quality Cotton11
Men Medium Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric33
Men Medium Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton Past Edition3
Men Medium Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric Past Edition9
Men Large Short-Sleeve High Quality Cotton17
Men Large Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric25
Men Large Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton Past Edition5
Men Large Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric Past Edition17
Men X-Large Short-Sleeve High Quality Cotton2
Men X-Large Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric6
Men X-Large Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton Past Edition3
Men X-Large Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric Past Edition22
Men XX-Large Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton0
Men XX-Large Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric$3.003
Men XX-Large Short-Sleeve Quality Cotton Past Edition$3.000
Men XX-Large Short-Sleeve Tech Fabric Past Edition$3.000
Race Buff/Neck Gaiter
No Shirt

Waiver and Release: THIS IS AN IMPORTANT WAIVER OF LIABILITY. READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING! In consideration of your accepting this entry and other good and valuable consideration the receipt and adequacy of which I hereby acknowledge, I, the undersigned, intending to be legally bound, hereby, for myself, my family, my successors, assignees, heirs, executors and administrators, forever waive, release and discharge any and all rights, claims for damage, causes of action whether in law, equity or otherwise, known or unknown, that I or any of them may have against the Chicago Lakefront 50K (the "Event"), Chicago Ultramarathons LLC, Kemper Tech Inc, RunRace, JF Running LLC, the Chicago Park District, and members of the Chicago Park District Board, and the officers, agents, and employees of the Chicago Park District, individually and collectively, the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, USA Track & Field, the Event race directors, all Event volunteers, all sponsors of the Event, both now and hereafter, and their officers, directors, employees, volunteers, independent contractors, agents and representatives, successors and assigns, for any and all injuries, illness or other harm suffered by me during, or as a result of, the Event. I understand that there are no refunds if the Event is canceled, if I cannot attend the Event, or for any other reason. The Event race directors reserve the right to cancel the Event and shall not be liable for any actual or consequential damages. I attest that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for the completion of the Event and that my physical condition has been certified by a licensed medical doctor. I am aware that running can be a dangerous activity, and that I am responsible for taking precautions for the possibility of running in warm, cold, or other extreme weather conditions, running on uneven surfaces, or any other potentially hazardous conditions. I will abide by the decision of any race official and the rules of Chicago Lakefront 50K. I also agree to abide by any decision of an appointed race official or medical official relative to my ability to safely continue or complete the Event. I further assume, and will pay, my own medical and emergency expenses in case of an accident, illness or incapacity regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses. I am 18 years old or older. I hereby grant permission to Chicago Ultramarathons LLC, Kemper Tech Inc, RunRace, and JF Running LLC to use any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings or any other record of this event for any legitimate purpose, including commercial advertising. I have read this waiver carefully and understand it. I understand and agree to this Waiver and Release. * You must agree to this question to continue.
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