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Attention... the date for this Race has passed, therefore online registration is not available. Please check with a race director or specific race website for more information.
Race Information
Race Name:Kettle 100 Endurance Runs - 2015
State:Wisconsin, United States
Posted:December 15th, 2014 7:31 pm
Last Update:December 19th, 2015 4:46 pm
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Event Information
Name of Event:Kettle 100 relay
Date:Saturday June 6th, 2015
Start Time:6:00 am
Special Instructions:
Please read the race bulletin found online for complete information. Online registration now ends at 6pm on May 30th, 2015. Each finishing team member will receive a kettle medal.
Minimum Age:16
Maximum Age:150
Event Registration Schedule
Currently runner registration is not available through the website of RunRace for this event. Click the Race Detail tab above and check with the specific race website for more information.
Displayed below are the 14 teams registered for this event, ordered by descending date of registration.
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Name Race Day
Sex State /
Hometown Team Name Date of
  14 665Turner Smith24MORForest GroveOld Ducks Young Bucs May 16, 2015
Joe Hall35M
Rob Mirabile38M
Alberto Torres20M
  13 670Steve Wessel59MWIMadisonHungry Hungry Harriers May 15, 2015
Kay Drew52F
Tara Tschillard32F
Charles Hartman27M
  12 655Steve Riportella51MILWinfieldBM Trail Runners #1 May 11, 2015
Mike Demeritt51M
Tamar Abramov46F
Frank Cortellassi62M
  11 640Matthew McKay23MWIBeloitOlde English 100 May 2, 2015
Joe Skurski23M
George Gray21M
Champ Hamilton29M
  10 660Keith Schinkoeth35MILChampaignThe Barffalos Apr 23, 2015
Ryan Krows35M
Chris Delis42M
Jeff Olsen32M
  9 620Jim Fair III37MILDanvilleBuffalo Beer Miles Apr 10, 2015
Letitia Moffitt46F
Jodi Heckel50F
John North61M
  8 675LISA Booth29FCASan DiegoPirates of the Steveibbean Apr 10, 2015
Steve White25M
Caitlin Paterson22F
Jerry Friends28M
  7 635Genevieve Long35FILChampaignBuffalo Bill's Wild West Weans Apr 4, 2015
Andrea Stack34F
Yvonne Charlie Learmonth32F
Magdalena Casper-Shipp29F
  6 610Jen Burton40FILUrbanaThe Beamers Apr 3, 2015
Nancy Finfrock47F
Nancy McCarty49F
Janet Stroud43F
  5 630Matthew Johannsen27MMNMinneapolisTommy Bahamas Mar 19, 2015
Ethan Ley23M
Aaron Joiner25M
Anthony Johannes28M
  4 650Michelle Quade28FMNMinneapolisFemale Mutant Ninja Turtles Mar 18, 2015
Maggie Cress21F
Sara DeLong22F
Camilla Jackson22F
  3 615Kevin Cox50MILBataviarun-4-204-kids Mar 11, 2015
Robin Shultz57F
Patrick Raleigh42M
Dwight Nelson46M
  2 625David Gibson52MMOSt LouisCrusty Old Farts Jan 8, 2015
Gena Bonini52F
Phillip Marra51M
Wayne Litwiller46M
  1 645Thomas Owenby36MWIBeloitChelonia Rex Jan 4, 2015
Karl Poetzl41M
Andy Boryczka39M
Tyler Weig32M

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