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Race Information
Race Name:Winter Challenge Cross Country VI
Date:Sunday January 14th, 2024 - 8:00 am
Location:Caldwell Woods, Grove #1 - Chicago
State:Illinois, United States  Go there or Go there in new browser
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Winter Challenge Cross Country VI
[logo:Winter Challenge Cross Country]
Cross Country and Gratuitous Six-Hour Runs!

Friday January 12th - 11:30 am CST
Permit approved, #R46441... and racecourse finalized. After much consideration, proposed alternatives, weekend weather conditions; this year's race will take place at Caldwell Woods. Yep, with safety concerns being highest priority, we'll be back at our original location of Caldwell Woods Grove 1, however running an out-n-back 5-kilometer trail racecourse. Event distances are: 6-Hour, 15-Km, 5-Km.

Winter Challenge Cross Country Start / Finish area:
Caldwell Woods, Grove #1
6350 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60646
GPS: 41.997615, -87.786481
2024 Winter Challenge Cross Country
Racecourse Map | Caldwell Woods Red Trail
[racecourse map: 2024 Winter Challenge Cross Country]

Wednesday January 10th - 5:00 pm CST
Race week is upon us... and we're looking forward to seeing all runners and volunteers at this weekend's 6th running of WC3. With the ever-changing unstable weather of this week, and the wintry forecast of the weekend please continue to watch this space, and watch your inbox for race email alerts. The first race email alert will be blasted to all participants by 11:59 am Thursday January 11th. Thank you, brave runners and vols!
[pic:Tour the Racecourse - Sunday January 7th]

The following details were deprecated Friday January 12th - 11:30 am CST
Friday January 5th - 8:45 pm CST
Breaking News... Our friends and good folks in charge of permitting at the Forest Preserves have asked that we relocate this year's race to an area outside the Caldwell Woods / Bunker Hill groves. In response we'll be running this 2024 version of Winter Challenge Cross Country on the unpaved trails of Linne Woods in Morton Grove. Linne Woods is located approximately 3 miles north of Bunker Hill, up the North Branch Trail:
Winter Challenge Cross Country VI - Linne Woods, Start / Finish area:
Linne Woods, Grove #2
6308 Dempster St, Morton Grove, IL 60053
GPS: 42.041010, -87.784550
(approximately 17 miles northwest of downtown Chicago)
Note: Ample parking is available at Linne Woods grove, which is on the north side of Dempster St.

WC3 changes for this year... This racecourse is a 4-Km clockwise loop, comprised of grassy fields and not-too-technical forest and meadow-land trails, with great close-up views of the river. Upon completion of each lap runners will pass over the timing mats and have access to our aid-station pavilion (see map below). Because this racecourse is 4-Km, our traditional WC3 15-Km has been upgraded to WC3 10-Mile, which is a 4-lap race. Traditional WC3 5-Km runners will complete 1.25-laps for their finish. Gratuitous 6-Hour runners will go as far as they can, and switch from the 4-Km loop to a quarter-mile loop as they see fit.

If you're already registered for the 15-Km... You will be automatically upgraded to the WC3 10-Mile this year. Hey, that's an extra kilometer of running for free! All WC3 finishers will be credited for the distance they complete at this 2024 version, with results compiled into our six years of Winter Challenge Cross Country History!

Sunday January 7th, 8:00 am... Meet up with WC3 veteran Brian Sheridan to tour this racecourse at Linne Woods. Brian will maintain the lowest-common-denominator pace and guide any/all who would like to attend. Remember, meet at Linne Woods; not Caldwell Woods / Bunker Hill as we have in past years.
Winter Challenge Cross Country
Training Run Map | Linne Woods
[racecourse map: 2024 Winter Challenge Cross Country]

Cross country... the best of all human endeavors!

