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Title:Badgerland Trail Races 100K, Saturday, August 3 2019
Date:Sunday September 1st, 2019
Author:Juli Aistars
I had just finished the Last Annual Vol State Road Race 500K about a week before Badgerland Trail Runs, so I chose to do the 100K rather than push it. Some, did push it after Vol State by running the 100 mile - amazing, Corey! I knew I had to be there as a runner or a volunteer for my Ten Junk Miles friends. So I was selfish and chose to run. My legs were tired, I didn't know what to expect. Scott gave his spiel before the run, the one thing I will always remember is "Don't be stupid in the first half, don't be a wimp in the 2nd half." I have been stupid many times in the first half, but it is getting harder to go out fast and "stupid" as I get older.

I met Meredith right off the bat, doing her first 100K. Then I met Cat and James and ran with them for a while until I told them to go ahead, my legs were tired. James said, "Watch, she will beat us both!" I thought that was not going to happen because they were both younger and stronger than me. The course was shaded, but it was hot and the humidity was high under all that foliage. There were nice views of farmland, and rocks along some part of the course. It was fairly flat, but still a trail. There was no way you could get lost, unless you weren't paying attention. The aid stations were great, seeing friends and feeling all that positive energy and excitement! I got to the halfway point at about 6:32 and felt like that was about right. I had not been stupid, just tired.

On the way back, I saw Meredith ahead of me. I didn't think I would see her again. I was running O.K. She asked me how I kept going. I said I ran as much as I could but I also walked when I was tired. I passed her up and thought I would see her again. When I heard at the next aid station that I was in 3rd place woman with about 20 miles to go, that motivated me. I had no idea and thought I would try to keep it. That made me work harder than I planned but I was still tired. At one point, I heard an animal scurry behind me. I hoped not a badger as they could be mean :). In the tunnel, it sounded like rats scurrying. It made me go faster. I saw Julie Bane and her pacer, I saw Tony C at one point, he looked like he was hanging in there for the 100. Julie was having a good time, the sun had set. I told her I was in 3rd place for the women and I was hoping to hold onto it. A little rain started, the sky lit up with lightning. I felt protected on the trail and not at all afraid. It was safe here, unlike running in remote mountains like I would be doing at Sawtooth in about a month. It was surreal to see lights behind me and in front of me from other runners.

When I got off the trail and was close to the finish line, I was tired and confused. There were some construction cones and I almost followed them. There were markers, but I wish someone was there to tell me where to go. I did not carry my phone and a good thing or I would have been a wimp and used it to ask where to go. I had to figure this out myself. Maybe I would wait for Meredith who I knew must be close behind. I took the direction I thought it was and saw more markers, and the stairs we had descended and then I knew where I was going. Yes, yes, yes, I was so happy to be almost done!!! I was tired, so tired! I came into the finish line and was so happy to see Scott and Kaylia and Val! Third place woman, even though it wasn't a stellar time for a trail 100K. I'll take it! I talked with Meredith and her Mom and one of their friends at the finish line. I was so proud of her for her first 100K! Then Cat came in but I never saw James. I loved, loved, the shirt for this race with the women's sizes! Thank goodness I have no need for the feminine products at the aid stations - I have a few stories about that from my younger days... What a perfect race, close to home, pretty, run by good people, at a good time of year when you don't freeze at night. I paced it right for my tired legs, because I didn't want to be stupid OR a wimp! I loved every minute of it! Thank you to the organizers and the volunteers. Badgerland Trail Races is a keeper! See y'all next year!!!

P.S. I met my pacer for Sawtooth 100 at one of the aid stations at Badgerland, Michelle Carlin! I'm gonna give it my all! Having Michelle there for me makes me think maybe I can finish Sawtooth! Just a couple of days away!
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Posted:September 1st, 2019 7:34 pm
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