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Title:12th Annual Fat Ass 50km - Illinois Version
Date:Sunday January 14th, 2007
Author:Bob Rehn
Race Director: Bob Rehn
In the days leading up to the Fat Ass 50 the weather forecast was anything but encouraging, with snow and ice promised. The night before the run we did get a little rain which quickly turned to ice but not enough to create slick roads and 46 runners journeyed to McNabb to enjoy the camaraderie that has become a hallmark of this run.

Bill Thom and Don Frichtl ran together for the first two loops and then Bill pulled ahead on the final loop to finish first in a time of 4:11:42. Kathleen Yarger ran a steady pace and finished first among the women in 5:18:53. There were 14 runners completing the 50Km distance.

I encourage people to come and run as many miles as they would like to, so we had distances run of Paul Kelly's 26 miles down to my granddaughter Megan and her friend Paige's 2 miles. Despite the foreboding forecast it was a great day, it wasn’t too cold, the roads were free of ice but the ice on the trees in the woods and on the pine trees at the Christmas tree farm made for a beautiful setting.

Thanks to all who came and ran and to everyone who helped in any way. Already looking forward to next year, which will be the 13th edition.

Bob Rehn R.D.

Fat Ass 50km
Illinois Version
McNabb, Illinois
1 Bill Thom 464:11:42
2 Don Frichtl 504:15:58
3 Michael Feldpausch IA5:08:12
4 Paul Schmidt 48 IA5:09:43
5 Kathleen Yarger 315:18:53
6 Julie Slayton 335:24:00
7 Robert Kaloustain 305:28:09
8 Jeff Aubert 505:30:01
9 Bonnie Busch 48 IA5:48:30
10 Joe Brokaw 48
Carol Pratt 47
12 Jack Thomas 53
Rich Limacher 56
14 Norm Yarger 677:18:29

15 Paul Kelly 49266:57:32
16 Mike Hilgendorf 55152:16:30
17 Tom Smith 31212:38:00
18 Brad Eller 20213:07:00
19 Mike Miroux 45213:07:30
20 Paul Innis 48213:24:40
21 Larel Darren 30213:30:03
22 Jim Williamson 56213:38:38
23 Super Dave Jessen 49 IA213:41:00
24 Curt Herrin 33213:58:20
25 Bob Rehn 64214:19:28
26 Joyce Yarger 63
Claire Gallenz 66
28 Joe Hart 51111:23:40
29 Mikey Miroux 17111:29:00
30 Mike Nelson 45
Kelley Dzierzynski 29
T.J. White 16
33 Rich Fouke 47111:35:38
34 Mike Cichon 53111:42:30
35 Bob Steele 57111:44:00
36 Erin Ryan 28111:44:53
37 Merle Walter 54111:51:10
38 Joanne Kammerer 50111:53:54
39 John Steele 65111:56:57
40 Kim Parsons 49111:59:34
41 Rich Gaul 60111:59:36
42 Mary Jane Pratt 66
Tammy Brokaw 46
Linda Walter 53
45 Paige Griffith 10
Megan Rehn 10

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Posted:January 19th, 2007 11:00 am
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