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Attention... the date for this Race has passed, therefore online registration is not available. Please check with a race director or specific race website for more information.
Race Information
Race Name:Terra Sans Pave - 2020
Location:Linne Woods, Morton Grove
State:Illinois, United States
Posted:March 23rd, 2020 3:10 pm
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Event Information
Name of Event:Terathlon 8-Hour
Date:Saturday August 29th, 2020
Start Time:7:30 am
Special Instructions:
This registration is for our Terathlon 8-Hour ultra challenge. How far can you run on our racecourse in the span of eight hours? We'll count your laps and add-up your mileage. Special awards for those who cover an "ultra distance," beyond 26.2 miles!

Participation in this event is limited to adults of age 18 and older.

Thursday August 25th - 10:00 pm CDT
Under the guidelines of Restore Illinois Phase 4 our permit allows a maximum of 50 runners per day. To balance participation and maximize volunteer efforts we're limiting this year's Terathlon 8-Hour to Saturday racing only. Thanks for your understanding.
Minimum Age:18
Event Registration Schedule
Opened:Monday March 23rd, 20203:30 pm
Deadline passed:Friday July 31st, 2020Midnight $40.00
Deadline passed:Saturday August 15th, 2020Midnight $50.00
Deadline passed:Friday August 28th, 20206:00 pm $60.00
Unless otherwise noted... Registration Dates & Times are based upon: U.S. Central Daylight Saving Time
Displayed below are 30 participants registered for this event, ordered by descending date of registration.

The column for 'Race Day' indicates participant's assigned day of participation. Our race permit restricts daily attendance to "50 people or fewer." Where blank and registration date is prior to August 19, Saturday is the default day. Please attend only on your indicated day!
Code values indicate participant's selection at point of registration...
a: Assigned [day]
o: I can only participate on [day]
p: I prefer [day]
v: I plan to participate Virtually
e: I can participate on either day
TBD: Day to be determined
NameRace Day
SexState /
HometownRace DayTeam NameDate of
 30 342Peter Mejorada44MIllinoisHarwood Heightso: SaturdayDick Pond RacingAug 26, 2020
 29 343Siamak Mostoufi46MIllinoisEvanstono: SaturdayAug 26, 2020
 28 332Karl Flener46MIllinoisChicagoo: SaturdayAug 24, 2020
 27 329Patti Downey53FIllinoisPark Ridgee: SaturdayProof PositiveAug 20, 2020
 26 338Tom Kohler62MIllinoisPark Ridgee: SaturdayProof PositiveAug 20, 2020
 25 347Richard Plezia62MIllinoisMorton Grovea: SaturdayAug 17, 2020
 24 348Brian Sheridan57MIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayDick Pond RacingAug 17, 2020
 23 304Juli Aistars61FIllinoisWaucondaa: SaturdayAug 17, 2020
 22 330Tracey Escobedo44FIllinoisAlsipa: SaturdayAug 16, 2020
 21 341Wladyslaw maciej60MIllinoisFranklin Parka: SaturdayBiegAm GroupAug 16, 2020
 20 337Joe Kelleher32MIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayAug 15, 2020
 19 344Daniel Owings50MIllinoisMcHenrya: SaturdayAug 15, 2020
 18 345Tina Pascolla61FIllinoisLincolnshirea: SaturdayAug 15, 2020
 17 325Marta Borkowska43FIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayBiegAm GroupAug 14, 2020
 16 324Henry Biskup59MIllinoisAddisona: SaturdayBiegAm GroupAug 14, 2020
 15 349Boris Tannenbaum64MIllinoisMundeleina: SaturdayAug 13, 2020
 14 339Seth Kussmaul40MIllinoisGenevaa: SaturdayAug 12, 2020
 13 350David Ulbert62MIllinoisPalatinea: SaturdayAug 12, 2020
 12 335Justin Heller39MIllinoisArlington Heightsa: SaturdayAug 12, 2020
 11 327Chris Connelly41MIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayAug 11, 2020
 10 334Jim Harding53MIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayAug 11, 2020
 9 331Jeffrey Fleitz49MIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayAug 10, 2020
 8 326Jonathon Brooks35MIllinoisGranite Citya: SaturdayAug 10, 2020
 7 336Sandra Henke66FIllinoisLake in the hillsa: SaturdayThe Team With RacineAug 8, 2020
 6 351Rachel Weyers24FIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayThe Team With RacineAug 7, 2020
 5 328Jennifer DeSalvo38FIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayThe Team With RacineAug 7, 2020
 4 340traci Lambert-cwerenz59FIllinoisGlendale Heightsa: SaturdayThe Team With RacineAug 7, 2020
 3 352Kristine Yoon48FIllinoisMount Prospecta: SaturdayAug 6, 2020
 2 333Jeni Goodwin36FIllinoisChicagoa: SaturdayAug 6, 2020
 1 346Edward Peck39MIllinoisWadswortha: SaturdayJul 26, 2020

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