Get your winter-teammates together, grab your racing shoes/spikes, and join us for cross country racing over the tree-lined fields of Caldwell Woods and Bunker Hill forest preserves. For your adventure we will provide:
  • Traditionalists... your event distance choice of 5 Kilometers or 15 Kilometers.
  • Ultra consideration... our Gratuitous 6-Hour option for ultra runners with an 8:00 am starting time.
  • Space for ~150 eager runners... permit restrictions limit race participation to the first 150 registrants, which is a total combined count of participants within all events.
  • Colorful one-of-a-kind race shirts for all registered runners and volunteers.
  • Chip timing & scoring with instant results published here on for all participants.
  • Overall awards... presented to top male & female, open and masters.
  • Age division awards... 10-year age groups for both sexes, with depth determined by number of participants.
  • Team awards... for top teams based upon 3 scoring in 5 member teams.
  • Ultra awards... custom heavy medals for those who tally more than 26.2 miles in our Gratuitous 6-Hour run.
  • Ultra Team awards... for top teams based upon 2 scoring with most accumulated mileage.
  • An accurately measured, clearly-marked course, with a with well-stocked aid station at the start / finish area.
  • Afterward... post-race celebration with fun and awards.
  • Our racecourse is preapproved by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County: permit #R46441!
Registration opens Sunday November 5th and lasts through 6:00 pm on Saturday, the day before race day, here on our RunRace Network. Due to permit restrictions we cannot offer race-day registration.

Winter Challenge Cross Country, Start / Finish area:
Caldwell Woods, Grove #1
6350 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60646
GPS: 41.997615, -87.786481
(approximately 13 miles northwest of downtown Chicago)
The Forest Preserve District of Cook County has granted pre-approval for our intended racecourse and start/finish area. You may view a map of our racecourse below.
Note: Plenty of parking is available within the extensive lot of Bunker Hill, which has entrances off Caldwell Ave and Harts Rd. Limited parking exists at Caldwell Woods, which has its entrance off Devon Ave.

Our Winter Challenge Cross Country runs takes place entirely within Region 4: North Cook County, nearby the North Branch Trail system of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, in Chicago.

Winter Challenge Cross Country is ideal for off-road/trail runners, and those experienced runners looking to compete with their teammates under cross country conditions. Our racecourse is designed as a 5-Km loop on grassy fields -but- may be rerouted to the paved trails should wintertime conditions dictate. Either way, participants can expect a clearly marked course -and- should be prepared for challenging seasonal conditions. Gratuitous 6-Hour runners will repeat the course for as many laps as they can, then may switch to a quarter-mile loop as the clock winds down from six hours -to- zero.

Winter Challenge Cross Country Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q.) What is cross country running?
  • A.) We believe it to be "the best of all human endeavors!" For further definition we're going to turn it over to crowd sourcing... click for Cross Country Running on the website of Wikipedia.
  • Q.) Do I have to run on a team?
  • A.) No... solo runners are encouraged to participate, and all participants will be timed/scored to determine their finishing place. All runners will be vying for overall and age group awards.
  • Q.) Can I participate as a walker?
  • A.) Yes... walkers are invited to experience the wintertime beauty of our racecourse. We recommend that walkers opt for our 5-Km event distance. However, because our racecourse will be open until 2:00 pm, walkers can choose participation in our 15-Km or 6-Hour event.
  • Q.) Will this race be cancelled or postponed due to extreme weather conditions?
  • A.) Not likely... as outdoor winter enthusiasts we have contingency plans. Should conditions dictate we may have to reroute our racecourse from grassy fields to paved trails and/or shorten the distance of our racecourse loop. In any case our event distances will remain as defined. Participants can expect a clearly marked course and should be prepared for challenging seasonal conditions. We have arranged for race-day access to the warming shelter and its bathrooms within the building atop the hill, near our start/finish pavilion at Caldwell Woods, Grove #1.
  • Q.) How does team scoring work?
  • A.) Great question. For our traditional distances of 5-Km and 15-Km, teams may contain 3 -to- 5 runners. We'll sum finishing times of each team's fastest 3 runners, and that total will determine the team's point value. Lower the point value... better the team.
    For our Gratuitous 6-Hour event, teams are made up of 2 runners. We'll sum teammates accumulated mileage to determine the team's total. Higher the mileage... better the team.
Please let us know if you have other questions / ideas /requests... email:

Traditional Winter Challenge Cross Country
Racecourse Map | Caldwell Woods / Bunker Hill
[racecourse map: Winter Challenge Cross Country]

Weather forecast: National Weather Service
Posted:November 5th, 2023 10:50 am
Last Update:January 13th, 2024 7:13 pm
Event InformationFor multiple Member Events:
Name of EventDistanceMeasurementDateStart TimeRelay MembersTeam Members
    WC3 5-Km5.00KilometersJan 14th, 20249:30 am
    WC3 15-Km15.00KilometersJan 14th, 20249:30 am
    WC3 Gratuitous 6-Hour6.00HoursJan 14th, 20248:00 am
   WC3 Volunteer8.00HoursJan 14th, 20247:00 am
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